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WordPress 6.0中文版本地下载_安装包程序(最新)

Recently, due to the attack on the official WordPress website, domestic users will be prompted with 429 Too Many Requests error when visiting the WordPress website, so it is difficult for friends using domestic servers to download the new version of the WordPress installation package from the official website, so here is the new version that you can download from the official website. 5.9 Chinese version of the WordPress installation file, you can download and upload it to the server yourself if you need.

WordPress offline package download address

Download Address

The offline package is uploaded and shared by daddy after downloading from the official WordPress website to ensure safety and no additions, the Chinese version includes English language, both Chinese and English websites can be used. English version can be set in Chinese language and will automatically update the language pack.

WP Installation Tutorial

文件: C:\Users\zhist\Desktop\
大小: 22766944 字节
修改时间: 2022年5月25日, 21:14:29
MD5: 1DF60AAA07DEDE05DE4D6D69D2234E19
SHA1: FDA3D1AAAAC5BDC99367B99A08E39B394FE47C9D
CRC32: F0CD321D

文件: C:\Users\zhist\Desktop\
大小: 23526552 字节
修改时间: 2022年5月25日, 21:14:26
MD5: 6D0225B13513E51B4110DCF137062AB6
SHA1: 4218B2A9E21CC2C260D90E0550F75A0DC598079C
CRC32: 058B1C92

WordPress official download address

If you need the official download, the English version is available at the following address:

The Chinese version is as follows.

If you can't open it directly, you may also consider copying the download address to Xunlei.

WordPress system requirements

We recommend servers running PHP 7.3 or higher, and MySQL 5.6 or MariaDB 10.0 or higher.
We also recommend Apache or Nginx as the most robust options for running WordPress, but these are not required.

WordPress installation and manual update tutorial

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