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Installation to the use of 0 basic site building instruction (2022 / March update)

Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is a PHP and MySQL platform for free and open source blog software and content management system, the Internet has containedU.S. White House, ,Microsoft News Center, ,Sony Music, ,Facebook Official BlogMore than 41% websites within the WordPress driver.

WordPress is the best forBuild your own websiteThe chosen website builder, this oneWordPress TutorialYou don't need to have professional programming knowledge to build a WordPress website at all.

Hardware configuration recommendations

Installing WordPress

Written in front, knowledge added

Daddy often receives questions from netizens about WordPress tutorials, so I think it is necessary to tell you the following frequently asked questions in advance.

  1. WordPress you search from Google, the default will enter wordpress.com, and we say WordPress usually refers to wordpress.org. com is an official hosting service launched by WP, org is our own download installation package to do their own website, the two are not the same.Click here for detailed differences.
  2. The WordPress installation method in this article is divided into the installation of WP on the web host and the installation of WP on the VPS, the two methods are different, different web host installation methods are also different, you can click the corresponding web host tutorial to see the installation method, do not need to see the regular WordPress installation tutorial later in this article.
  3. You must have a domain name and a server to install WordPress. WordPress is installed on top of the server, not on your own computer, and it doesn't matter whether you are on Windows or Mac, WordPress is managed through a browser.

Finally, look carefully at the article, there is not written to the content, the end of the article message, I will reply.

Follow me to install a WordPress website!
Follow this WordPress tutorial to get your website up and running in less than half a day.

Preparation before installing WordPress

To install a WordPress website, first you need a domain name, and then you also need a web server. One yearTotal CostYou can get by with $500 to $1,000, so don't be financially burdened.

(This tutorial is very detailed, encounter problems can be left at the end of the article, if you do not have the energy to self-study, then here areWeb HostingandPaid website building services(...)

I. Domain name

Domain names you can register online and pay by the year, .com suffix domain names cost a few tens of dollars a year, please refer to the tutorial below.

  1. Foreign domain name service provider Namesilo domain name registration tutorial
  2. Tencent cloud domain name registration and domain name resolution tutorial
  3. Ali cloud registered domain name resolution tutorial

Domain name registration in the domestic or foreign registration can be, foreign trade station recommended in foreign registration, domestic registration to more than one real name authentication.

For more articles on domain names, please visit the topics below to view them.

Domain name registration and usage topics

II. Server

The server we are most in touch with is web hosting and VPS, web hosting is cheap, weak performance and low customizability; VPS has better performance, higher security and customizability, and is slightly more expensive. But all in all, the cost of a year server is just a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, not expensive.

At the same time, using domestic servers for websites also requires filing the website.Foreign trade website buildingIf you want to use a domestic server, don't choose a domestic server, or foreign users will be very slow to access.

To make it easier for you to get started quickly, you can directly check out the WordPress hosting recommended by Milkman by clicking the button below to view.

WordPress Hosting Recommendations

If you purchase a VPS, there is one more step to install the website environment than if you use a web host to install a WordPress website.

Recommended VPS for website building

What is the difference between web hosting and VPS?I don't know if you have contact with brand-name computers and assembled computers (compatible machines), VPS is equivalent to assembled computers, web hosting is similar to brand-name machines, the same price of assembled computers than brand-name computer performance is much better, but you need to assemble their own hardware and install the system, brand-name machines plugged into the power to boot up can be used. If this example can not understand, please see another example.The difference between VPS and web hosting

Newbie using VPS, daddy recommend you to use Pagoda panel directly, easy to operate, see the Pagoda feature article below to install.

Pagoda Panel Tutorial

Three, domain name and website binding

Domain name and website binding means that you have to modify the resolution IP of your domain name to the IP of your web server, and the resolution method is introduced in the previous domain name feature article.

If you are using a VPS, then you need to create a virtual host first, and then resolve the domain name to the server IP above, not to create a separate virtual host will cause some unnecessary trouble.

If you VPS installed the Pagoda panel, then directly through the Pagoda panel add website function can add web hosting, just go to the domain name background to add A record of the resolution can be.

If you feel the trouble to buy VPS to follow the tutorials themselves, you can contact Papa to pay ($198) to help you install the Pagoda panel and resolve the domain name and install a good WordPrss website.Contact me.

Start installing WordPress

With the domain name and server ready, we can start installing the WordPress website next.

WordPress download address

The official WordPress website is located at

The official download address for WordPress is.

WordPress installation steps

Tip: If you are a domestic server, you need to file first, and then turn back to install after the record is passed. Or refer to this article.Tencent cloud filing period through the IP access to the site

If your server is using theSiteGround, ,Hostinger, ,Scala HostingThis kind of server with its own administration panel, then directly see the corresponding tutorial operation in front of you canThe following method is the regular WordPress installation method, suitable for VPS and web hosting without panel.

First, upload the downloaded WordPress installation file to the server

There are several upload methods, with flexibility to choose from.

  1. Uploading all files in the unpacked folder using FTP software.
  2. Unpacking the compressed package on the VPS after uploading it to the VPS using FTP software.
  3. Downloading the installation package directly on the server using the wget command and unpacking it.
  4. Use the file upload/download function of the Pagoda panel to download the zip file and unzip it.

Most newbies using VPS will use the Pagoda panel, then you can directly use the upload and download function of the Pagoda panel to upload the WordPress installation package and unzip it, as follows.

Pagoda Upload File

Note that the upload and download folders should be switched to the root directory of your website for operation. After uploading and unpacking, you need to move all the files and folders inside the extracted WordPress folder to the root directory under thePagoda installation WordPress tutorialThere are detailed methods inside.

Second, open the browser to start installing the WordPress website program

After uploading the WordPress installation file, you can enter your website domain name in the browser, and the WordPress installation interface will appear. The following figure: (If the URL cannot be opened, please check whether the domain name is resolved, or whether the firewall is blocked)

WordPress installation interface

Then the database information will appear, the database is created by you, if you do not know, you can go to your web hosting management panel or pagoda panel background settings inside to view or create a database.

WordPress installation interface

Click the Submit button, it will check if your database and folder permissions are correct, if they are correct the Install button will appear as shown below, click Install Now.

WordPress installation interface

The website information screen will soon appear. Enter your own website title and create an administrator account. Click the Install WordPress button.

WordPress installation interface

In a flash, WordPress was installed successfully.

WordPress installation interface

At this point, the WordPress installation tutorial is over, and we will teach you the subsequent WordPress tutorials.

WordPress installation error report FAQ

WordPress installation process is very simple, but still some friends will encounter the installation of WordPress error situation. The most common failure of installing WordPress website is data connection failure, or incorrect folder permission.

Database connection failure

Database connection failure is the most common error situation.

WordPress database connection errorFrom the content of the error message, it contains 3 possibilities to cause data connection failure.

  1. The database name, user name and password of the database are filled in incorrectly.
  2. The database host is wrongly filled in
  3. The database is not running

The first error is easy to solve, just fill in the correct account password.

The second error, if you buy your own server VPS, then usually fill in the localhost, if you buy the web host, then this address will generally tell you a separate URL.

The third type of error should be considered when you are sure that all the information is filled in correctly but you are still prompted with a connection error. You can see if the database is running by checking the relevant processes or by logging into phpmyadmin.

In addition to these three official tips, you may also encounter the following two situations during the actual installation process.

  • ① No database was created, resulting in incorrect database information.
  • ② The database is not properly assigned permissions.

In both cases, it's a good idea to make sure the database has been created and assigned the correct permissions. If you are using a remote database, you also need to consider whether the firewall is blocking it.

File permission problem Unable to create directory

If you run into the installation of WordPress themes or plugins prompted by the inability to create a directory, then it is obvious that there is a problem with file permissions.

In this case you just need to change the permissions of the site folder correctly.

For usingPagoda PanelFor those of you who are not, log in to the Pagoda backend, switch to your website's folder, and then set all files permissions to 755, and change the owner to www. You can do it.

For the method see.Pagoda panel file permission modification

If you are using the LNMP one-click package, then you can use the following command to modify the permissions. (The following command is executed at the root of your site folder)

chmod -R 755 *
chown -R www:www *

Error installing theme plugin

The installation of theme templates and plug-ins error is usually out of the domestic host, the reason is because of network problems to access the wordpress site is not smooth, resulting in the normal download, you can refer to.WordpPress 429 Too Many Requests error update theme plugin method

Another situation is that your server software version does not meet the requirements of the plug-ins and themes, which will also not be installed, and may also lead to the site crash white screen.

When you encounter this situation, you can delete the corresponding template files and plug-in folders via FTP.

How to use WordPress

The basic operation process after building a good WordPress website

Considering that many friends are using WordPress for the first time, daddy here shares the basic WordPress operation process with you, and you can follow the actual situation to decide the operation steps.

  1. Set up website SSL security certificate; (some web hosts will be automatically set up, or you can install it later.SSL certificates are available for free and do not need to be purchased separately.)
  2. Go to the settings and set the fixed link;.
  3. Access to the settings to set other required settings.
  4. Access to the article - category list and setting of article categories.
  5. Go to Appearance - Theme, pick a theme of your choice; (If it is a foreign trade website, it is recommended to go directly tothemeforset(Purchase a paid theme to use.)
  6. Enter plug-ins and install some of the plug-ins they need to use, such as SEO plug-ins, caching plug-ins.
  7. Publish articles and fill the website content. (If you are going to use WordPress to make a business website, the content must be filled with some first, otherwise the website is very empty not convenient for page design.)
  8. Domestic usersManually update themes and plugins, andWP VersionThe method.
  9. Understand a little basic SEO knowledge.

How do I log into the backend of my WordPress website?

A: Add after your URL /wp-admin You will be able to access the backend of the website, and after logging in you will see a screen like the one below.

wordpress backend

The top one ① is called admin bar, which can quickly use the new function; the left one ② is called menu bar, which contains the entrance of all WordPress functions and the setting entrance of plugins.

The freshly built WordPress website does not have so many menu contents, and the corresponding option menu will appear only after installing the plugin.

How to install themes and plugins for WordPress?

A: Install theme and plug-in can be found inside the menu in the background, respectively, Appearance-Theme, Add Theme; Plugin-Install Plugin.

You can also download the themes and plugins from the website yourself and upload them for installation.

Reference article.Theme Tutorials , , Plugin Tutorial

WordPress basic tutorial navigation

  1. WordPress tutorial for beginners 1: background settings
  2. WordPress tutorial 2: how to send articles
  3. WordPress how to set their own edited page as the home page
  4. The use of WordPress widgets
  5. Disable Gutenberg's use of the classic editor
  6. Meet the WordPress menu function
  7. Forget the WordPress password how to retrieve

For some related video tutorials on how to do this, please visit the WordPress tutorial website.https://wordpressjc.com

WordPress theme template knowledge

The way to get WordPress theme templates

WordPress has rich theme templates, you have three ways to get the theme you want.

  1. Search the theme inside the official theme repository directly from the WordPress backend theme to install.
  2. Download the free one from the Internet or buy a premium theme to install.
  3. Get someone to customize the theme individually.

You can see the following tutorial on how to install the WordPress theme.

Where to find free themes or paid themes online?

For free themes, we recommend the official theme library, which is the ones seen inside the dashboard backend appearance, at the following URL.


You can also search directly on Baidu or Google, you can find many websites dedicated to sharing the theme.

If you are a foreign trade enterprise user, it is recommended to go directly to Theme Forest to buy a premium theme, the choice of most foreign trade people.


The theme certainly can not find 100% to your liking, you just need to meet your needs in general, and then manually modify the adjustment on your own OK.

Tutorials.Buy Premium WordPress Theme Graphic Tutorial from themeforest

The current theme of Milkman's build notes isAstra Pro.

Click hereYou can also see a lot of premium paid theme resources shared by doulas.

Popular paid themes for foreign trade websites are recommended

Here are the 10 most used themes for foreign trade websites, you can also consider buying directly to use.

  1. Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
  2. The7 - Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress
  3. BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
  4. Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme
  5. Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
  6. Bridge - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme
  7. Uncode - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme
  8. Newspaper
  9. Jupiter - Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme
  10. Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

WordPress industry theme recommendations

How do I use the purchased paid themes?

Usually you are inTheme ForestAfter purchasing the theme, click Download all files from Downloads under your username in the upper right corner.

Download all files

Download it as a zip file and unzip the downloaded zip file.

Theme Unpack

You just need to upload the theme installation package to the website backend appearance - theme inside it, -child.zip is the child theme, if you do not consider the later version of the update can not pass, to update on both upload after enabling child theme.

Some of the theme's file package also contains demo data and plugins inside, just use them according to the actual situation.

Extension.Themeforest purchased the premium theme key activation tutorial

WordPress popular plugins recommended

Introduce several essential WordPress plugins, choose to install according to your actual situation.

SEO category.

  1. Rank Math Free Premium SEO Plugin
  2. The SEO Framework Another free SEO plugin
  3. Yoast SEO The #1 SEO plugin in terms of users
  4. All in One SEO Pack Complete Chinese support for SEO plugins

Cache optimization class.

  1. WP Super Cache Free caching plugin
  2. WP Rocket Paid caching plugins
  3. Performance Lightweight WordPress Optimization Plugin
  4. Asset CleanUp Plugin installed too much to avoid each page is loaded on this
  5. Hummingbird Intuitive WordPress Optimization Plugin
  6. Query Monitor Troubleshoot where the problem is, rookies do not need to install, installed can not read.

Security category.

  1. Defender WordPress Security Free and good to use, you can change the backend login address, intercept the robot.
  2. Wordfence The number one user-friendly WordPress security plugin with full functionality.
  3. WPS Hide Login Hiding the backend address alone is as simple as installing this one.
  4. Database Backup Plugin Automatic backup for preparedness.

Other plug-ins.

  1. Elementor Free and paid web builders
  2. Ultimate Addons For Elementor This builder module enhancement above
  3. WP Portfolio Advanced artwork display plugin that can be used to display products
  4. Convert Pro Advanced pop-up subscription, customer conversion plugin

More WP plugins shared by Milkman Build Notes you canClick hereView.

WordPress advanced content teaching

How to edit the appearance of your website yourself

After we installed WordPress, the default look is like this.

WordPress default interface

Want to change the appearance of WordPress, it involves modifying the site theme, the previous has already talked about how to install the theme, here we will not repeat the process of installing the theme.

Let's take the Astra theme used by Milkman Build Notes as an example. After installing Astra, it looks like the following picture, which is far from the official demo site we saw.

WordPress default astra interface

This time the fastest way is to import the theme demo (newcomers directly began to design their own website interface is not realistic, it is recommended to import the demo for modification, and then consider their own design page after proficiency.)

Astra theme import demo methodSee this article, , ,The next daddy will introduce you to our own modification of the appearance of the site will certainly come into contact with a word, Page Builder (page builder).

Page builder

What is the Page Builder page builder?

The concept in your head, to make a beautiful web page, you first have to find an artist to make the site look P out, and then find a programmer brother to write the code.

And the page builder helps us save some of the work of the artworker and most of the programmer's brother by directly dragging and dropping operations to make the page.

WordPress comes with the Gutenberg editor is also a Page Builder, but the development time is not long enough, currently not so good.

At the same time, the domestic use of Page Builder to make the theme is relatively small, foreign WordPress themes have basically adopted the form of Page Builder.

The most common page builders we see are Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder.


Elementor comes with a free version, a visual interface, and a friendly experience for newcomers.Recommended Priority.

WPBakery Page Builder seniority is relatively old, only paid version, many excellent themes are made using WPBakery Page Builder (the theme will be bundled with a version of WPBakery Page Builder, can not be updated if not paid to activate).

The visual interface of WPBakery Page Builder is not very useful, and it is difficult for novices to learn.Not recommended if you don't particularly like the theme.

In addition to these two builders, there are many other page builders, not to be introduced here (daddy did not use all of them).

Take Elementor as an example of how to modify the appearance of a web page.

Editing with elementor

After importing the theme demo, we go back to the frontend of the site and click edit with elementor on top of the admin bar.

elementor modifies the content

Then on the web page, click on whatever you want to change and then change it on the left.

Modify the color of these is under the style tab on the left.

If you want to delete any module, just right click on top of the content and select delete.

And if you want to add content, you need to click on the navigation panel to add widgets like the following image.

WordPress add elementor content

For a more detailed elementor tutorial, please see.Elementor tutorial, a literature will build a website with Elementor


How to add products in WordPress

Using WordPress to build a foreign trade website, then adding products is a problem that most companies need to encounter.

Adding products method 1

The easiest way to do this is to install a WooCommerce for WordPress, see the tutorial atForeign trade enterprises use WordPress + WooCommerce to build e-commerce website tutorial

You don't have to sell online to upload products using WooCommerce. 2B sites can also use WooCommerce to manage products, just don't show product prices and buy buttons.

You can add products without entering product prices, some themes also have Catalog Mode, which allows you to set hidden prices and shopping cart directly, if not, please continue reading atSeveral ways to remove and hide the WooCommerce Add to Cart button

But using WooCommerce isn't the only way to add products.

Adding products method 2

If your company only has a few products to showcase and using WooCommerce to manage product data is a bit overkill (and WooCommerce still has some impact on site speed), then you can create product pages by creating a new page or Portfolio.

Portfolio is a feature only available in some themes, you can also implement the Portfolio feature directly by installing the Portfolio plugin, but daddy's advice is to use page to create it directly if you have fewer products.

In the background under the page menu, add new a page, and then their own design, or copy the theme Demo a more pleasing page, modify the content for the product, repeat the above operation, all new product pages can be completed.

To facilitate management, you can create a new Products page, and then select the parent page as Products when creating other specific product pages, so that all products are categorized into sub-pages of the Products page, and the website structure is clearer.

Attention Code

WordPress Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is a PHP and MySQL as the platform of free and open source blog software and content management system, can be used to build personal blogs, corporate websites, e-commerce sites and other industries, the whole Internet one-third of the sites are built using WordPress. WordPress has .com and .org two sites, we build their own websites We are talking about wordpress.org, the program of this site, .com is the hosting business of WordPress.
First you need to install a WordPress website on top of your own server, then log in to the backend of the website to make some settings, install the necessary themes and plugins, and you can update the website content like posting in Qzone or Sina blogs.
Using WordPress to make a website has the following advantages: 1, open source and free, meaning you do not need to pay to use, and you can modify the source code to achieve the desired function. 2, ecological good, with a wealth of themes and plug-in resources, and a lot of technical information online. 3, SEO-friendly, more than 30% sites on the Internet are using WordPress, the search engine is very familiar with its structure. Search engines are very familiar with its structure.

Domestic users use WordPress to build the most personal blogs, followed by the official website of enterprises, and many people are also using WordPress to build resource sites. In foreign countries, the types of websites built with WordPress are richer. In addition to corporate websites, there are also video websites, music websites, education websites, public welfare websites, news magazines, auto repair, consulting services, etc. Almost all the types of websites you can think of can be made with WordPress.

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  3. Daddy I have a question: Is there a way to achieve transparent menu overlay on multiple banners (Slider) with free themes and plugins?
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