429 error installation wordpress method

WordpPress 429 Too Many Requests error update theme plugin method

Recently, webmasters who have installed WordPress websites on domestic servers must have encountered429 Too Many Requests errorThe situation that the WordPress website cannot be opened.

429 Too Many Requests

Installation failed:Download failed. too many requestsIf you can't open the WordPress website, you can't upgrade the WordPress version normally through the backend, and you can't download and update WordPress themes and plugins.

In this article, we share with youWordPress 429 Too Many Requests error after updating and downloading WordPress.

If you want to learn about a from scratchWordPress InstallationFor the process, see.WordPress installation tutorial_server environment configuration requirements_failure reasons

429 Reasons for Too Many Requests

In the HTTP protocol, the response status code 429 Too Many Requests indicates that the user has sent too many requests in a certain period of time, i.e., the "frequency limit" has been exceeded.

A user raised this question in the WordPress forum asking if the official blocked access to China, and the official response was that there was no blocking, only that it triggered the Nginx restriction module.

Link to original article.https://wordpress.org/support/topic/is-wordpress-org-restricting-visits-from-china-region/

The popular rumor is that some traffic from China may have been attacking the WordPress server recently, thus triggering the protection measures of the CDN system and prompting 429 Too Many Requests to limit the number of requests.

How to update WordPress version under 429 error

So is there no way to update the WordPress version if the 429 Too Many Requests error doesn't end?

The answer is of course no, we can also use the followingTwo ways to update your WordPress version.

Method 1: Download the offline package and update manually

You can download the new version of WordPress installation package by yourself and update it manually by yourself.

The new version of the WordPress offline installation package can be downloaded from this article.WordPress new version of Chinese simplified version local download

After downloading, theManual WordPress updates are: The

  • ①. Unzip the downloaded installation package and delete the wp-content folder inside.
  • ②. Delete with FTPon the serverThe wp-admin and wp-includes folders.
  • ③. Uploading the remaining local files to the server to overwrite all files.
  • ④. Login to the WordPress website backend, see if there is a request to update the database, if there is, update it, if not, it has been updated.

Detailed upgrade instructions can be found atSeveral ways to update WordPress automatically and manually

Method 2: Update using the plugin

Updated.Plugins can be used directlyWP DowngradeYou can do whatever you wantInstall new and old versions of WP.

I love boiled fish blogger wrote a Chinese download mirror plug-in, the plug-in will automatically switch the download mirror to the URL specified inside the plug-in when you upgrade the Chinese version of WordPress, and disable the plug-in after the upgrade is completed.

The plug-in code is as follows.

Plugin Name: WPJAM 中文下载镜像
Plugin URI: https://blog.wpjam.com/project/wpjam-basic/
Description: WPJAM 中文下载镜像
Version: 1.0
Author: Denis
Author URI: http://blog.wpjam.com/
add_filter('site_transient_update_core', function($value){
	foreach ($value->updates as &$update) {
		if($update->locale == 'zh_CN'){
			$update->download	= 'http://www.xintheme.cn/download/wordpress-zh_CN.zip';
			$update->packages->full	= 'http://www.xintheme.cn/download/wordpress-zh_CN.zip';

	return $value;

Plug-in usage.

Save the above code as a php file, then upload it to the server's wp-content/plugins directory, enable the plugin in the background and click the update button.

You can also justClick here to downloadMilk Dad saved the plug-in file, directly through the website background upload zip archive installation plug-in enabled and updated.

Plugin Notes.

The download address provided in the plugin is not fast (may fail when downloading timeout), you can transfer the installation package to your own server and modify the link to achieve fast download.

Method 3: Update using code + zip

This method comes from the Dragon Smile World blog, and is similar to method 2, which seems to be simpler and more convenient, and can alsoSolutions429 Too Many Requests error, , ,The specific usage is as follows:

  1. Download the WordPress installation package file and rename it to wordpress.zip
  2. Upload wordpress.zip to your website root directory
  3. Copy the following code to the theme function file
  4. Backstage click to update
  5. Update completed, delete function code
 * Temporary change of WordPress package address for WP online update success - Dragon Smile World
 * https://www.ilxtx.com/how-to-update-wordpress-successfully.html
function lxtx_site_transient_update_core( $value ){
    foreach ($value->updates as &$update) {
        $update->download = home_url( 'wordpress.zip' );
        $update->packages->full = home_url( 'wordpress.zip' );
    return $value;
add_filter('site_transient_update_core', 'lxtx_site_transient_update_core');

If you don't know how to add code to the theme function file you can use this plugin below to help.

Safe way to add code to functions.php file: Code Snippets

Download failed. too many requests

How to update themes and plugins under 429 error

429 Too Many RequestsThe error also prevents you from installing and updating theme plugins properly from the backend of the site, again, you can use manual updates to update themes and plugins.

Manual update method for WordPress themes.

If a theme needs to prompt you to update, download the new version of the theme zip yourself and use FTP to overwrite the original theme files. (You can also delete the old version of the theme first, then re-upload and install the new version of the theme in the background.) Pay attention to save backup when updating the theme, to avoid the modified files being overwritten.

Manual update of WordPress plugins.

  • ①. Find your own way to download the new version of the plugin installation package from the official WordPress website (hanging proxy or foreign server)
  • ②. Disable the old version of the plugin in the background and delete it (note whether there is an option to disable the clear data in the plugin settings)
  • ③. Backstage upload and install the new version of the plug-in (you can also consider FTP direct override, daddy are passed in the background)

Detailed upgrade methods can be found atManually update plugins Manually upgrade WordPress plugins

At the same time, in the process of your update will also encounter update failure site can not open the situation, this time you just need to delete the root directory of the site .maintenance file on it, reference.Solutions for WordPress upgrade version or plugin failure

A more perfect solution to the 429 error

429 error solution

1、Domestic users can directly installkill 429This plugin solves the problem of installing plugin 429 reporting errors.

2、UseEasy Theme and Plugin UpgradesThis plugin

3. Add a new and better plug-in:.WP China Yes

The new WP theme plugin installer on behalf of the next version

If you do not have the means to download the new version of the WordPress installation package from the official WordPress website, you can find a daddy to help you, add the group 774633089 contact the group owner can.

The above isResolve 429 Too Many Requests errorIf you can't open the WordPress website, you can manually update the version of the solution, and you can add the group and more webmasters to discuss and exchange.

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