7 mistakes to avoid when building your own website

Anyone will make mistakes, daddy in building a website for so many years inside also took a lot of detours, stepped on a lot of potholes. This article gives you a summary of the 7 mistakes you need to avoid building your own website.

If you don't have a website yet, you can check it out firstSteps to build your own websiteor followInstalling WordPress TutorialGo build a website of your own.

Now let's start looking at the 7 mistakes that newbies tend to encounter in the process of building their own websites.

1、SEO error, do not provide a site map

All in One SEO Pack Site Map Features

A site map is one of the most important tools to help search engines understand the structure of your website, but many newcomers may not be aware that a site map can improveWebsite SEO OptimizationEffect.

If you don't know what a site map is or how to add one, then please refer to.Several methods to generate a site map for WordPress_sitemap plugin recommendation

2、Keep the unneeded plug-ins

Inactive plug-in

Many people will disable unneeded plugins and then just keep them inside the server.

In fact it is not safe to do so.

Plugins you deactivate, but that doesn't mean it's risk-free to leave on your server, some plugins are likely to come with vulnerabilities that can then be exploited by hackers.

At the same time too many plug-ins will also increase the resource consumption of the web server, wordpress need to determine which plug-ins are enabled and disabled, but also check the version of the plug-in updates, indirectly will also affect your website background open speed.

So the right thing to do is to remove the plugins you don't need to use and reinstall them when you need them.

3、Forget to backup manually

Although daddy has reminded you many times in his articles that websites need to be backed up regularly, he has also sharedPrevent data loss 10 excellent WordPress backup plug-ins recommendedHowever, some time ago the daddy found himself using the plug-in backup database has a messy code, it turns out that the backup plug-in has a bug.

So it is also necessary to back up your website data manually every once in a while, you can't trust automation too much.

4、No check on the work of the contact form

The contact form function is almostForeign trade websiteA must-have feature, but many webmasters build their own WordPress and configure the contact form, not to test whether the function is available.

The outgoing mail function of some servers may be disabled, and if you don't check it yourself, then you may lose customers for nothing.

Recommended UseContact Form Local Save PluginWe will record the data of the contact form to make a double insurance.

5、Use the old version of WordPress

wordpress update

Because some foreign trade users buy web hosts with lower php versions, they cannot upgrade to new versions of WordPress, so they just choose not to update.

And WordPress version update usually in addition to new features, is the old version of the vulnerability repair, do not fix the vulnerability site security will be greatly reduced.

This is why you often see corporate websites being hacked.

Of course, if you are using a domestic server, then automatic WordPress version update may fail, then you need to selectManually update WordPress versionup.

6、Do not update WordPress themes and plugins in a timely manner

The same reason as the WordPress version, WP's theme and plug-ins if there is an update you should also choose to update, WordPress every month will publish a part of the plug-in vulnerability situation, if you happen to use but did not update, then you think about the danger.

7、Modify themes and plugins directly

Some newcomers will follow the online tutorials to make some changes to the theme and plug-in code, without backups before the changes, resulting in errors that cause website errors after the site does not open, or the site displays blank.

So be sure to get into the habit of backing up your themes and plugins before modifying them.

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