Build your own website of the necessary common software you installed a few?

Is there any software that isBuild your own websiteWhen you often use it? Or is there any necessary software to build your own website? The answer is yes. Dad here to recommend my website in the process of making often used, andMust Install Software.

Recommended software for building your own website

SSH software: Xshell6

xshell6 logo

Xshell is an SSH tool that helps us link servers if youBuild a website with VPSThen SSH software is a must.

Milk Dad himself is using Xshell 6, personal free use, Chinese interface, more powerful, recommended installation.

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Other similar software.

In addition to Xshell, there are other ssh management tools, the most compact is putty, another one with a good reputation is MobaXterm, SecureCRT is also used by many people.

SFTP software: Xsftp 6

xsftp logo

Xsftp is from the same company as Xshell and it is very easy to use. And you can switch between the two programs seamlessly and call the other one directly for operation.

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Other similar software.

Besides Xsftp, other software that supports sftp and ftp are WinSCP, FileZilla, and FireFTP.

Screenshot software: FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture screenshot software

The pictures of the articles on the website are all captured and edited with FastStone Capture.

FastStone Capture can take screenshots and record videos. After the screenshot, the picture can be edited, supporting adding text, adding icons, adding watermarks, adding shadows, and resizing the picture, which is very useful.

FastStone Capture download address is available on the Internet, so I will not provide it.

Build your own website common software

In addition to the above 3 which the daddy personally thinks must be installed when building a website, the following software is also commonly used by the daddy, which can also help us to improve our efficiency when writing articles after the website is built.


Adobe Photoshop is certainly needless to say, editing pictures will certainly be used.


It is also a screenshot software. The reason for using it is that Snipaste comes with a paste function that allows you to display the image you have previously taken directly on the screen again, and then you can take a second screenshot and screenshot the contents of the previous screenshot as well. Very convenient.

Notepod ++

Advanced text editor, we build our own website is basically using linux, and WordPress language is php, if the direct use of Windows comes with a text editor is prone to formatting errors, but also not convenient to view, Notepad + + can be very convenient to edit the file, and with a powerful find and replace function.

Ladder Software

This is not directly related to the website, but foreign trade people should be required to install the software, but not too much discussion here.


This software is for batch operation of images, with many functions, such as batch resizing, batch watermarking, batch compression, batch renaming, etc. It is also available for Mac platform, which can be of great help to webmasters with many images.

The above software is often used by the daddy in the process of building and operating the website, if you have a good use, welcome to communicate with the daddy.

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