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WordPress website was quickly included in Google's operation method

WordPress is the most suitable for Google SEO open source website builder, daddy here to give you an introduction to how to achieveHow to build a new website with WordPress to be quickly included by Google.

Website preparation before inclusion

We want to build the site by search engines such as Google included, then we should do certain details before starting to build, to ensure that when Google to crawl the site contains content.

InWordPress newbie SEO setup tutorialWhat we talked about in the article is actually what we do after the website is built. And there is one more thing we should do before the website is built, and that isWebsite is not built when the search engine is prohibited to include.

Using WordPress is very simple, we have a very easy way to use it inInstalling WordPressThere is an option to do so when the As shown below.

WordPress installation interface

The above figure on the check box suggests that search engines do not index this site function.

So that Google and other search engines will not crawl and include your site, when our site is built, just enter the settings - read, and then remove this check, will not continue to prevent the inclusion of Google can normally include your site.

Let Google to include your website

Once your website is built and removed from search engine visibility, we can begin to allow search engines such as Google to crawl and include your website.

This is done as follows.

1, to the major search engines to submit the site map, if there is no site mapRead this article firstCreate one and then just go toMajor search engine submission portalSubmit your site map.

2、Go and register aGoogle administrator accountAdd the website to it.

Usually, within one day after the operation, you can check whether your website is included on Google by way of site:domain.

If more than 3 days, Google has not included your website, then you need to check the following.

  1. whether the option to make it visible to search engines has been forgotten.
  2. whetherrobots.txt fileBlocked.
  3. Whether the web server is blocking search engine crawling (for example, firewall blocked, you can use the search engine crawl test tool to determine, you can also installSpider Record Plugin(to see if there is a log.)
  4. Whether the site content has not been built (for example, just installed the site, what content is not filled, the site home page is empty, on a hello world)

WordPress website want to be included by Google is still very simple, basically you submit the sitemap address, Google spiders will be 24 hours a day in your website crawl crawl, in order to do a good job of Google SEO, you also need to fill the website with valuable content on a regular basis, in order to get the search engine search ranking, get more traffic.

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