2022 foreign trade website tutorial

Share the latest 2022 foreign trade website tutorials, without much expertise, SOHO and small and micro enterprises can also build their own independent foreign trade station.

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Foreign trade building tutorials with small icons 3
Foreign trade building tutorials with small icons 2
Foreign trade building tutorials with small icons 3
Foreign trade building tutorials with pictures

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Steps to build a website

First understand the steps to build a website, the bottom of the heart is not lost.

Recommended server for website building

The server is the foundation of the website, and stability always comes first.

Foreign trade website builder

There are many foreign trade website building programs, just choose your own suitable one.

Foreign trade building tutorials with pictures

What are the advantages of a self-built website for foreign trade?

Every way to build a website has its advantages and disadvantages, foreign trade self-built station has its unique charm, as business owners sooner or later will consider self-built station.

3 simple steps to build your own foreign trade website

Buy Domain

Buy Domain

Domain names can be purchased both domestically and abroad (similar to purchasing a cell phone card)

Buy Server

Buy Server

Servers are just like cell phones, cheap and expensive ones are available.

Build a website

Install a software (website program) on your phone (server) and be done with it.

Buy Domain

The domain name, the string of URLs you enter inside the browser, you can understand the domain name as a cell phone number, the domain name can be purchased in the country or abroad.

For a more detailed description of the domain name, please seeDomain Name Feature Articles.

If you want to follow the tutorials of the milkman completely, then it is recommended to buy it from Namesilo.

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Buy Server

The server you can understand as a cell phone, cheap cell phones and expensive cell phones can be used, but can be used and used cool are two different things, it is not recommended to buy too cheap host.

The most commonly used servers are web hosting and VPS, web hosting is more friendly to newcomers, VPS performance is better, the level of confidence in their own computer friends can consider starting with web hosting. (Servers and cell phones, like money can be changed at any time.)

You can refer to the two articles below, which correspond to both tutorials.

  1. WordPress Hosting Recommendations
  2. Stable, reliable and cost-effective VPS recommendations

Of course, you can also contact the daddy directly to help you purchase and maintain the server if you find it troublesome.

Build a website

In the past, building a website required a lot of expertise, but now we can build a website with the help of a mature website builder, you can understand the website builder as an APP on your cell phone, and you can do some things after installing the APP.

There are many kinds of website building programs, for foreign trade websites, daddy suggests choosing WordPress to build, high market share, rich resources, complete documentation, easy to self-learning.

WordPress installation and depending on your server (different web hosts or VPS), their installation process are somewhat different, milk dad in the previous step to buy a server inside the article corresponding to have some server installation WordPress tutorial.

See the following article for a general WordPress installation tutorial.

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Foreign Trade Website FAQ

ReferenceCost of building your own websiteAn article, according to our use of WordPress to build foreign trade website calculation, the basic cost of: domain name within 100 yuan a year, the server a year hundreds to thousands of dollars ranging from paid themes or plug-ins optional hundreds of dollars. A preliminary estimate of 2000 yuan is possible to land.

This depends on your own self-learning ability and the requirements of the site. Relatively speaking, the use of WordPress to build a basic foreign trade website is relatively easy, but your requirements for the site (design requirements and functional requirements) are relatively high, then build their own may not be so easy, it is recommended to spend money to find someone to do early, after they build a half-finished website and then spend money to find someone to do the heart always feel like a big loss.

If you decide to spend money to find someone to build the site do not try to follow the tutorials themselves, a waste of time, watch a tutorial to know the general process on the line.


Whether you are looking for private or looking for a website builder, you should list your needs clearly first, and if your needs are not clear, then let the other party cooperate with you to sort out your needs clearly.


What you need to pay attention to when choosing a website builder is.

  1. Do not choose the kind of service that costs several hundred dollars a year, the cost of hardware is not enough.
  2. Do not choose a company that uses a domestic server to build your foreign trade website.
  3. Do not choose a company that packages a website for several thousand a year and also includes SEO.
  4. Preference for companies that use open source programs to build their sites (while ensuring data ownership).
  5. Ensure that you own the domain name.

In terms of the current situation contacted by the milkman, the vast majority of people are choosing to place Google ads, a small number of people self-taught SEO, and a part of the done put there.


Effectively, advertising is the most obvious, SEO is the cheapest and most permanent, but it is difficult to find a good SEO company or self-taught SEO. It is recommended to start with SEM advertising and do SEO by the way.


In addition to SEM and SEO, there are also these promotion methods that can be tried.

  • Content Marketing
  • Offline exhibition promotion
  • Promotion of preferential activities
  • Media, press release PR promotion
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Question and answer platform promotion
  • Video Marketing Promotion
  • Purchase of advertising space on industry websites
  • EDM Email Marketing Promotion

Yes, but note the following.

  1. Do not ask in or out, describe the problem directly and send it to me at once.
  2. Do not take it for granted that I will answer you, and do not keep asking questions to the end.
  3. If it helps you solve your problem, a small random bonus will increase my goodwill towards you.

Any other questions?

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