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Hongcode Technology is a technology-driven Internet design consultancy founded in New York City, with a management team that has a solid background in technology and design education and extensive experience in the Internet and foreign trade industries. We are committed to using cutting-edge Internet technologies and trendy designs to help domestic companies present a professional and unique brand image and stand out in the global competition.

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8 years of experience in the industry, serving over 1000 clients worldwide

Zibo Yumin Geno New Material

Refractories for glass kilns manufacturer, Shandong
A large enterprise with 40 years of experience in manufacturing refractory materials


Industrial water valve manufacturer, Tianjin
Nearly 20 years of industry experience, product service showcase official website

Gorrif Pump

Top global suppliers of industrial water pumps, overseas
The latest joint venture brand between listed company "Shoufan Power" and "Sanlian Pump"

Provan Jewelry

Top Jewelry Suppliers, Guangxi
Nearly 20 years of industry experience, e-commerce stand-alone site, including logistics payment function


Bathroom suppliers, Guangdong
Foreign trade products showcase official website with over 2000 products


Bathroom Wholesalers, New York
2000+ daily active users, wholesale and retail order system, real-time inventory, etc.


Top global suppliers of solar energy, overseas
Green energy brand under the listed company "Shoufan Power


Cross-border e-commerce browser plug-in service provider, overseas
Product and service showcase official website, video playback, price list, etc.

Wood King Industries

Top global suppliers of wood plastic industry, Guangdong
The latest brand of composite materials under the listed company "Jinfa Technology

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