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Vultr is a stable VPS provider used by daddy for 7 years, thisVultr TutorialsGive you a detailed description of how to use Vultr to build a website, as well as some other common problems with Vultr, such as vultr installation pagoda, Vultr was wall how to do, and do not understand the support, welcome the exchange of comments.

Vultr VPS Introduction

Vultr is a cloud service provider, providing a variety of configurations and regions of the VPS server, founded in 2014, daddy from 2015 began to use their services so far, to recommend a server, must not be recommended to smash their own website reputation, daddyWhy Vultr is recommended, , ,The main reasons are as follows.

Service Stability

vultr payment historyMilkman has been using Vultr since 2015, and all their services are stable and technical updates are more immediate.

Better performance

The father used a VPS from RamNode, but after RamNode was revamped, the performance was not as good as before, so the father made a comparison.

vultr vs ramnode

Also tested under a model with 1 core and 512MB of RAM.

  • Vultr score 899 Disk IO average 450 MB/s
  • Older versions of RamNode scored 626.9 Disk IO averaged 652 MB/s
  • New version of RamNode scores 700+ Disk IO averages 149.6 MB/s

Not only does Vultr have a higher total runtime score than both the old and new RamNode models, but it also comes with more drives. And, if you need more performance, Vultr has a High Frequency package available, starting at $6/month.

Rich server room

Vultr has server rooms in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia, with a total of16 server rooms to choose fromVery beneficialForeign trade website construction, as follows.

vultr server roomWhen foreign trade people do business, they usually target customers in a certain region, soSelectA youCustomer access to the nearest server roomBuild a website, the client'sUser experience will be betterIndirectly, it will increase the user's good feelingBoost the order rate.

Nurse's Tip.

Domestic access to Vultr is usually not very fast, because their lines are not optimized for Chinese users, so if you can not stand slow, you can consider hanging a proxy to access your own website, really want domestic access to the network speed is also fast, then buy the next few machines: the1H1G1T, ,2H2G2T, ,2H1G1T, coupon code: BWH34QMFYT2R (can also be usedServer hosted by Milkman...) .

Support Chinese and Alipay payment

Many users have difficulty paying in English or by credit card. Vultr now supports a Chinese interface (currently only the front desk is in Chinese) and supports Alipay payments, so the barrier to entry is low.

Technology / After-sales guarantee

In all the years of using Vultr's machines, the daddy has not submitted a single work order to contact their customer service, mainly because the machine has never had any problems.

Even if you encounter problems, from the feedback of users, their work orders are faster accordingly.

Of course, Vulrt does not just say that the after-sales service is here to rest assured that their technical daddy feels higher than some ordinary small business, when the linux has updated, they will quickly update the new system to the optional configuration inside, unlike some small business, still using the obsolete linux version.

Vultr's technical documentation is also very rich, you can find a lot of tutorials (although the white users can not read the English tutorials), but the technical documentation is perfect to prove the company's attitude to do things.

Vultr Purchase Tutorial

Vultr is the use of pay-per-use, that is, you use how much to count how much, similar to cell phone recharge, call (use VPS) on the deduction of money, do not call (do not use VPS) do not deduct money, each month there is a capped price (capped package), this billing method is ideal for newcomers to practice or temporary test use.

Click this button to go to sign up for a $100 trial bonus.

①, click the button above to register, you can get $100 trial money. (Only users who have not registered with Vultr can get this $100)

vultr switch chinese language

In the upper right corner of the screen you can switch to Chinese language (Chinese is only in the front of the website, you can switch the first look at the official website to have an understanding of the introduction).

vultr registration account

②.Email verification required after registrationIf you don't receive it, check your junk mailbox or re-register with a different mailbox.

③. After verifying your email, log in to Vultr, and then inBilling on the leftSelect a payment method insideRecharge 10 USD(Of course it is not possible to directly give you put 50 dollars to the server inside the white whoring, that shall not be wool party grip death.)

vultr top-up after registration100 USD experience bonusOnly credit cards or Paypal payments are available, WeChat and Alipay payments are not complimentary(WeChat payment is currently not available, only Alipay can be used).You can consider for yourself whether to receive the $100.(Valid for one month)

Vultr opens and manages servers

Once the account is registered and the recharge is completed, we can start to build our own website. The first step is to purchase a server.

Create Server

vultr create server

1、Click on the leftProductsand then click on the top right corner of+ sign.

vultr purchase model selection

2、SelectServer Typeand serversMachine Room.

For the average website builder, just choose the default Cloud Computer. If you want a little better performance, you can buy High Frequency.


vultr so many machine rooms, how to test which machine room speed is the fastest

vultr overall domestic access speed are not particularly fast, but you user access fast, so you really feel slow can hang their own proxy to access your site.

Choose the closest server room for your target customersThis way your customers will visit faster (your visit may be general, hang your own proxy to visit it, the customer is God)

vultr system selection

3、SelectSystems and Packages

SystemIn terms of recommendationsSelect CentOS 7 x64The latest is CentOS 8, CentOS 7 is rich in documentation to avoid problems without technical reference.

Special reminder: this step to choose CentOS operating system is the conventional way of operation (pure system + install your own website environment), but if you think the next steps are too troublesome, you can also choose to install WordPress with one click.Click on the jump to continue.

PackagesChoose the $6 one will work, but the $12 one will be a little better (here is the choice of the high-performance CPU model), becausewordpress configuration requirementsThe recommended configuration is PHP 7.3+ with MySQL 5.6+ or MariaDB 10+, the database mysql 5.6 is recommended to be installed with more than 1G memory, 1G memory can also be installed well, but it may cause some problems like lack of memory.

vultr backup purchase

If you don't care about spending $2 more a month, you can get an automatic backup, but of course, it's not a big problem if you don't buy one, you can install your own plug-ins for automatic backup, see.Automated backups for WordPress sites using plugins

vultr create serverThen fill in a random hostname and click the Create button.

Management Server

Once the server is created, we can come and start installing the web environment for the server.

First, load the management software on your computer.# Build # Free VPS management software Xshell6/Xftp6 Chinese version

vultr server listAfter clicking into the details page of the server you created, in theXshell software above click CreateThen fill in yourServer IPto the host bar.

Managing the vultr server

ClickConnectionsAfter the picture below appears, clickAccept and save.

Managing the vultr server

Notes.If this prompt never appears on yoursYou can try to ping the server IP, if the ping does not work, then most of them are walled.You can delete the server destroy and create a new one(Create first, delete later to avoid opening the same ip). Some times may create a dozen in a row without a pass, belongs to the normal situation, because Vultr home is really blocked a lot.

Managing the vultr server

Then enter the account information on the website page and you can connect to the VPS. As shown below.

Managing the vultr server

When the above screen appears, it means that you are connected to the VPS, next we install the website environment.

Vultr installation pagoda panel

For white users, we recommend using Pagoda Panel to build a website environment, it is relatively simple and the installation method is as follows. (There is a simpler one-click installation method for WordPress later, if you only plan to build a website, then you can also consider it.)

Copy the following command, then right-click inside xshell and paste it (enter once if not executed)

yum install -y wget && wget -O && sh

If your system is not the chosen CentOS, then entering the above command will report an error.

As shown below.

Installation of pagoda panelsWhen the following prompt appears, type y to enter.

Do you want to install Bt-Panel to the /www directory now?(y/n):(Enter y to enter)

Then continue to wait until the screen shown below appears.

Pagoda Login Information

Open the URL in the above image with your browser and log in to the panel.

Login to Pagoda Panel

Log in to the Pagoda Panel back office after agreeing to the agreement.

Installing the website environment

After successful login, the installation package selection like the image above will pop up.PHP version 7.4 is recommended, screenshot or the old screenshot. Then install it with one click.

The installation process will last 1 to 2 hours, during which you can go do other things and wait for the installation to complete before we start installing the wordpress website. (You can see the step of resolving the domain name in the installation process below and operate it first.)

If you don't like the pagoda panel, then you can alsoInstall LNMP One-Click Package.

Installing the WordPress website program

Once all the software in the pagoda panel is installed, we can start to install the WordPress website.

I. Resolving domain names

Before we start the installation, we need to resolve the domain name to the server. To resolve a domain name, add an A record to the website where you purchased the domain name, with the value of the record as your server IP:

Second, add a website

Pagoda panel installation wordpress

In the pagoda panel backend, selectWebsiteAdd website.

Fill in the domain name with your website's domain name, then create FTP and database, and click Submit.

When the domain name resolution takes effect, visit your domain name, you can see the prompt in the figure below, which means the website is added successfully.

The default interface of the pagoda panel.

Three, install WordPress

①, download the WordPress installation package

You can choose to upload locally or download directly from the server, here we choose to usePagoda PanelRemote Download.

WordPress new version installation package download address:

Pagoda Panel Remote Download

Copy the above WordPress installation package URL, and then select "File"-" in the pagoda panel.Your website folder" - "Remote Download", paste the WordPress download address into it, and then click OK.

Unzip the zip file

Click "Unzip" directly in the unzip window.

Pagoda Panel Decompression

It will soon be decompressed and aWordPressfolder, as follows.

Go to the wordpress folder

Click on the wordpress folder to enter

Cut all files

Check the box in front of the file name to achieve full file selection, and then click Cut in the upper right corner.

Then click on your domain name (red arrow below) to go back to your domain name folder.Back to the Domains folder

Select Paste All

Paste all

Finally your pagoda panel file interface looks like this in the picture below.

Pagoda panel installation WordPress tutorial

Next we can start building the website.

②, install the website from the browser

Now open your bound domain and the following screen will appear. Click on "Start Now"

WordPress installation interface

Enter the corresponding database name, database user name and database password in the screen below, and then click Submit.

WordPress installation interface

If the database is correct, the following screen will appear, click Install Now.

WordPress installation interface

The following screen will soon appear, asking you to set your site title, username, password and email information. After setting up, click "Install WordPress".

WordPress installation interface

Success, you can login now.

WordPress installation interface

③:Set up Wordpress pseudo-static rules

In order for us to customize the fixed link structure of WordPress, we also need to add pseudo-static rules to the website.

Pagoda panel to add pseudo-static rules to the WordPress website specific method is: LoginPagoda panel administration backend, click "Website", the site you want to set up click "Settings", then find "Pseudo-static", selectWordPressThen save it.

Pagoda Wordpress pseudo-static rules

Getting here.Tutorial on building a website with vultrAnd that's it.

The rest of the work is for you to modify the theme template and detail settings, and finally populate the site with content and you're done.

If you don't understand anything else, you can contact your daddy through the QR code at the end of the article. You can also directly use the daddyWeb Hosting Services.

Vultr One-Click WordPress Installation

Install the pagoda panel is mainly their own control of the server is a little stronger, but some self-learning ability of weak friends may operate dizzy, so we can also directly install WordPress with one click, the method is as follows.

InCreate ServerSelect that step of the system, switch to Marketplac Apps, select WordPress inside, and create it.

Create a vultr server

After creating the server, click on the server in the list of created VPS to enter the server details page.

vultr install wordpress

You can see your site's administrative backend and account password on the server details page, as follows.

vultr wordpress default information

By accessing the information in the red box in the image above, the WordPress installation screen will appear, as follows.

Select WordPress installation language

Then the website basic information filling interface appears, as follows.

wordpress basic information

Among them, Search engine visibility can be checked, so your website is not done before, Google these search engines will not crawl and include your site, SEO-friendly. (Website construction is completed after the settings inside the unchecked can be)

Resolve domain name to server

Now although WordPress has been installed, but we still access the website through the server ip, want to achieve access through the domain name, we still need to go to resolve the domain name.

It is in your domain name resolution inside, add a A record, pointing to your server IP, the specific resolution method see the following article.

Modify website URL

When you can open your website through the domain name, we need to go to the WordPress background settings inside, change the URL to our domain name. As the following figure.

Modify WordPress domain name

Here, the WordPress website is built.

Knowledge you may also use next.

One-click installation of WordPress in the relevant directory.

  • phi.ini: /etc/php/7.4/fpm/php.ini
  • MySQL logs: /var/log/mysqld*.log
  • Vhost conf: /etc/nginx/conf.d/
  • Vhost SSL: /etc/nginx/ssl
  • Website root: /var/www/html/
  • WP upload folder: /var/www/html/wp-content/uploads
  • wp-cli: /usr/local/bin/wp

Managing files requires the use of SSH or SFTP software, see.# Build # Free VPS Management Software Xshell7/Xftp7 Chinese Version Download

Install SSL Certificate

When the domain name resolution takes effect, connect to the server via ssh software and enter the following command (replace the URL with your own)

certbot --nginx --redirect -d -d -m --agree-tos --no-eff-email

The last prompt success means the certificate application is successful, go to the WordPress background to set the URL to https at the beginning.

Still have questions? Feel free to leave a message or add me on WeChat.

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