How to disable the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress

After upgrading to WordPress 5 or above, the default editor is updated to Gutenberg Gutenberg editor. For old users may use feel uncomfortable, so share thisThe way to disable the new Gutenberg editor for Wordpress.

Disable WordPress Gutenberg editor code

Add the following code to the theme's functions.php file.

//Wordpress 5.0+ disables the Gutenberg editor
add_filter('use_block_editor_for_post', '__return_false');
remove_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'wp_common_block_scripts_and_styles' );
// Disables the block editor from managing widgets in the Gutenberg plugin.
add_filter( 'gutenberg_use_widgets_block_editor', '__return_false', 100 );

// Disables the block editor from managing widgets.
add_filter( 'use_widgets_block_editor', '__return_false' );

The specific way to add is, in the WordPress backend, Appearance, Edit, then find the function file, paste it to the bottom, and save it. (You can also use Safe way to add code to functions.php file: Code Snippets)

Disable the new version of Wordpress editor

Of course, if you do not build a Wordpress applet, and you do not like the new version of Wordpress editor, you can also use the above code to go back to the old Wordpress editor.
Methodology Source.xiaoyi.vc

If you want to disable it using the plugin, you can installClassic Editor

Usage of the new Gutenberg editor

Gutenberg Editor is a module editor that Gutenberg has developed with the goal of making it easier and more enjoyable for users to add and edit rich text content.

Simply put, the content written inside Gutenberg is a block by block, and you can drag and drop their positions at will. For example, if you want to replace the first and third paragraphs of your article, just drag the block of the third paragraph to the top of the first paragraph.

Another one is that Gutenberg inside insert html code or other than the old version of the editor is more convenient. See the following chart for details

Gutenberg Editor Gutenberg Editor

The new editor has a very large number of built-in modules, so you can insert the effects you want very easily.

For example, set the background color of a certain paragraph.

Gutenberg editor background color

The Gutenberg editor also allows easy insertion of columns, which was not well achieved in the old version of the editor before.

Gutenberg editor section

Anyway, if you are new to the site, consider using Gutenberg editor to write articles at the beginning, when you get used to it, you will find it is still very convenient.

Other Editor Recommendations

If you don't like the Gutenberg editor that comes with it, or the older version of the editor, then you can also consider this editor below.

Markdown is a more popular way of editing recently, if you also use this, then you can try WordPress Markdown editor plugin recommended byWP Githuber MD

But Markdown also needs some familiarity time for newbies, so experience more experience oh.

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