Comparison of website building systems and source codes

The best foreign trade website building system and foreign trade website building source code summary comparison

With the spread of computer technology, weBuild your own websiteIt becomes easy, there are many free or paidForeign trade website building system and source codeYou can use it, daddy builder notes ofForeign trade building tutorialMainly shared WordPress builder, this article gives you a summary of what other foreign trade builder systems and source code we can use.

The difference between foreign trade website building system and source code

Want to do their own foreign trade website, you can choose to build a foreign trade station system platform to enter or build their own foreign trade station with the source code of two ways.

Choose a website building system (platform)For example, shopify, Wix, etc.

TheyIt is specially designed for friends who do not know how to code to build a website systemYou can register an account and choose a package to start operating.No need for you to build a website, their system will automatically get you a website out.

AndChoose a website source code to build a websiteThe common representatives are WordPress, Joomla and so on.

TheyYou need to buy your own domain name, server, then upload the source code for installation, and finally pick your own theme and plugins for these to make a perfect website.

What are the best foreign trade website building systems (platforms)?


weebly shopify wix

These website building systems (platforms) help you solve the tedious process of domain names, servers and building websites. You just need to register an account, and then create a website, using the theme templates they come with can quickly drag and drop to generate a website yourself, and if it is an e-commerce site, also help you get a good payment and logistics interface that a series of problems.

Here are a few of the best foreign trade website building systems to share.


Shopify Inc. is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, and is the name of all of its e-commerce platforms. Shopify offers online retailers a suite of services "including payment, marketing, shipping and customer fit tools to simplify the process for small merchants to open online stores. via: Wikipedia

Shopify is the choice of many independent sites for domestic cross-border e-commerce, because he is a system that specializes in e-commerce, from website construction to payment systems, the whole process is done for you, you just need to pay to use it.

Official website.


Shopify provides newbies with out-of-the-box e-commerce website one-stop service that can help foreign trade companies quickly launch their online e-commerce business internationally.


In the long run, Shopify is a bit pricey and charges a commission on transactions in addition to the base monthly fee.

Wix is an online website creation service that allows users to create HTML5 websites by dragging and dropping tools into their website editor on the web. Users can add additional features to their website editor, such as social networking buttons, e-commerce features, contact forms, newsletters, and social forums. via:Wikipedia

Wix is also chosen by many business users who do not know how to build their own websites, because Wix can generate websites with simple drag and drop, and supports free use (with ads), as well as creating online stores for product sales.

Official website.


With a Chinese website, there are excellent templates for you to choose from, or you can design your own pages without much professional web knowledge.


The monthly fee is not cheap, and you cannot change to another template after choosing the initial template, you can only modify the page content in the current template.


Weebly is a free web hosting service that features drag-and-drop website building. Weebly has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle and Newsweek. As of July 2012, Weebly had over 12 million users and 12% of Americans visit Weebly each month. via: Wikipedia

Weebly comes with an incomplete Chinese website and also comes with a free package that can be used. E-commerce functionality can also be enabled.

Official website.


Comes with a free version (includes an ad), easy to operate and low difficulty.


The theme is not very scalable.


Squarespace is a web content management system consisting of a website creation tool, a web hosting service and a blogging platform, operating on a software-as-a-service model. The service allows individuals and companies to create and modify websites and blogs. Since its inception in 2004, Squarespace has over 500 employees in 190 countries and millions of users creating web pages on the platform. via: Wikipedia

Squarespace's templates are rich, sophisticated, and bold in layout design and presentation space. Perfect for creatives looking for quality design and functionality.

Official website.


Cutting-edge template design style with hundreds of templates to choose from, easy to customize and with great creative freedom.


The template cannot be changed after the website goes live.

What are the source codes for foreign trade website building?


Open Source CMS Comparison

Compared to choosing a website building platform, the ability to customize your own foreign trade website using the website building source code is higher, and you have more control over it, and in some cases the cost is much lower than using a third-party platform to build a website.

The most used source codes for building foreign trade websites are the following 6.

  1. WordPress
  2. Drupal
  3. Joomla
  4. Prestashop
  5. Opencart
  6. Magento

Choose to use the source code to build a website compared to build a website platform to be much more complex, and invest a lot more energy, but the website does a good job of cost and the return will be much higher than the build platform.

What is an open source CMS?

The full name of CMS is Content Management System, and the Chinese name is Content Management System. The above picture shows some of the websites built by the corresponding CMS.

This article milkshake to introduce you to these 6 CMS are open source. Open source CMSs are free to use and do not charge any fees. Open source CMSs are made and maintained by developers and coders worldwide, and any technical person can make these systems better or extend their functionality through their own ability and experience.

Of course, corresponding to the open source CMS there are closed source CMS, such as some of the site builders write their own site builder, closed source CMS is not open source, or encrypted files, you need to pay to use (or pay are not given to you to use). We ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises and SOHO individuals, the use of open source CMS is completely enough for you to build websites and do e-commerce operations.



There is no doubt that WordPress is the most popular and most used CMS website building system today, more than one third of the world's websites are powered by WordPress. Milk Dad's website building notes are also built using WordPress.

Simple and flexible expansion is the biggest advantage of WordPress, including rich theme and plug-in resources, online tutorials and technical documentation is also the most abundant, no matter how much technical knowledge you know, you can search to solve most of the problems encountered.

Official website.


  1. Resourceful.WordPress regardless of technical information, or theme plug-in resources, in these 3 are the most abundant.
  2. Low difficulty in getting started.You don't need any programming knowledge, you can also use WordPress to build a beautiful website, beginners can also quickly get started.
  3. Powerful plug-ins thatIf you don't know how to program code and want to implement certain features, in WP, most of the features can be found in the corresponding plugins to implement.
  4. nice theme thatWith WP, you can find beautiful themes for free or for a small amount of money, no need to spend extra money on customization.
  5. low maintenance costs.Once built if there are no other needs, the only annual cost is the hardware.
  6. Strong SEO capability.WordPress comes with advanced SEO plugins that can help ordinary users achieve many of the features needed for SEO, doGoogle SEOPreferred site builder.


  1. Security.Because there are many people using WordPress, more than 30% websites around the world use WordPress, so there are many hackers watching, plus there are more theme plugins, so the program itself, themes and plugins may contain vulnerabilities to be used by hackers. Especially some people like to use cracked version of the theme and plug-ins, no security awareness, it is easy to be hacked.
  2. Speed.For those who can't optimize WordPress, they will feel WP card, especially after installing many plugins.
  3. the frequency of updates.Although updates represent new features and bug fixes, most domestic users are averse to frequent updates (many don't update, which then tend to cause security problems).



Drupal is an open source content management system that is a little more difficult than WordPress. You need to have some HTML, PHP and CSS skills, and it has a steeper learning curve, making it more suitable for companies with their own technical teams.

Official website.


  1. Powerful featuresDrupal is very scalable, and if you have the technology development, you can use Drupal for any kind of website.
  2. Developer Friendly, , ,Drupal development technicians will be comfortable with it, but for soho foreign trade people, there is no doubt that this is a disadvantage.
  3. Performance, , ,Drupal's page load speed is the fastest in these site builders.
  4. Customizable height, , ,As long as you have the technical support, you can change Drupal to be "completely different".
  5. Community Support, , ,Asking a question on the Drupal forums usually gets you the answer.
  6. Stability and scalability, , ,Each version of Drupal is stable and scales well to handle large sites.
  7. Security, , ,Many government and institutional websites are built with Drupal, which is the most secure CMS system inside the open source program.


  1. Huge learning curveThe average white user will find it difficult to use Drupal well, and you may not be able to use Drupal without a certain level of expertise.
  2. Expensive paid support, , ,If you run into technical problems with your Drupal site, it may not be easy for you to find a professional technician in China to help you deal with them.
  3. Unattractive theme, , ,Drupal themes are less aesthetically pleasing than the themes you get on WordPress and Joomla.



With over 105 million downloads worldwide, Joomla has become one of the most powerful and second largest open source CMS in the industry. joomla's ease of use is between WordPress and Drupal, though both are equally unfriendly to newcomers.

Official website.


  1. Excellent interfaceJoomla's administration interface is not only stylish and powerful, but also very easy to use. Honestly, Joomla is the best of the three interfaces. This is because building and editing Joomla websites is very simple and intuitive.
  2. A strong developer community, , ,Joomla's developer community is one of the most powerful communities among the three top CMSs. One of the main reasons for this is because of the free open source plugins and extensions.
  3. Good flexibility, , ,Joomla can handle its content in more ways than one.


  1. Difficult to get startedAlthough the learning curve is not as high as for Drupal, Joomal has a wider range of things to learn and requires more time to get familiar with.
  2. Ecologically weak, , ,With Joomal it's not as easy to find the right add-ons or modules to customize your site.
  3. Plugin Compatibility, , ,As you move up in version, you may run into bugs with certain plugins that may be difficult to fix if you don't have php skills.
  4. High performance requirements, , ,Joomla has relatively high server requirements, so you may need to buy a better server.



PrestaShop is an open source CMS that is widely used to build e-commerce websites and enable online product sales. More than 300,000 merchants already trust PrestaShop technology due to its ease of use.PrestaShop is very easy to install and not too difficult for newcomers to get started.

Official website.


  1. PrestaShop is an open source e-commerce solution that can provide you with ready-to-use features.
  2. Depending on your preferences, you can modify the PrestaShop store.
  3. PrestaShop is very light, the site speed is much faster than the WordPress built e-commerce site.
  4. User-friendly interface.
  5. The PrestaShop store is optimized for search engines, so you don't have to worry about search engine visibility.
  6. You can set different file permissions to ensure site security.
  7. PrestaShop supports multiple currencies and multiple languages. It supports more than 65 languages and currencies.


  1. Not very customizable if you don't have a certain level of expertise.
  2. PrestaShop is not cheap in terms of number of modules and price.


OpenCart is another well known open source e-commerce website source code program. openCart is a complete e-commerce solution that allows you to launch your online store in a matter of minutes.

Official website.

Note that the Chinese site you searched for is not official, but is just some domestic companies themselves.


  1. OpenCart is very flexible and can interface with multiple payment methods.
  2. With the multi-store OpenCart system, you can manage everything conveniently.
  3. Important data such as products, customers, orders, multiple store settings and configurations can be managed from a single console.
  4. It is integrated with common shipping methods (e.g. Royal Mail, FedEx, USPS, etc.) to ensure timely delivery of products.
  5. This open source CMS has an MVC architecture.
  6. You will find various extensions.


  1. If you have multiple stores using the same data, then you may have to face SEO issues because the products and names are the same.
  2. Some modules do not work properly in multi-store.
  3. Multi-store extension compatibility is not very good.
  4. Difficult to update the version.
  5. The cost of custom development is relatively high.


Magento is the most suitable open source content management system for e-commerce business. It is one of the most powerful eCommerce solutions on the market.

However, Magento is not suitable for novices and small and micro businesses to use, and requires a certain amount of technical support for companies to fully home domain Magento.

Official website.


  1. If you run a small business, you can use the Magento Community Edition (free version), which is really cost effective.
  2. The backend interface is intuitive and it's easy to find the features you need.
  3. Well organized open source program.
  4. Magento provides you with a powerful and secure online store.
  5. It supports multiple currencies.
  6. This is a multilingual platform.
  7. It has great scalability.
  8. You can easily modify the source code as needed.
  9. The large community of Magento users can help you in difficult times.
  10. There are many paid extensions/plugins available on the Magento marketplace for various purposes.
  11. Magento stores are perfectly suited for SEO.


  1. It's time consuming to get familiar with it, Magento is loaded with a lot of plugins and extensions and you have to go through and distinguish which ones you need to use.
  2. Technically demanding, you need to be a skilled Magento developer to create Magento websites.
  3. The premium version of Magento is very expensive.
  4. If you outsource your Magento website, it's not cheap.

Foreign trade building system and source code selection summary

Comparison of the 6 best CMS systems

Through the analysis and introduction of this article, you can see that there are many programs (source code) on the market that can help us quickly build foreign trade websites and e-commerce websites, but how do these needs have to be considered?

Milkman's advice to everyone is that if you are not confident in building your own website and are anxious to get your website online quickly, mainly to do e-commerce business, then you can give priority to these platforms to do.

If you are more of a corporate online presence, doGoogle SEO OptimizationIf you do not offer online sales or are confident in your self-learning ability, then the priority is to build it yourself with the source code.

The website building system (platform) is faster and works out of the box; the source code is more cumbersome to build, but more customizable and the data is completely under your control. Each has its own advantagesThe following are some of the daddy'sSelection suggestions for your reference: The

  1. If you are trying to build a business website for marketing promotion and display use. then WordPress is the first choice.
  2. Shopify is the first choice if you want to implement e-commerce functionality quickly.
  3. If you have a certain technical foundation and self-learning ability, then WordPress + WooCommerce (e-commerce plug-in on Wordpress) is the perfect way to combine. After all, the use of third-party platforms will be affected by the rules of the platform, self-built station all the data is their own, do not have to worry about being blocked these situations occur.
  4. If your company has strong technical support and wants to make a very powerful e-commerce website, then you can consider Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Opencart, Magento these open source programs secondary development.

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