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2021 Foreign trade Paypal cash withdrawal tutorial through Paian Ying after receiving money

Many foreign trade people use Paypal to receive money (PayPal registration and docking foreign trade station collection tutorial), but PayPal can't withdraw money to domestic bank card directly now, so we can use a third party to do it. Milkman uses Payoneer Paian Ying's service and shares it with you.

Payoneer Paian Ying Introduction

Payoneer, like Paypal, is a third-party payment solutions company, designed for global entrepreneurs, cross-border business enterprises and professionals in cross-border e-commerce collection services, founded in 2005, headquartered in New York, the United States, is authorized by MasterCard International with card issuance qualifications, holding the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau issued by the MSB (Money Headquartered in New York City, New York, USA, MasterCard is an authorized card issuer with MSB (Money Service Business) license issued by FinCEN and E-money license in Europe, with operations in 210 countries worldwide.

Use Payoneer to collect Paypal

Because now Paypal balance does not support withdrawing to domestic bank card directly, and Payoneer supports applying a virtual US bank card account, then you can withdraw to domestic bank card through Payoneer, so we can withdraw Paypal balance like the following.

Paypal balance is withdrawn to Payoneer's US card and then converted to RMB for withdrawal to your domestic bank card.

Payoneer Paian Ying registration tutorial

Paian Yin invites registration

First, click on the link below to register for Paian Yin, and after registrationWhen you withdraw more than $1,000, then you and I both get a $25 bonus.

Registered Address

This is an invitation bonus, go directly to the official website to register without.

Paian Ying registered address

1、After opening the website, you can switch the Chinese language in the upper right corner, and then click the Register button to start registration.

Fill in the real registration information

2, fill in your ID card above the real information, and then the next step.

Pai An Ying Registration

3. Fill in the account number and security and other information.

Paian Ying registration process

4、Fill in the bank card and submit the registration application.

Paian Ying registration information

Store URL, if you are in amazon or shopify these places to open a store, then directly fill in the store address can be

If you do not have it, you can not fill it out first, until the time of withdrawal will ask you to submit additional information, as long as you can prove the legal source of funds will be no problem.

5. Wait for the account review.

Paian Yin Account Review

After registering your account, keep an eye on your email address and log in to the Paian Ying back office, if you need to submit information will be displayed, just follow the operation.

Apply for a Community Federal Savings Bank account

By default, when your Paian Ying account is approved, it will give you 3 country accounts, but we need to apply for one if we want to bind PaypalCommunity Federal Savings Bank (CFSB) of the account.

PaiAgain Default Account

Applying for Community Federal Savings Bank is simple and there are two convenient ways to do so.

  1. Call payoneer customer service 400-841-6666 Monday to Friday, Cantonese service (Chinese should also be supported, they gave a call back to the daddy).
  2. Consult Payoneer official QQ: 800184846, Chinese customer service.

Just tell them directly that you need to apply for a US Federal Savings Bank account, and basically the application will be opened.

Newly issued Federal Community Savings Bank accounts

Bind a Federal Community Savings Bank account to Paypal

Next, go to your Paypal account, click on Wallet at the top, and then select Linked Bank Account.

Paypal Linked Bank Account

On the Linked Bank Account screen that appears, select [Linked Bank Account in the United States or Hong Kong SAR, China] at the bottom, and then select a U.S. bank account.

PAI adds U.S. bank accounts


The account selection screen appears to select the check.

PayPal Card Signup Select Check

Bank codeFill out the Federal Community Savings Bank account you are applying forRouting ABA information.

The account number is the account number of the Federal Community Savings Bank account.

Click on the link your bank account button after completing the form.

Usually you can bind successfully, if your binding fails, then you need to manually find contact us from inside Paypal's help, call with them and tell them you can't bind the US bank account, but don't tell it's Payoneer's, it belongs to the competition.

Paypal withdrawal to Payoneer Paian Ying

Once your Federal Community Savings Bank account is successfully linked, you can perform withdrawal operations at Paypal.

paypal cash withdrawal application

Select Withdrawal from Paypal, then select Withdraw to your bank account.

PayPal withdrawals to U.S. checking accounts

After clicking the next button, you will see a screen to enter the amount to be transferred, enter the amount you need to withdraw, and then click the next page, a transfer alert page will appear, each withdrawal will be charged a fee of $35, so consider how often you withdraw. (Of course, through the daddy referral link to withdraw funds will return $25 to the Paian Ying account)

PayPal withdrawal success alert

After you request a withdrawal from Paypal, wait one business day and it will usually be credited to your Pai On Profit account.

However, if you have not filled in the store address before, you will be required to submit verification information, as follows.

Paian Profit withdrawal verification.

At this time you just need to submit the corresponding information, and after the information is approved, you can see the arriving USD in your Paian Surplus balance.

Withdraw cash from Payoneer to domestic bank card

Choose a withdrawal operation from the PaiAgain website.

Withdraw cash to your bank card

Select which bank card you want to withdraw to and click the View button.

Select the bank card to withdraw to

Clicking the View button will give you a breakdown of the amount received. PaianWin will automatically convert the amount to RMB based on the exchange rate of the day and withdraw it to your bank card, which usually takes 1-3 business days to arrive.

Payoneer PAI FAQ

Q: How do I get charged for PaiAgain?

A: It is free to sign up for PaiAgain, and Paypal will charge a $35 fee for withdrawing money from Paypal to PaiAgain. If you need to withdraw the balance of Paian Earn to your bank card, then the capped fee is 1.2%. There is no charge for online payments or transfers.

Q: What is the difference between PAI Personal Account and Corporate Account?

A: There is only a nominal difference between personal and corporate accounts at Paiangain, which account to register lies in whether the platform you want to stay on mandates a corporate account.

Q: Can one person apply for more than one Payoneer account?

A: Yes, you can register with a different email address, and one person can register up to 5 Paian Yin accounts.

Q:When will the 25 knife bonus arrive after registering through the invitation link?

A: Through the milkman'sInvitation link to registerAfter that, as soon as your Pai On Profit account is filled with $1,000 inside, it will automatically return $25 to you without separate application.

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