After 80 years, I started to contact with website building when I was in college, and built a website mainly with WordPress since 2009.

Have done forums, blogs, CMS, website related everything will be a little.

The domain name naibabiji.com was initially prepared to record the growth of the daughter, after the birth of the daughter usually with the baby has no energy to record with the blog, cell phone photos and videos more convenient.

Therefore, the initial positioning of this site is relatively chaotic (and the impact of the record policy), revamped a few times, but also considered to be constantly in the search for a new mode of operation.

The current position has been determined: to share their knowledge of building websites, research and learn Google SEO.Provide paid web hosting services (have shifted to corporate business). Provide WordPress paid technical support.

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Website resources at a glance

The theme currently in use is Astra Pro, a WordPress theme with advanced customization, which can be purchased ifClick here.

Servers used byTencent CloudThe configuration is 2 cores 4G5M, the purchase price of the activity is 3 years 1200 yuan, static resources used CDN services including and shoot the cloud, Tencent cloud, seven cows, Baidu (from time to time switch with).

Daily use of plug-ins in the 15-20 or so, only the server configuration does not feel more plug-ins card, of course, the domestic server to use certain plug-ins will also be caused by network problems card, part of the plug-in list is as follows.

    1. AddQuicktag
    2. AMP
    3. Astra Pro
    4. BackWPup
    5. Elementor
    6. LuckyWP Table of Contents
    7. Rank Math SEO
    8. WP Rocket
    9. WP SMTP
    10. Baidu search push management WP plugin Pro version
    11. Paid Reading Plugin

The site uses the classic editor, Gutenberg with not used to, and code efficiency feel lower.

The website statistics use theGoogle AnalyticsThe company's website statistics are now on these two options, and the others are not reliable.

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