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Hands on how to use Hostinger to build a WordPress website

Milkman contacted this service provider in 2015, offering a more cost-effective web hosting than SiteGround. Fast, secure, guaranteed uptime of 99.99%, powerful and rich WordPress hosting solution.

hostinger WordPress Hosting

Hostinger introduces.

Hostinger was founded in 2004, the earliest contact with their family service is 2015 (white whoring a xyz domain name), for Hostinger new and old netizens may not be very familiar, but their free space service 000webhost should be many old netizens know, adhere to so many years of service has not run away, proving that the strength is still there.

Hostinger mainly affordable web hosting and VPS (to put it bluntly, it is cheap), since SiteGround price increase, many users of foreign trade sites are beginning to look for cheaper web hosting, Hostinger is the service provider you need.

How about Hostinger?

Single said in 2015 daddy in their website white whoring domain name to now, has been 5 years time, can see Hostinger's service bigger and bigger, and did not go out of business and run away, proving that the company's strength is still there. And their web hosting pricing the cheapest is 4.75 yuan / month (once to buy 4 years of prices), the amount of users up this price does not exist to lose money, so do not worry about buying the product today, tomorrow can not find people.

But then again, the server these things, the price is more transparent, a penny a penny, the price is cheap, some places are certainly not as good as the price of expensive to do, such as SiteGround reputation is the best of their services, Hostinger reputation is the best price is cheap.

Which is better, Hostinger or SiteGround?

Let's compare two identical WordPress hosting mid-level packages with.

Year of purchase Hostinger (Premium Package) SiteGround (GrowBig package)
One year $12.95/mo $6.69/mo
Two years $9.95/mo $14.99/mo
N years $7.45/mo (4 years) $17.49/mo (3 years)
Purchase Address Click to buy Click to buy

By comparing prices we can find that SiteGround is more cost effective if you buy a mid-level package for one year, and Hostinger is more cost effective if you buy 3 years or more.It is important to note that both of them are due for follow-up fees at the original price.

Often, many considerationsBuild your own websiteThe foreign trade friends, are only need to build a website, so we buy entry-level WordPress hosting can be, we then compare the price.


Year of purchase Hostinger (Starter Package) SiteGround (StartUp package)
One year $3.75/mo $3.99/mo
Two years $2.95/mo $9.99/mo
N years $2.15/mo (4 years) $10.49/mo (3 years)
Purchase Address Click to buy Click to buy

Does it feel that Hostinger's price is much more tempting? The key is that Hostinger's Starter package you can also build multiple websites (limit 100), does it feel more cost-effective?

Then you have toMilkman seriously talk about Hostinger and SiteGround which is goodI can only summarize it as follows.

ByNaiBaBiJiThis site, daddy contacted a lot of foreign trade people, whether SOHO, or foreign trade companies, for this piece of foreign trade website, 99% people do not have to consider the specific use of which server, because self-learning to build a station, then the road is still long, the server is just a foundation, Hostinger and SiteGround, or any of the other servers on the market are You can meet your needs, when you are familiar with the foreign trade station, the late server can be replaced at any time if you are not satisfied, these are not problems.

If you have to choose: TheConsider the price and choose Hostinger 4-year package, cheap.Consider the service, SiteGroundWhile SiteGround has online live chat customer service, Hostinger now only uses work orders and email after-sales.Consider Chinese support, choose HostingerHostinger has Chinese customer service and Chinese official website, which is more beneficial for many white users.

Buy Hostinger Tutorial

First, click the button below to go to Hostinger's official website. (Special note, domestic access to Hostinger's official website is not fast, we recommend using a proxy gas pedal to access.)

If your purchase page is different from this tutorial, pleaseContact MilkmanMake tutorial updates.

Small ad: If the tutorials look dizzy to you, you can also consider the milkman himself to provideWP Hosting Services.

Click [Hosting Products] in the upper left menu, and select [WordPress Hosting] below, as follows.

Hostinger Tutorial

If your budget is not tight, then it is recommended to buy the most popular one, the WordPress Premium package, the most cost-effective, specific feature comparison you can see for yourself on the official website.

Hostinger Package

After adding to the shopping cart, select the number of years to buy, I have to say that Hostinger's pricing is very chicken, buy 4 years to calculate the cheapest price, but a little more to give, so buy 1 year, 2 years, or 4 years, think about it yourself, the possibility of service providers running away is still relatively small, the only thing you need to worry about is your site can not last 4 years.

Hostinger Tutorial

Hostinger will give you a free domain name for one year, the second year of renewal is the original price, than yourself in namesilo these places expensive 10-20 yuan, so you can also consider whether to buy together.

Then click on the checkout button. (Enter the coupon code at the top of the totalBLACKFRIDAY(You can get 10% discount)

Hostinger checkout interface

After registering a new account or logging into an existing account, select the checkout method and pay.

Hostinger Payment Method

Hostinger supports Alipay payment, so it is very convenient for domestic users to buy. Reminder is that after payment, you need to wait for the page to jump automatically, slow Internet speed, wait a little more.

Remember to save the URL for your next login after payment is made.

Install WordPress foreign trade website on top of Hostinger

After the purchase we can come to install WordPress to build a foreign trade website. (Do not do foreign trade sites can also be, except that foreign servers domestic access slow, if you are more domestic users, it is recommended to buy the host of Hong Kong.)

Wait until the payment is completed and jump back to the website, then the start screen like the one above will appear. Click Start Now

Hostinger Tutorial

Here you can choose whether to use the domain name you want to give away for free or one that you have already registered (Existing Domain)

Hostinger creates new websites

We choose to create a new website, and then the screen to enter your WordPress admin account appears.

Hostinger installation WP tutorial

Hostinger has a lot of theme templates built in, so if there happens to be one you need, you can choose it, or Skip it.

Hostinger WordPress theme

The following interface allows you to choose the data center location, foreign trade websites are recommended to choose your customer's nearest data center, such as USA.

Hostinger Data Center

After clicking Finish Setup, wait a few minutes for the following welcome screen to appear, which means the site is installed.

Hostinger installation site completed

The above 3 buttons, the first Go to Website can access the website you just built, using a temporary domain name, because we have not yet resolved the domain name, only after the domain name resolution takes effect, then you can access through our own domain name.

The second Manage WordPress is to manage various settings of WordPress website, you can set some functions for your website in Hostinger backend.

The third Manage Site is to manage the site, which is Hostinger's administrative backend.

Hostinger domain name resolution tutorial

Domain name resolution is divided into the resolution of domain names registered with Hostinger and the resolution of domain names already registered by yourself.

Hostinger Domain Name Resolution

If you choose to get Hostinger's free domain nameThen there will be a prompt bar on the top for you to complete the domain name registration, click Register Now to fill in the domain name information, and then complete the registration.

If you are a domain name that you have already purchased yourselfThen manually add the A record to your server's IP address, as shown in the location above (Considering that there are still SSL security certificates and other settings later, we suggest newbies to modify the NS server of the domain directly, as the following figure.)


Domain name resolution related tutorials: TheGodaddy domain name resolution tutorial, ,Namesilo domain name resolution tutorial, ,Ali cloud domain name resolution tutorial, ,Tencent Cloud Domain Name Resolution Tutorial

Hostinger Installation SSL Certificate Tutorial

Hostinger supports one-click installation of SSL certificate, you need to wait until the domain name resolution takes effect before you can install it, if you are purchasing your own paid SSL certificate, then you need to upload the certificate manually to install it.

Hostinger install ssl certificate

Click Setup, and then the pop-up screen will appear to select Activate.

Hostinger SSL Certificate Installation

After activating the SSL certificate successfully, go back under the WordPress menu and turn on the https jump function, as follows.

Hostinger https jump

After opening, reopen your website, you will find that it is accessed via https, enter the backend (you add /wp-admin at the end of your URL, see details)WordPress Login Tutorial), set the website URL to start with https.

Hostinger Website Tutorial

Here, we started from scratch in Hostinger to buy a domain name and server to install a WordPress foreign trade website, it is recommended that new friends can goWordPress TutorialsTake a look at the basic how-to to avoid not knowing how to use WordPress.

Hostinger Video Tutorial

If the graphic tutorials are still a bit confusing to you, then you can see the video tutorial below, which is the complete process of buying a domain name and installing a WordPress website from scratch at Hostinger.


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  1. Is purchasing a web hosting program on the Hostinger store page equivalent to renewing? If I renew it myself, it's 4200+ for 48 months, but buying the same web hosting program on the Hostinger store page is 1200+ for 48 months, the same discount as when I started it, but is it the same as renewing it after I buy it?

    1. The new purchase is certainly not a renewal fee. If you renew expensive, you can buy a new one and move the site over.

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