2022 stable, reliable and cost-effective VPS recommendations

All the bloggers stepped over the pit summed up VPS merchants, stable!

2020 vps recommendations

There are many VPS providers on the Internet, and even special VPS recommendation sites.Dad has contacted many different VPS providers over the years, and finally summed up only the following ones are recommended by Dad personally.

If you are a novice, it is recommended that you do not go online to find those cheap VPS to practice, most of the VPS introduced in this article are paid by the length of use, more suitable for newcomers, and also stable, do not worry about the service provider to run away.

2022 Domestic VPS Recommendations

Domestic websites because it involves filing, so basically recommend Ali cloud and Tencent cloud these two, the record is convenient, stable service, a one-time purchase of 3 years of activity machine, to replace the server is also 3 years later. (If you change the service provider, you need to transfer the record.) The following 3 domestic cloud server providers can be assured that you can buy, see who the greater discount on the line.

Tencent Cloud VPS Recommendation

Tencent Cloud CVM Cloud Server

Tencent cloud server in the domestic ranking of the second cloud service providers, the overall discount than Ali cloud high, less set than Ali cloud, suitable for domestic site building users to use. Domestic site building priority recommended choice 👍.

The server configuration of this site is 2 cores 4G5M, 3 years activity price 1200 RMB.

Ali cloud VPS recommendation

Ali cloud ECS cloud server

Ali cloud technology in the international are ranked, so the technology is completely reliable. The price of the set is more, often be dizzy around. Large companies are recommended to choose 👍, after all, the technology is more stable.

Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud Server ECS

Huawei's strength is believed to be obvious to all, and now Huawei Cloud has become the choice of many webmasters, and most of them are considered new users, the price is attractive and the price/performance ratio is good. Worth recommending👍.

2022 Foreign VPS Recommendations

Foreign servers are blossoming, and there are countless merchants, butNever go for those cheap campaign machines to make websites. The first is not performance, the second is unstable, not good enough to run away one day (the service provider disappeared). The following several foreign VPS service providers are the daddy's own used, reputation and service are good big-name business, recommended choice.

Up-and-comer with enough skills.


Vultr is considered a latecomer, daddy now often use this, the server to choose Japan, Singapore, the United States can be, their own test to your home network speed fast and slow, not satisfied can be deleted to buy again.Hourly billing(The money is counted for as long as you use it, with a capped price per month).

Vultr's cheapest is $2.50/month, but now only IPV6 is available, and then the cheapest is $3.50, with only 512MB of memory.If you want to installPagoda PanelPlease buy a model with more than 1G memory.

Hosted VPS, which is faster than your own VPS and saves you money to spend.


Cloudways is a cloud server hosting provider, which means he buys VPS from places like Vultr above, for example, and then configures and optimizes the VPS himself, and then resells it, providing after-sales service and earning service fees.

Compared to buying a VPS from Vlutr these places will be more expensive, but the use of some will be easier, optimization than the ordinary white users certainly optimize some, suitable for users who have a budget and want to use VPS to build a website, but they are not familiar with VPS management.

Movers of tiles, with the fastest lines to the country.
Movers VPS Recommendation


The vast majority of people will link him to the airport, but his CN2 GIA line is the fastest line from the United States to the country, the price, of course, is more expensive. Users who have requirements for domestic access speed are recommended to buy 👍.

If you buy it, remember to choose the model marked CN2 GIA, otherwise it is the ordinary line. (CN2 line difference introduction)

The milkman himself has aMasonry CN2 GIAThe machine does not record the web server. (Promo code BWH3HYATVBJW)

Hosted VPS for newbies.
Scala Hosting Cloud Server Recommendations

Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting This is a foreign trade website when the daddy contacted, their own experience for a month, suitable for new friends who want to use VPS and will not manage their own VPS to buy and use.

Veteran merchant, stable and reliable.


Linode a few years ago in the foreign VPS circle of fame is quite large, because before the price is expensive, coupled with only support credit card payment, so the people on the top of the mess less, service stability, the recent years with the addition of Vultr and DigitalOcean, Linode's base price reduced, also supports PayPal payment.

Linode is also hourly billing, and the cheapest package is capped at $5/month. New users will get a $100 experience bonus when they bundle their credit cards.

The upstart, the wool was pulled a little hard.
DigitalOcean Server Recommendations


DigitalOcean this previous daddy still use, now basically do not use, because his home network to the domestic is not particularly fast, do not affect the foreign trade website.

Cheap VPS recommendations for 2022

Cheap and good VPS does not exist, so when buying cheap VPS must pay attention to data security (in fact, most buy cheap VPS is not used to build websites), the following are a few of the cheaper VPS recommendations.

Merchant Name Cheapest Package Short description Purchase Link
Virmach 1CPU, 192MB RAM, 10GB HDD, 250GB traffic = $1/month Milkman first 15 years on board, a few dollars at the event can buy a year. Click to buy
Raksmart 1CPU, 512MB RAM, 20GB HDD, unlimited traffic = $3.98/month Milkman earliest 18 years on board, pay attention to the official news from time to time there are concessions price lower. Click to buy
Vultr 1CPU, 512MB RAM, 10GB HDD, 500GB traffic = $2.50/month Cheap, stable, $2.50 package with IPV6 only, available in some areas. Click to buy
RackNerd Prices are cheap at the time of the event and will be updated to the bottom of the table if there is an active machine. Cheap, daddy bought a table in February, and is still stable, to do the site, then must pay attention to backup. Click to buy
套餐类型 优惠价格 Purchase Link
1 GB KVM VPS (Seattle Location) $12.99/YEAR Click to buy
2 GB KVM VPS (Seattle Location) $19.99/YEAR Click to buy
3 GB KVM VPS (Seattle Location) $28.99/YEAR Click to buy

Hong Kong VPS and foreign web hosting recommendations

If you feel that the domestic VPS server needs to be filed and do not want to use, foreign servers are too slow, then there is a compromise solution?

The answer is yes. We can choose VPS or web hosting in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong VPSIf you can afford it, buy Ali cloud and Tencent cloud international version of the site of the Hong Kong machine, milk dad himself used the Hong Kong VPS service providers are.liluohostandkvmla. (Of course not as fast as Ali and Tencent)

For those who have just learned to build their own foreign trade websites, it is still difficult to get started with VPS, so we can useBetter performance web hostingto build the website.

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What is VPS and how is it different from web hosting.

VPS is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Server, which translates to Virtual Private Server. It is a premium service that splits a server into multiple virtual private servers with better performance, higher security and more controllable permissions compared to web hosting.

Simply put, VPS is more comfortable than web hosting, but also need to spend some more energy than web hosting to manage, as long as your computer level is still OK, then 2020, it is not difficult to play the basic VPS operation. A more detailed description can be found at.# Build # Newbie Questions The difference between web hosting and VPS

2020 VPS Recommendations

VPS server choose domestic or foreign?

2020 VPS Recommendations

Because of the national situation, this is a problem that needs to be consideredThe VPS server is used to build websites that need to be filed, while foreign VPS servers do not need to be filed. If you're not averse to filing and are price sensitive, then consider a foreign VPS.

The reminder is.Site planning is a formal website, the user is a domestic user, and you are ready to profit from the kind of, no choice, certainly domestic VPS, because the policy impact, many domestic services you do not record with, such as WeChat small program. Then there is no trouble filing, but the record binding service providers, replace to another service provider need to re-filing, so be sure to find a stable VPS service provider to buy services at the beginning.

How to choose the best VPS?

When you plan to buy a VPS to install your website, it is important to understand one thing.You get what you pay for.

To purchase a VPS, the following are the main issues to consider.

  1. Hardware configuration, recommended 1H1G to start, bandwidth is relatively small at home, 1M to start (usually 100M abroad).
  2. stability, the server online time is usually more than 99%, the server is not stable do not buy.
  3. Security, on the one hand, the technical security aspect of the service provider, and on the other hand, whether the service provider will run away.
  4. server location, foreign trade websites should never buy domestic servers.
  5. Customer support, good service providers will provide you with solutions or tutorials when you encounter problems, poor service providers may not respond to your work orders for six months.
2020 VPS Recommendations

How to install a website using VPS?

For first time VPS users, it can be a little difficult to get started.

First, you need to download a software to connect to the VPS, Xshell is recommended.Tutorials.

Then, we need to install the website environment to the VPS in order to build the website, newbies are recommended to use the Pagoda panel (Tutorials) or LNMP one-click package (Tutorials).

Build a good website environment, you can install the website programs you need to install, such as WordPress these.

Related tutorials.

  1. Steps to build your own website
  2. WordPress installation tutorial
How to use VPS

VPS Recommendation FAQ

These VPS are the daddy's own test or long-term use of the business, the stability of no problem, you can rest assured that the purchase.

If you are a foreign trade website, daddy suggests you chooseForeign VPS RecommendationInside the business, Ali cloud and Tencent cloud although there are overseas server room, but their servers will generally limit the site bandwidth of 1-5M, this bandwidth is relatively small, the number of simultaneous visits to the site is too much to open the speed is relatively slow, and foreign VPS are basically 100M bandwidth to start, the bandwidth limit gap is clear.

There are many VPS merchants, no one can use all the merchants' products once, so I have no way to say whether the merchants recommended by others are good or not, but the total selection method is one point for every penny, do not think of buying a VPS with a cheap price with good performance, good network speed and good in all aspects.

The above isNaiBaBiJiFor everyone to share2022 stable, reliable and cost-effective VPS recommendationsThe VPS is the best way to build your website. After you learn to use VPS, these few can also continue to provide stable services for you to build a website, so there is no need to go online to search what VPS good, what VPS cheap article, a waste of your time. If there are other problems in building a website, welcome to add my WeChat exchange.

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  1. Foreign trade website product images more, recommended 1CPU 1G RAM 1M bandwidth of the Ali cloud server, what kind of configuration is generally better

    1. Ali cloud foreign can not, 1M bandwidth picture more, even if you use the CDN service, the speed is not particularly ideal. Foreign VPS are basically 100M bandwidth.

  2. White asked the milkman for advice on.
    How to choose a vps for a company building a website facing domestic and foreign users? Initially sift through the article content, whether a domain name used in two vps host? Or do have vps site is suitable for both domestic and foreign?
    Newbie question, please advise if you didn't ask the right one!
    Thank you!

    1. The situation is divided, domestic users are particularly large, consider domestic servers plus global CDN, half and half choose Hong Kong. A vps as long as the sex can be able to put a lot of websites.

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