Cost of building a website

The cost of building your own website, how much money and time investment does it take to build a website?

With the continuation of the new crown epidemic, many business owners have begun to focus on online marketing, so there is a corporate website is a must, so 2021 want to build their own or find a website companyHow much does it cost to build a website? How long does it take?The following is a detailed analysis of how much it costs to make a website from the very beginning to online operation.

The cost components of building a website

To build a good website, the three most basic elements are domain name, space and program. But the reality is that the cost of building a website is different for personal websites and corporate websites, see the explanation below for details.

Personal website building costs

  1. Domain Fees
  2. Server Fees
  3. Program Fees
  4. Labor costs

Enterprise website building cost

  1. Domain Fees
  2. Server Fees
  3. Program Fees
  4. Labor costs
  5. Customization Fee
  6. Marketing expenses

Detailed explanation of fees

Domain Fees

Domain name is the URL, according to the different suffix (.com .net .cn .org, etc.), the price is different, usually a few dozen dollars a year, belonging to the lowest cost of building a website.

For the choice of domain name, you can refer to the previous article by Milkman atHow to choose a domain name for a newbie website

Server Fees

Servers are mainly divided into web hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers, and the difference between them is that one is more expensive than the other and the performance is better than the other. The specific differences refer to.# Build # Newbie Questions The difference between web hosting and VPS

Newbie builders can consider starting with web hosting, and business builders are recommended to start with at leastVPSorWordPress Dedicated Web HostingStart.

If you are practicing and do not care about data security, you can try this article: free website virtual space to build a WordPress website tutorial

Program Fees

Nowadays, basically individuals and general businesses build websites using open source website builders, for exampleWordPressThis kind, only those who do not know the market or the company has its own programmers and special needs will go to the expense of using someone else's program or write their own program.

Labor costs

Individuals who build websites usually follow the onlineSteps to build a websiteFiguring out, so only the cost of energy and time, there is no cost cost of course can also be considered impossible to calculate the cost, depends entirely on how much energy individuals put into the site.

Businesses building websites are usually outsourced or recruited to do so, so there are labor costs.

Customization Fee

The cost of customization is mainly the cost of website appearance customization and website function customization. The price of website customization varies according to the needs of each website and the price of the service provider you are looking for, ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

Marketing expenses

Companies usually build websites to promote their brands and products, so they need website optimization and website promotion, and they need to find professional SEO personnel, which is a cost.

For enterprises to Baidu official website certification, WeChat certification, etc., will also be by a few hundred yuan a year.

Build website cost brain map

To summarize, the total cost of building a website is as follows:

Domain name (tens) + server (hundreds or thousands/year) + program ($0) + labor cost + customization cost + marketing cost.

Cost of building a website

Well, the above is 2021The cost of setting up a website for a business or individualNext, we discuss how long it takes to build a website.

How long does it take to build a website?

Website construction time, also called website construction cycle, there is no fixed amount, mainly based on the amount of work and difficulty of the website to judge.

How can you tell how much work a site is doing?

It is usually judged by the number of pages and functions. A normal corporate website will basically contain the following pages: Home, Service/Product Page, About Us, Contact Us.

The two pages, About Us and Contact Us, can usually be designed and produced in 1 to 2 days as long as the site is well organized. The home page, service or product pages, depending on the amount of content and page design, may take a little longer.

How to judge the difficulty of a website?

This depends on the client's need for website functionality toWordPress website buildingFor example, regular functions, such as publishing products, publishing blogs, adding sharing codes, adding inquiry functions are easy to solve, but some customers will have some needs beyond the regular functions, if there is no ready-made solution, then it needs to be developed separately, this cycle is not controllable, even if there is a ready-made solution, usually need to make some details according to your theme and the actual situation Even if there is an off-the-shelf solution, it usually requires some detailed adjustments according to your theme and actual situation.

OverallIn the experience of the daddy, in the case of a website that is well organized and will be built by yourself, or a website that is handled by the company alone.

A simple b2b enterprise website, the build cycle is about half a month; a B2B online sales website, because there are product uploads and some functional adjustments, should be between half a month and 1 month.

If the build information is not complete, and the website requirements are more, design aspects like pointing to mention some of their own feel good advice, then may not be done in 2 months.

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