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WordPress SEO optimization tutorials and SEO plugin recommendations (updated May 2021)

As more and more companies choose to useWordPress website buildingThe demand for WordPress SEO optimization is also increasing, the structure of WordPress itself is in line with the basic needs of SEO optimization, through the cooperation of some SEO plug-ins and SEO techniques, we can make the effect of WordPress SEO optimization better, this article daddy will share with youThe latest WordPress SEO optimization tutorials for 2021.

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Why should I do WordPress SEO optimization?

Where there is traffic, there is search, there is search will involve SEO, SEO to obtain the traffic is the most valuable, but also relatively stable. Especially for foreign trade websites, if you simply advertise your website to let users from other countries find your website, then with the increase of websites in the whole industry, the cost of advertising input will definitely become more and more expensive.

And the traffic obtained through search engine optimization does not cost you a penny extra, but can bring you more valuable traffic than the ads placed by Google ADS.

As a simple example, , ,NaiBaBiJiIt is the use of WordPress to build a website, the usual website promotion only did SEO optimization, other off-site promotion did not go to do.

Milkman Build Notes Traffic Acquisition

From the statistics of Google Analytics, the traffic sources of 70% in the recent week are from Organic Search (natural search).

Milk Dad learned that most companies because no one can do SEO, so either spend money to find a company specializing in SEO, or directly spend money to open bidding to do SEM.

Bidding for a long time will certainly some small and medium-sized enterprises will not be able to eat, so learn WordPress optimization skills, get free search engine traffic is a good choice.

Advantages of WordPress for SEO optimization

The common view on the Internet is that WordPress is more suitable for Google SEO (Baidu SEO is also possible). The reasons are as follows.

  1. Open source, free and powerful.
  2. Well-structured and seo-friendly layout.
  3. theme templates are rich, the appearance will not be homogeneous, with SEO plug-ins do not have to worry about changing the theme resulting in the loss of SEO information.
  4. There are many developers, and many features can be found ready-made plug-ins to implement.

WordPress SEO optimization prerequisites

Wordpress seo

Want to doWordPres SEO OptimizationIf you have a WordPress website installed, then the prerequisite is that you have one, if not yet, please refer to the following article to install one.

  1. WordPress installation tutorial, use WordPress to build your own website
  2. WordPress Hosting Recommendations

WordPress SEO optimization contains two aspects, one is the content, the second is the technology.

Content is the foundation of SEO optimization, any techniques and tricks just help your content to rank better.

There is no content, just technology, there is no point, let's get to the point and see what WP SEO optimization contains.

WordPress SEO optimization steps

Please add this article as a bookmark, I will update it from time to time, when you feel confused about SEO, come back to this article, I believe it will help you.

1、To determine whether to use the domain name with www

Most people habitually think that any website should be www.baidu.com这样的, but actually baidu.com this is the main domain name, www.baidu.com是子域名.

Newcomers are not sure whether the domain name should be with www or not, even some newcomers can not understand the domain name resolution, then it is recommended to search the Internet for more related tutorials, daddy's notes on building a websiteDomain TopicsThere is also a tutorial on domain name resolution, you can go through it.

In brief.

  1. Doing domestic SEO and recommending the use of domains with www.
  2. To do foreign SEO, it is recommended to use domain names without www.

Do Google SEO optimization, now the mainstream SEO point of view are recommended to use the main domain name directly, www. The domain name to do a 301 jump to the main domain name can be. Here we need to remind you that if your site has been using the www. The beginning of the domain name to do the site for a period of time, there is no need to deliberately change to without www. Although it is recommended, but this does not have a direct impact on the seo effect.

2、Add SSL security certificate

If you have paid attention, you will find that websites with SSL security certificate enabled, that is, accessed via https, have a small lock icon, and if not enabled, then it is a hint that it is not secure.

Google has also said that it is recommended that websites are enabled with SSL security certificates, and SSL security certificates are available for free, and many web hosts can install SSL certificates with one click, so you don't have to worry about additional costs and technical issues.

Reference.Securing your website with HTTPS

3, site title optimization

WordPress website title

The WordPress settings come with two options for site title and subtitle.

The site title is usually the name of your website, and the subtitle is a small paragraph that introduces the overall content of your website. And this paragraph is best to include your website to do SEO keyword information, such as daddy build notes of foreign trade sites, WordPress foreign trade sites, foreign trade sites tutorials these keywords.

Foreign trade building tutorial search results

Only the title of the site contains the keywords, then others from the search engine to search for relevant content is likely to see your site.


3、Install WordPress SEO plugin

yoast vs rank math

There are many SEO plugins on top of WordPress, and the one currently used by Milk Dad Build Notes isRank Math, , ,Yoast SEOIt is also used by many websites.

WordPress SEO Optimization Plugin

The method of installing SEO plug-ins is very simple, directly in the WordPress background plug-ins inside the choice to add, and then search for SEO, these four SEO plug-ins in the picture above can be considered, butJust use one SEO plugin at a time.

These SEO plugins can help you to standardize the content of your website's title, description and some social tags without changing the theme causing these key codes to change.

About WordPress SEO plugins, daddy builder notes shared these contents below, you can click the link to continue reading if you are interested.

4、Set SEO friendly fixed links

WordPress Fixed Links

WordPress fixed link setting is very convenient, directly in the background settings can be modified inside.

It is recommended to choose the article name as a fixed link in this format.

Milkman Build Notes is currently using a custom structure of fixed links, that is because of some historical legacy issues, and now it is more troublesome to modify.

Once the fixed link is determined it is not recommended to modify the site after it has been indexed by the search engines for many pages.

For a more detailed description of fixed links please continue reading the following article.

5、Articles with keywords

wordpress article keywords

Using Yoast SEO and Rank Math, both will appear on the page where you post an article with an SEO tip box that will give you some SEO advice, which includes using Focus Keyword (focus keyword/center keyword)

Maybe SEO newbies are not good at understanding what this means.

Take this articleWordPress SEO OptimizationFor example, one of the objectives of the article is to search for "WordPress SEO Optimization"The ultimate goal of being able to search for this article is to rank to number one.

So you can see that this article contains "WordPress SEO Optimization"The word.

At the same time, when writing the article also need to pay attention to a keyword density, not to highlight keywords and then go to a variety of unreasonable use of keywords, some times, for example, this article, write the keyword density should not be low, but as long as it is reasonable to appear, there is no need to think too much, daddy's experience is that Google can identify whether you are for the keywords and the keywords. (This experience is accurate or not until later to see the ranking of this article we come to a judgment.Searching to try?)

6, take a good article title

On this point, the milkman's own copywriting is not very good, and can not write the kind of title that makes people read and willing to click.

But no matter how you name it, remember to include the main keyword of your article inside the title. For example, the following.

  • The ultimate solution for WordPress SEO optimization
  • Do a good job of these WordPress SEO optimization, traffic soaring
  • Start with these points to do a good job of WordPress SEO optimization

A keyword can be combined into many different titles, but it is a learning curve as to which title can increase the click-through rate more.

For English websites, you can test the quality of the title with the help of a few websites.

When writing the title of the article, be careful not to have too many words, otherwise the search results will be displayed incomplete.

7、Edit meta description to increase the click rate

wordpress Meta Description

The red box in the above figure is the meta description of the web page (description), in fact, Google has said, you write or not write description information is not a big problem, whether you write or not, Google will automatically crawl your article content and generate the appropriate description according to the actual situation.

But the actual search results, if you write a description, it will give priority to the description information you wrote.

Google SEO Tutorial

The description information in the above figure is automatically crawled and generated by Google, without using the daddy's own Descriptions.

The description information in the picture above is the description information written by the daddy himself.

This meta description, like the title, also involves copywriting skills, written well may have originally ranked you second, because more attractive than the first description, the user did not click the first content and clicked on your page.

In reality, we do not need to manually write description information for each article, because that is too tired, most SOHO webmasters are not professional copywriters, and still understand SEO copywriting, writing up will be more strenuous, only need to focus on their website a few page description information to write it, the rest will be left to Google to automatically generate it.

Reference.Create good titles and summaries in search results

8, the reasonable use of title tags

Google has said when communicating with SEOers that even if your site has multiple H1 tags, Google can identify which is the correct title.

But Milkman's advice is that whether Google can recognize it or not, we should follow the normal and reasonable to use all levels of titles.

The usual norm for using headings is.

  1. Page title with H1
  2. Subtitle with H2
  3. Others in decreasing order

For example, this paper uses the 3 levels of headings H1, H2 and H3.

After all, h1 to h6 is considered a web page specification code, who like to follow the rules of the people.

Reference reading.Google says that web pages can have multiple H1 tags, what should we do?

9、Long article using the directory

Article List

Google relatively more like long articles, but long articles are not too suitable for users to read, so increase the article directory on the one hand can improve the user experience, on the other hand, it is also convenient for search engines to determine the content of the article.

The method of adding a WordPress article directory is very simple, install a directory plugin and then use it with a reasonable title tag.

10, picture add ALT tags

For example, in the picture above, add the ALT tag "fixed link settings" for the image, then others will have the chance to appear your image when they search for "fixed link settings" through Google Images.

The filling of ALT tags is a very important optimization tool for those image sites.

For more detailed information on the use of ALT tags, please read the following article.

11、Rational naming of pictures

Most websites don't pay attention to this when doing SEO, but if your industry is highly competitive for SEO, then getting every detail right will help with rankings.

In general, the names of the images we upload to the website are random or directly named in Chinese.

In fact, we can also fit the content of the article to name the image, for example, this article image using wordpress-seo-*.png such. (But the daddy is lazy now, many images are meaningless names.)

The recommendation for naming images is.

  1. Do not use Chinese name pictures
  2. Don't use meaningless naming
  3. It is recommended to use English words related to the content to name
  4. Words are separated by hyphens
  5. Article featured image name contains keywords

12、Pay attention to article writing skills

Articles are the most important thing used to get search rankings, so writing a good article is the basis for getting SEO rankings.

When writing an article the first paragraph of content plays a bigger role in SEO optimization.

Usually we write the first paragraph with the core keywords of the article, for example, this articleWordPress SEO Optimization.

At the same time, the first paragraph is also the part that catches the visitor's eye. If someone takes a look at the first paragraph, which does not contain the results of his search, then it is likely to close the website window and click on another search result.

Both Yoast SEO and Rank Math will give you a seo optimization advice tip at the time of writing, which you can refer to, but you don't have to fully accept their advice.

The experience of the milkman is thatWhen writing an article, you have to ask yourself what you are writing about: The

  1. There is no user search demand
  2. Whether the content of the article meets the needs of users
  3. Does the article content contain SEO tips

13, pay attention to the length of the article

Article word length and ranking

Some foreign websites and organizations have done research and statistics on the relationship between article length and ranking, and in fact, you will find that some long articles tend to rank well when we use Google search everyday.

However, this view also needs to be problem specific, not that all content is suitable for long articles.

On the basis of meeting the user's search needs, it is still beneficial to properly supplement the width of the content.

14, the use of appropriate Nofollow links

If you have no special settings, then every link inserted inside your article is dofollow.

So what do you mean by Nofollow links?

<a href="https://blog.naibabiji.com/en/" rel="nofollow">NaiBaBiJi</a>

A link like the one above that contains the rel="nofollow" attribute is a nofollow link.

The role of adding nofollow is to tell search engines not to track this link, as explained by Wikipedia as follows.

nofollow is an attribute in HTML that is used to tell search engines not to follow links to specific pages. It can be used to stop the act of adding links to PR-worthy sites by leaving comments and other means to improve the ranking of your own site, to improve the quality of search results, and to prevent the spread of spammy links. Webmasters can also use nofollow on paid links in their pages to prevent the links from lowering search rankings.

For more on Nofollow, you can continue reading these articles.

  1. Which pages should use Noindex or Nofollow tags
  2. How to check if an external link is nofollow?
  3. What can we do with Google's Nofollow link update on March 1?

15, do a good job of internal link optimization

Internal link optimization this is well understood, you see these links inserted in this article, pointing to the links of the web pages of the daddy builder notes, are called internal links.

The role of internal links on the one hand is to link your website's articles and content together, and on the other hand is to enrich the content width and depth of the article.

The following one is an internal link.

16、Good external link optimization

Traditional SEO knowledge tells us that external link optimization is the links left to you by other websites that are not your own, called external links.

For example, if you think this article is good, and you forward it to your own blog, or if you insert the address of this article into your own blog, then you can help your father to make an external link.

The first is always on other people's websites, which you can't control. The second is to do the external chain is a quite laborious thing.

If you can get some high quality external links for SEO ranking effect is more significant. (Authoritative websites, or big websites, can leave you links, then the quality of such external links is quite high.)

It is not recommended to buy paid links, buy a bad may get into trouble directly no ranking.

17、Set up the site map

A sitemap, also known as a sitemap, is a summary of all the links to articles and pages on your website that can help search engines discover pages on your site.

Now the mainstream WordPress SEO plug-in support sitemap function, do not need to install the corresponding additional plug-ins. (WordPress natively also supports it, but it's better to use the SEO plugin directly, a little better.)

For a tutorial on WordPress sitemap generation see the following article.

18, submit your website to the search engine

Google Site Map Submission

After setting up your sitemap, you can go to the major search engines and submit your sitemap. For example, Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.

The use of Google Search Console is involved here, refer to the following article.

Other search engines you directly search for their corresponding webmaster center, and then go to submit the site map on it.

19、Doing keyword research

google seo related search terms

Keyword research is done throughout the entire SEO process, and is involved in almost every step of the process.

There are many tools for researching keywords on English websites, such asKWFinder, , ,SEMrushandAhrefs.

Chinese websites can use websites such as Love Site and 5118.

Of course, you can also find many keywords by yourself using Google search, for example, the above screenshot is some search terms related to Google SEO.


20, using structured tags

Structured Data

Structured tags, also called Schema, Google is very fond of these Schema tags.

schema.org is a collaboration between Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! to create a structured data markup architecture supported by the major search engines to provide a better web experience for users. On-page markup helps search engines understand the information on a web page and provide richer search results. Shared markup vocabulary makes it easier for webmasters to determine markup architecture and get the most out of their work.

This Rank Math plugin supports Schema tags, or you can install the Schema plugin separately to achieve this.

Your usual search results inside, some sites with ratings results, is actually the use of the schema tag.

Reference.Understanding how structured data works

21、Keep important article content updated

In many cases, the content shared inside our articles will become stale with the passage of time, such as the daddy's notes on building a websiteSiteGround Website Building TutorialThe feedback from a visitor to Milkman is that he searched the Internet for many tutorials on how to operate the old version, until he saw the article shared by Milkman to solve his problem.

So keeping your content up to date will also help your website traffic and ranking.

22、Optimize website speed

Site speed is also a factor in page ranking. Studies show that if a page is not opened for more than 4 seconds, then a quarter of visitors will choose to abandon the site.

WordPress default after the installation of the premium theme and the corresponding plug-ins, do not optimize the opening speed is relatively slow, so you need to do some optimization of the speed.

At the most basic level, you can consider using CDN services and caching plugins.

For speed optimization in WordPress, you can refer to these articles below.

Of course, if you are not very good at the technical aspects of optimization, then you can simply consider buying a highly configured server.

A better performing server will have a significant increase in site opening speed.

But do not believe in those articles online to write the optimization of the score, to the user to actually open the experience shall prevail. (This is the personal opinion of the father, for reference only.)

23、Dead link detection

After the website has been operating for some time, there may be some dead links (that is, links that cannot be opened and are accessed incorrectly).

These dead links can affect search engine crawling, as well as reduce the user experience.

WordPress comes with a dead link checker plugin, you can install one yourself to check it, and then deal with the dead link accordingly.

24、Ensure that the mobile access is normal

Mobile device suitability testing

Most WordPress themes are responsive and will display different layouts according to different browsers, so in general there is no need to worry about mobile incompatibility.

Meanwhile, Google has aMobile detection toolsYou can test it.

However, the actual test, the results of this bug, obviously open the normal site with their own cell phone test, will be reported in the Google mobile detection tool inside the error, so do not worry too much about this test, to their own website actual test shall prevail (there are many webmasters abroad have encountered this problem, there is no viable solution).

Also, you can install aAMP Plugin, this is a mobile access format introduced by Google, in the search results if there is an AMP page, will automatically jump to the AMP page to view the content.

25、Installation of statistical code

Installing the statistics code will slow down the site to some extent, but analyzing statistics is a daily task in doing SEO.

The foreign trade website daddy recommends using Google Analytics, which can be used together with Google Search Console.

26、Tracking keyword ranking

If you are a professional in SEO, it is also important to pay attention to the ranking of keywords.

According to the ranking changes to analyze the effect of SEO and determine how to continue to optimize and maintain the ranking.

The milkman's notes on building a website are currently hoping to putBuild your own websiteThis word to achieve the first. But not every day to pay attention to the ranking changes, on the occasional search to see.

As a corporate website, several major keyword ranking changes of your own website are still recommended to pay attention to every day.

See if your ranking has changed, if there are any new rival sites, and then analyze the rival sites.

27、Use high quality pictures

High-quality images are usually larger in file size, so if your website itself is slow, it is best to use a CDN service if you use high-quality images to avoid slowing down your website.

In addition, high-quality images are mainly to get better Google image search ranking, if your website business follow the image to not many users, then also do not need to deliberately get high-quality images.

As long as the article is accompanied by a clear picture.

28、Increase user session length

Bounce rate

Session duration is a factor that has a relatively large impact on Google's website rankings, while corresponding to "Website Bounce Rate".

The site has a low bounce rate, then the corresponding session length will be higher.

And if the bounce rate is high, then the session length is usually not too long.

With high bounce rate and short session length, Google will think that your web content does not meet the user's search needs.

However, this is not absolute and depends on the actual article content. For example, a problem-solving article, where someone comes in and sees the solution at a glance and then closes the page, actually satisfies his user needs.

And you deliberately hide the answer in order to go to increase the session length, but it may lead Google to reduce the page rank.

29、Delete meaningless articles

A website to do seo optimization ranking, then the more single the overall content of the website, the more accurate, the simpler to optimize.

This is known abroad as "content pruning", content trimming.

It is to delete some of the articles that are not related to the content of the website theme and are out of date.It is better to have a small amount of quality content than a large amount of irrelevant content.

The milkman builder notes also contained some logs with children before, which were uniformly deleted later.

30、Remove duplicate content

Sometimes over time, one doesn't even realize that the same article was written on the same topic. Maybe there are some subtle differences between the two articles.

But it's best to be able to combine two articles into one, delete one of them, and then 301 redirect to the other one.

31、Create About page

About page, contact us page, including privacy statement page, these can increase the trust of the website, will indirectly affect the website visitors to your website publicity efforts, thus affecting the flow and ranking of the website.

32、Remove spam comments

Usually when a website goes live, it is harassed by spam comments.

These spam comments often contain a lot of links, and some webmasters are especially happy to pass the review thinking it's a real person comment.

In fact, these spam comments with links can damage your website's image and affect SEO rankings.

33、Add breadcrumb navigation

Breadcrumb navigationThis position in the screenshot is the breadcrumb navigation.

Breadcrumb navigation, on the one hand, allows users to clearly know where they are on the site and can easily switch to the previous level of the directory.

Another aspect also increases the search engine spider crawl track.

Some advanced WordPress themes will come with breadcrumb navigation function, if your theme does not support it, then you can also implement it by yourself through plugins or code.

34、Use of outbound links

Use External (Outbound) Links, I'm sure the SEO plugin you installed will also prompt you.

It means telling you that the article should insert some links to external websites when appropriate.

The role of this is similar to writing your essay, with some authoritative sources as references to increase the credibility of your article.

(In fact, Dad also wondered if Google deliberately to promote the Internet re-connected to engage in a scoring rule, after all, many people now hate their website does not appear any of the URL of others.)


35、WordPress SEO optimization summary

The above and everyone summarized so many articlesWordPress SEO optimization methodsI'm sure you already have a general direction on how to do SEO for WordPress.

But the actual process of operating a website, we do not have to do every single one of them, after all, few people can always insist that all pages are done so many optimization projects.

We only need to do a good job of basic SEO optimization, some of the more competitive pages and keywords to do a little SEO in detail. do more accurate than the opponent's content, more complete, ranking over its chances will be much greater.

Finally, if you like this article, you may want to add it to your favorites, daddy will keep updating this article, you can also look back at this article when you don't know how to do SEO for your WordPress website.

WordPress SEO Plugin Recommendations

Here to share some classic WordPress SEO plug-ins to everyone, click the link can go directly to the official website of the plug-in to see the full introduction.

  1. Yoast SEO The current number one SEO plugin for WordPress users, divided into a free version and a premium version.
  2. All in one SEO The second largest SEO plugin in terms of users, classified as free and premium versions.
  3. Rank Math Upwardly mobile SEO plug-ins, the free version comes with many advanced features and a premium version is also available.
  4. Smart SEO Tool SEO plug-ins most in line with national usage habits, completely free of charge.
  5. All-in-one search auto-push management plugin Paid plug-ins that help you push articles to search engines for inclusion, recommended for Chinese websites.
  6. Popular Keywords Recommended Plugin Pro This plugin is essential for both English and Chinese websites.
  7. Spider Analyser Statistics search engine on your site crawl information, to help analyze the inclusion of the situation, like to analyze the site data can be used.

This article is open for comments, if you have any views, welcome to discuss together to exchange.

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