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Website speed and what is related to _ 8 aspects that affect the slow speed of the site

Whether you build your own website or hire someone to build it, you will always ask why IWebsite speed is so slowThe query.

It's true that most people's websites are slow, but once you learn to do it yourselfOptimize website speedIf you are looking for a website, you will find that it is not really slow, there are just some places that are not done.

This article will give you an analysis ofWhat does website speed have to do with.

8 aspects that affect the slow speed of the website


The server is the most direct reason for the slow speed of your website, including the performance of your server itself, the location of the server, and the level of the server provider or hosting provider.

If you are greedy for cheap and choose a not very good server provider, then the performance of his machine will definitely be discounted.

2、Website theme template

Beautiful, feature-rich website themes may be more pleasing to you, but if their code is not of high quality and not optimized for speed, then it will definitely slow down your website.

As a rule, the simpler the code, the faster the theme will open.

3、Giant pictures

Some corporate websites, the home page will put a large number of slides, if the slides you do not do compression optimization, often a are hundreds of k size, if your server bandwidth is small, then the loading speed will also be very slow.

4、Embedded media files

If your website inserts external video and audio media files, which can also slow down your website, you can choose to put the video locally or host it on top of cloud storage.

5, not optimized for the browser or the impact of this plug-in

Your site's code that is not compatible with certain browsers may also affect the speed at which they open the site. Also, installing too many plug-ins may cause the site to open slowly.

6, added a lot of small parts

You add a lot of widgets on your website, such as social sharing, INS dynamics, which can also cause the website to open slowly.

7、Excessive advertising

Loading too much ad code will also cause the site to open slowly.

8、Website code

In addition to clean theme code, too much website code can also lead to slow loading, such as adding multiple stats codes, referencing many js files, etc.

Does slow website speed affect website SEO?

Will, Google has made it clear that it will include website opening speed as a ranking factor.

Even if not included, the site is slow to open, will lead to a part of the people directly abandoned to visit your site, user access to reduce the search engine that the content of your site is not what users want, which will also lead to lower rankings.

How to optimize website opening speed?

Website opening speedFor website operators is a matter of concern, if they can putWebsite optimization to second openingThen both yourself and your visitors will feel comfortable.

WeIn what ways can you optimize your website speed?What is it?

I. Use a server with good performance

The same service provider, 1 core 1G configuration of the server, how to deal with the server is not as fast as the 2 core 4G configuration.

Second, choose the server with fast domestic access speed

If you areForeign trade website buildingIf you want to build a foreign trade website, then there is certainly no way to choose the domestic, build foreign trade website, certainly give priority to your user's open speed, choose their near geographic location of the server.

If you are doing domestic users, for the record, on the basis of the choice of domestic servers, no record, you can choose Hong Kong servers, for examplekvmlaThe bandwidth of Hong Kong servers is usually low, with the same configuration, the same line situation, high bandwidth network speed will be faster.

Three, streamline the website code

Change the theme to one with neater code and remove the unwanted code.

Fourth, the use of CDN services

If you are a domestic user, you can consider using some CDN services to accelerate, foreign users can also use CDN services, but are foreign CDN nodes, the speed of domestic access may not be as fast as the default direct access server.

Reference.Use the cloud to giveWordPressWebsite Acceleration_New version of the plug-in tutorial

V. Use of caching plug-ins

If wordpress, it is best to install a cache plug-in, you can find a lot of cache in the app store search, daddy's notes on building a website is currently usingWP-Rocket

All of the above is what the milkman sharedWhat is the slow speed of the website related to and the solutionIf you don't understand, you can communicate with us through the QR code at the end of the article.

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