NameSilo domain name registration application tutorial

2022 Namesilo domain name registration tutorial, cheap foreign domain name registrar

How do I register a domain name if I want to build a website by myself? If you plan to use a foreign server to build a website, here is the recommendation to register a domain name with Namesilo.

Namesilo is a foreign veteran domain name registrar, most of my own domain names are registered in this, the price is fair, give free domain name protection, so follow my father to seeNamesilo Domain Registration TutorialBar.

Step by step instruction for namesilo domain name registration

1、Opennamesilo official website(It is recommended to directly hang proxy access, otherwise it may not open smoothly), enter the domain name you want to register in the search box, as follows.

2, click the search button, there will be domain name suffixes that can also be registered, the price of different suffixes of the domain name varies, but daddy still recommend that you give priority to the registration of .com domain names.

3, select the domain name that can be registered (if you are not satisfied and re-search other domain names can be), click the Add button, then click the red checkout button.

4. Ask if you need advanced DNS services, NO if you don't need it, generally speaking, you don't need it.

5、In the pictureHave a Coupon or Promotion CodeYou can enternewnaiba($1 credit for $1 or more), then click Checkout.

6、Login or register an account.

7, select the payment method, the default is to use namesilo wallet payment, you need to Add New first, and then choose Alipay payment.

After payment is made, continue and the following screen will appear, see if you need to select auto-renewal and then save it.

If you can't save the above, you can also ignore it and just click the logo in the upper left corner to go back to the home page of the website.

Tip: If you are prompted to verify your email or add information after registering and logging in, then remember to verify and fill in.

You have not verified your main account email address.
Click here for more information and to verify your main account email address.

What do I have to do after the domain name is registered?

After the domain name has been registered, the domain name still needs to be resolved in order for the domain name to work.

For more information about namesilo's domain name resolution method, please read on 👉 Namesilo domain name resolution and DNS server modification tutorial

The domain name is resolved and the website is ready to be built, for exampleInstall a WordPress website.

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