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Build your own website please read carefully what I shared firstSteps to build your own websiteandWordPress TutorialThe two articles basically cover the common problems that you will encounter when building a website. If you encounter problems that you can't solve, you can add my WeChat or QQ online communication.


Friendly reminder: TheHow to ask questions and get a high response rate - the wisdom of asking questions (condensed version), , ,View WeChat and QQ.

Self-learning to build a website is indeed easy to waste time to take a detour, you can also directly pay to build a website, template to build a website price 2999 yuan (Link), custom-built websites from 8,500 RMB (Fill out the form to get a final quote).

The difficulty of different problems varies, there is no uniform quotation standard, the minimum charge of 100 yuan / time, after contacting me, please describe in detail the problems encountered, if necessary, you can first provide the administrator account password to me first evaluation.View WeChat and QQ.

I'm busy when I'm busy, free when I'm free, and it's OK to want to make a friend, but I may not reply to you when I'm busy.View WeChat and QQ.

There are foreign trade station exchange group, the number of people can only be invited into the group, first add my WeChat, and then pull you.View WeChat and QQ.

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