2022 New SiteGround foreign trade website tutorials

The most suitable foreign trade website building service provider for novice website builders, get WordPress official recommendation. The purchase server provides free enterprise mailbox, free SSL security certificate, free CDN service, daily backup of website data, WordPress automatic update, advanced cache acceleration function.

Milk Dad build notes for you to share from scratch using SiteGround build a foreign trade website tutorial.

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"SiteGround is really a good choice for white users. "

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About SiteGround

SiteGround was founded in 2004 and has over 500 employees. They offer regular web hosting, WordPress managed web hosting, WooCommerce managed web hosting and managed VPS services.

At the same time, SiteGround is also one of the official WordPress recommended service providers, daddy actual experience feeling, SiteGround than Bluehost to use much better, which is why more and more foreign trade people choose to replace from Bluehost to SiteGround reasons.

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SiteGround Tutorial Step 1: Purchase the service

In the daddy build notes shared by some of their own website tutorials, are recommended to buy domain names and servers separately, but after contacting too many newcomers to the foreign trade website, daddy suggested that friends who want to use SiteGround to build foreign trade websites directly server and domain names are purchased in SiteGround, the cost is only a few dollars more, but you have to operate a few less steps to reduce the error rate.

1、Click the button below to open the SiteGround official registration link(Foreign sites may be slow, can not open the proxy access.)

Small ad: If the tutorials look dizzy to you, you can also consider the milkman himself to provideWP Hosting Services.

Package selection interface.Recommend to choose the middle GrowBigIt has more on-demand backup, advanced cache acceleration, site migration, site staging and sub-account features than the StartUp package.

siteground offer

2、After clicking the GET PLAN button, you will enter the page of registering and selecting a domain name.You can start by going toAli cloud websiteGo to check the availability of the domain name you want to register and fill in the following.

Register Domain Interface

Registering a domain name from SiteGround will cost about $7 a year, but after registration you do not need to resolve the domain name yourself, some newcomers in the domain name resolution steps to follow the tutorial will be wrong, so newcomers are advised not to save that $7.

If you think you have no problem resolving your own domain name, then see the tutorial below to register your domain name first. (If you have already registered a domain name, select i already have a Domain and fill in your own domain name.)

      1. Foreign domain name service provider Namesilo domain name registration tutorial(Register the domain name first, and then return to this screen above to select I already have a Domain, and then fill in.)
      2. Namesilo domain name resolution and DNS server modification tutorial(Wait until you've finished purchasing the SiteGround server and come back to this tutorial for an explanation.)
      3. How to view SiteGround's server IP and Name Servers.

3, enter the registration account page, according to their actual situation to fill in.

SiteGround account registration page

SiteGround purchase interface

The payment method only supports credit card by default, if you want to pay by PaypalClick here to contact customer serviceTell him that you want to pay via PayPal.

SiteGround's prices are discounted for new purchases.Original price of renewalYou can buy a year's worth at $3.99/month and renew it the next year or switch to a cheaper provider (the renewal price is really not cost effective).

Just make the final payment and wait for the opening email.

SiteGround Tutorial Step 2: Installing a WordPress Website

I. After the payment is completed, theLogin to SiteGround back office(New registrations after 2020 will have this new version of the interface below), click on the topWebsitesand thenThe following figure appears, click COMPLETE.

SiteGround click the Finish button

After you click the COMPLETE button, the screen below appears.

SiteGround creates a new website

Start New Website on the left is to create a new website, Migrate Website on the right is to move the website on other servers to SiteGround, support automatic or customer service paid, automatic not necessarily 100% success, you can try first, if the failure canFind a daddyPay to help you move.

Second, click on the left side of Start New Website, start installing the website.

SiteGround installs new websites

Install New WordPress has two options here, WordPress or WordPress + WooCommerce, the difference between them is that the latter helps you install a mall plugin by defaultWooCommerceIf you install WordPress alone, you can also install WooCommerce on your own, so there is no impact.

Fill in your site administrator email and password below and click the Continue button. Then the following image appears.

SiteGround add-on scanning tool

This SG Site Scanner is a website security scanning tool, $19.8 a year, really poisoned this is useless, clean up does not clean, so do not need to choose. (How to do a good job of WordPress website security?)

Three, WordPress website installation is complete.

SiteGround website installation completed

You Are All Set! appears on behalf of the site has been installed, the two URLs below the Point Your Domain on the left side of the screen is SiteGround assigned to your DNS server, it is recommended that newcomers directly modify the DNS server for the domain name to SiteGround, see the method.

The Go to Site Tools on the right is to enter the site management MANAGE SITE./wp-admin)

Here, the tutorial of using SiteGround to install WordPress is finished, more is SiteGround tutorial please continue to read the content behind.

SiteGround Step 3: Install SSL certificate and CDN acceleration and other features

After installing the WordPress website, we can also install free SSL certificate, CDN acceleration and free enterprise email to the website, see the following link to view the tutorial to complete the corresponding settings.


SSL security certificates are considered standard for a website, and SiteGround allows you to configure a free Let's Encrypt security certificate with one click.


Turn on CDN acceleration service

SiteGround open security certificate path: SG admin backend → SPEED → Cloudflare, then select ACTIVATE FREE can be.

Domain Email

The default SiteGround opening service comes with a domain email, you only need to add an email account to send and receive emails yourself.

siteground optimization plugin

SiteGround official supporting site cache acceleration plug-in, in addition to support for caching, also supports image compression and delayed loading and other optimization features.

If you purchase GrowBig package, then it supports the installation of unlimited websites, just go to DOMAIN and add a domain name inside.

Cancel auto-renewal

The original article has been removed, pleaseFollow Milkman Build Notes public numberPlease reply to "SG Renewal".

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