2022 Foreign trade website building guide

- How to play the new hand in foreign trade self-built site

Under the epidemic, many exhibitions can not be carried out offline, more and more SOHO and enterprises began to consider online traffic, foreign trade self-built station gradually rise in fervor.

Compared to Alibaba these platforms, self-built station has its own advantages and charm, new contact with foreign trade station friends do not know where to start, daddy this foreign trade station guide will provide you with a detailed compendium of foreign trade station building process and considerations, the article helps you please forward to share.

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How to build your own foreign trade website with pictures

What are the advantages of a self-built website?

Enhance corporate brand image

Independent station is the enterprise's own portal, own complete control, have their own independent domain name, independent brand, independent page, more able to enhance the image of the enterprise and show the strength of the enterprise, thus increasing customer trust.

Increase risk resistance

Eggs in a basket is a very dangerous thing, if over-reliance on a platform to attract traffic to receive orders, there is no other way to promote, then when the platform is not for you to use, your business will be very difficult.

Accumulation of customer resources

With more and more time, you will accumulate more and more customer information, and gradually have their own customer database, through the analysis of the website data, you can more effectively with the website to do online marketing, improve sales conversion and customer stickiness.

High traffic quality

The quality of traffic brought by the self-built site will be much higher than the platform, because every traffic is directly into your site, no B2B platform to give you a second diversion, all the traffic is your sole enjoyment.

Foreign trade website building knowledge

The difference between foreign trade self-built website and platform

Self-built site is 100% own permission to the site, in addition to the law, do not have to be restricted to the rules of the platform station, their own site rules set by themselves.

Platform site to comply with the rules set by the platform, illegal rules are lightly punished heavy closed store, may be back to the liberation overnight.

The platform station will give you some traffic by default because of the money given to the station; the self-built station traffic needs to find its own way to get, whether it is advertising, or social promotion and other ways.

Foreign trade building tutorials with pictures

Which is really a self-built site

Many people think that as long as the store is not on Alibaba, and have their own domain name of the site is an independent site (or self-built site), which is not true.

The real self-built site must meet the domain name is their own, the server is their own, the site source code is also their own, so that they can do a truly independent, can be called self-built site.

Like many people use Shopify in fact, you just use the Shopify platform to build a website, but whether the site is blocked, or a word from Shopif, and the site data and source code you can not get.

Does foreign trade build a website to be able to program

Conditions allow, recruit a programmer to build a station is certainly a better choice. However, for ordinary foreign trade enterprises, unless the development to the Lanting or shein this level, otherwise the use of the existing site builder to build foreign trade websites on the line, the existing site builder can basically meet the vast majority of foreign trade enterprises B2B or B2C site building needs.

The more common source code for building websites are: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, of which WordPress is the preferred foreign trade website builder, see this article for their differences.

Foreign trade building site with pictures

Foreign trade website building process

Foreign trade building site is divided intoPlatform BuildandBuild your own websiteTwo kinds. Platform builder, for example, we say Alibaba, Made in China, you go to the platform will give you a website, that is also considered your foreign trade website. Another like Shopify, Wix, these SAAS site building services, also considered foreign trade independent station, but need to comply with the platform rules.

This section gives you an overview ofForeign trade self-built website process and considerationsThat means building a foreign trade website that you have absolute ownership and control of how it should be done.

Foreign trade website building process a, website planning

I believe you have learned from the Internet the basic steps to build a website, buy a domain name, buy space, and build a website. In fact website planning or website planning should be the first thing to do.

First, you need to know what the purpose of your foreign trade website is.

To showcase your corporate image? Or for the website to generate orders? I believe that the majority of enterprises do website for the purpose of displaying corporate image and getting orders to create profits. A good foreign trade website has both display and marketing functions. So we need to think about how to achieve this purpose.

Then, what can your website offer to users?

The products and services that your website can provide are the main real estate content. For example, you can provide companies with special goods processing customization; can export certain goods to the world; provide certain raw materials and so on. Take all these problems you can solve to Google and see which websites are providing these services, analyze them, including website structure, website content, English phrases used, etc.

Finally, summarize the positioning of your website.

After analyzing the results of your search site, then analyze the peer sites, then you can conclude what your site to do, what the opponents are doing, how to do will be better and so on. The last thing is to start the work of building a website. From the very beginning of the website planning, you should bring inKnowledge about Google SEOThis will make your foreign trade self-built website get better results in future SEO promotion.

Foreign trade website building process two, build a website

A website runs up three basic elements: 1, domain name; 2, server; 3, website source code. We want to do foreign trade self-built site, then you need to use these 3 things.

Just buy the domain name and server directly.Foreign trade builder remember to choose a foreign serverThe newcomers to foreign trade often ask their daddy how the domestic Tencent cloud and Ali cloud servers, the results of a question, they are doing foreign trade sites, if you choose a domestic server, then it means that foreign access to your site will be very slow. The vast majority of foreign trade enterprises can first build a website fromSiteGroundServer start, more suitable for newcomers.

Build a website program (source code), unless you have your own technical team to develop, or milk dad are recommended that you choose the market open source builder, such as WordPress, Magento these, reference.The best foreign trade website building system and foreign trade website building source code summary comparisonDo not choose the kind of fixed template framework no way to modify and advanced customization of the template station source code, that kind of website will give you a serious obstacle to the operation of the site later.

See also.2022 foreign trade website tutorial

Foreign trade website building process three, operation and promotion

Building a website is the basis for operation and promotion, while operation and promotion is the core of a website. The self-built site will not have a fixed source of traffic (platform inflow) like the platform site, so if you want the self-built site to be effective, operation and promotion is very important.

Operation promotion should be divided into two parts to do operation and promotionThe website is a very important part of your business. Website operation is the same as running your business, you have to put your mind into it, you can't just visit the website with the mindset of not caring about it to run an independent website.

Promotion is to recommend your website to more people, especially so that potential customers can visit your website.(First to ensure that your website content quality, or users to visit your site is not precipitated, the conversion rate is bound to be not high.)

The most common way to promote a foreign trade stand-alone site is to vote for Google ads or Facebook ads, because the effect is the fastest and simple and brutal. Almost all of the foreign trade independent station are investing in advertising. And as the peers who killed the independent station become more and more expensive advertising, so many companies have begun to do SEO promotion. About SEO promotion can seeGoogle SEO Tutorial.

Foreign trade website promotion methods are diverse, in addition to bidding and SEO, there are also social network promotion to attract traffic, third-party platform to attract traffic, email marketing, industry forums, web celebrities, YouTube, TikTok short video promotion and other methods. You can choose the most suitable promotion method with your own website products, all roads lead to Rome, can be converted to a single promotion method is OK.

Foreign trade building site notes

Foreign trade station building is easy to say, there are many online tutorials, but as a newcomer, foreign trade station building there are many things you need to pay special attention to avoid stepping on the pit. Milkman summarized the following points.

Foreign trade building site notes

What materials do I need to prepare to build a website for foreign trade?

Whether you choose to build your own website or choose a website builder to build a foreign trade website, prepare some necessary materials to speed up the completion of the website and improve efficiency, let's see what materials you need to prepare to build a foreign trade website.

  1. Domain NameThe domain name is usually accompanied by your website, so it is important to choose a good domain name.
  2. Servers: Other names are web hosting, web space, VPS, cloud hosting, etc. In short, it is a space to store website files that can be accessed by the Internet. Foreign trade users can considerSiteGroundorScala Hosting Managed VPS. (Dairyman'sWP Hosting(also OK)
  3. Website program: For most foreign trade websites, daddy recommend using WordPress to build, to do e-commerce with WooCommerce can be. More foreign trade website building systems and programsSee this article.
  4. DatabaseThis usually you buy the server will come with a database, the database is used to store the content of your website, if someone to build you a website do not need to use the database, then hurry up and let him stop, pure static website to do SEO is very inconvenient.
  5. Company Basic Information:Including company LOGO picture, company introduction, company qualification, contact information, etc.
  6. Product Service Information: Including product categories, product introduction copy, product pictures, etc.
  7. Reference website: Most businesses do not know how to build a website, so it is not realistic to draw a website appearance out from scratch, so we can collect some preferred websites or themes, and then integrate the design of the appearance according to our actual needs. Even if you are looking for a website builder to build a website, providing a reference website will allow the other party to understand the style of website you like.
  8. Site Map: Draw a site map by yourself on paper or using a mind mapping tool, this will help you to have a clear idea of the process of building a website. Like the following figure.


Foreign trade website hosting recommendation

The importance of foreign trade website hosting is equivalent to the foundation of your building, if the server is not stable, then the stability of the site can be imagined.

By searching Hosting you can find a lot of websites selling hosting from Google, and as foreign trade people we do not have much time and conditions to test which host is good, directly choose the majority of recommended service providers is a good choice. For example, the following.

In addition to the above-mentioned service providers there are many options, such as InMotion, GoDaddy, Linode, Vultr, HostGator, A2 Hosting, Dreamhost, etc. Remember not to buy too cheap models on the line, you get what you pay for, the server a year to invest a few hundred to a thousand dollars is the normal level. Users who are too lazy to study the host should directly clickWP Hosting.

How to choose a foreign trade website builder

Choose a foreign trade website company to make a website compared to self-learning to build a website, the efficiency will be higher, a reliable website company can help you take a lot of detours, so how to choose a reliable website company? Milkman shares a few experiences.

  1. The kind of pricing a few hundred dollars or a thousand dollars to build a website company does not consider, this can only rely on the volume to make a profit, then necessarily only the quantity without quality.
  2. Pricing a few thousand dollars but the site system is written by themselves (not with open source site program), you need to carefully examine, you can let them send a few customer sites to analyze whether the code is standardized, whether the customer site is included in Google.
  3. Service expiration does not give data to the site builder, give the data but not the source code of the site builder, do not consider.
  4. To provide you with a Hong Kong server or a domestic server to build foreign trade website companies do not consider.
  5. Consider the professionalism of the website builder, such as the rich experience in website building, whether the technology is excellent, how is the reputation of after-sales service, whether to provide professional English copywriting, European and American style design aesthetic ability.
  6. After-sales support strength, usually cheap build a website package after-sales will be buried pit, so you need to understand clearly the scope and time provided after-sales.
Foreign trade website builder selection

How to promote foreign trade websites

Foreign trade self-built station and flat station is different, you need to accumulate traffic a little bit, so website promotion is very important. Similar to the development of customers, no matter what method you use, as long as you can let people know your website and visit, you can increase the flow of the site, foreign trade websites are the most common ways to promote the following.

Website promotion and website operation are bundled together and require great effort to do a good job on a website, persistence will always pay off. If you have any questions related to website building, please feel free toContact me.

Foreign trade building guide video version

Considering that the text version of the foreign trade website building guide is too long, some people can't read it, specially supplemented by recording a video version, which also introduces the specific use of WordPress foreign trade website building process, welcome to watch.

Play Video

Foreign Trade Website FAQ

Normal websiteHardware CostsBetween a few hundred and a thousand dollars a year, the more content the website has the more traffic, then the hardware cost will gradually increase. Other costs areLabor costsFor example, finding a website builder to build a website or recruiting someone to run a website; and websitePromotion FeeFor example, placing ads, paid external links, etc.

WordPress is a set of web content management program, open source and free, in line with Google SEO optimization, powerful, ecological perfect, the specific difference can be referred toForeign trade builder source code comparisonAn article.

The state regulations only need to use the domestic server website for the record, our foreign trade self-built station are using foreign servers, so do not need to file.

Foreign trade website SEO is mainly done by Google, but also some do Bing or other national search engines. The idea is the same, produce the content that users need, to meet the user search needs, so that the site can be arranged to the first few search results to get exhibited and click. Specific reference can beGoogle SEO Tutorial.

This depends on whether you have found the right company to build the site, the technical content of the site itself is not high, the part that is worth the money is mainly the experience of building the site and after-sales support efforts. But the kind of several hundred dollars is certainly not reliable. In addition, daddy also provides website building services, you can contact me (see the bottom of the website for contact information).

Some website builders will help you register the domain name, and then give you to build the site, the price is cheap, but when you want to change to another home, you may give you say that the domain name is registered by them, can not give you, or you have to add money to redeem, the site data is also their own source code, there are intellectual property rights or something, can not give you. So confirm the ownership issues in advance to avoid not getting the data by then (some builders own source code, to give you data you can not use, so it is recommended not to find the kind of template builder to do.)

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