Google SEO Tutorial

Get more free traffic from search engine optimization
In this page, daddy will share with you the knowledge of Google SEO: including SEO basics, SEO tips, my personal SEO experience and opinions, and the latest Google SEO information content. Let's learn together so that the website can rank first inside the Google search results.
Google SEO Tutorial
Keyword Research

Keyword Research

It is crucial to find the right keywords to target on your website.

Content Optimization

Including website column settings, keyword layout, content optimization, internal and external chain construction, etc.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Check the statistics of the website to find out what can be optimized and improved.

What is Google SEO

What is Google SEO

SEO is the abbreviation of search engine optimization, Google SEO is the search engine optimization for Google

A series of settings and optimizations are made to the website in compliance with Google's optimization rules, so that the website can get better search rankings and thus get more free traffic.


Why SEO is important

Every day, many people search through Google to find what they need, and we do SEO to get better search ranking, so that more potential users visit your website, which in turn generates transactions and brings revenue.


Free Traffic

SEO is free and there is no need to pay the search engines.


High Return Ratio

Invest your energy in good SEO in the first stage, and take orders easily in the later stage.


Business Reputation

Users will always trust the site that comes first.



More opportunities for customers to see your brand.

How to do Google SEO


Google's advice is that you should build a website that is useful to users and that any optimization is used to improve the user experience. A simple understanding is to put user experience first, publish valuable article content, and include meaningful search terms in the title and content section of the article. And SEO for business websites is to publish valuable content around the services or products you provide, so that more search terms related to your products and services get good search rankings.

SEO is a long-lasting, slow-acting, requires some patience, and requires continuous learning following the changes in search engine rules. Follow Nana as we learn and study Google SEO optimization.

Reminder.SEO for foreign trade websites is not a matter of giving money

Google SEO Step 1: Keyword Research


Keyword research is the first and most important step when we start doing Google SEO. If you choose the wrong keywords, then you will take a lot of detours throughout the SEO process. For example, the daddy's notes on building a website is becauseThe initial positioning was not to do what the content is nowThe content planning is now troublesome as the keywords are not set properly, leading to several positioning changes.

Keywords Research

Keywords, in English, are simply the words you want people to use to search for you.

Examples.Some foreign trade website website title on writing a company name or simply do not write, which is not in line with the rules of SEO optimization, unless you are a well-known brand, no one through your brand name search you, so your title should be attached to your products and services, for example: XXX - LED energy-saving lamps, LED lighting, LED lights China factory; so that others have a chance to search your website through the words LED lights, LED energy saving lamps, LED lights factory, LED lights China factory, etc.

And the keywords areMain keywords and long tail keywordsThe main keywords are usually laid out on the home page and some key pages or sections of the website, and long-tail keywords rely on website articles to optimize.

Google SEO Step 2: Write SEO-friendly content


What does it mean to have SEO-friendly content?

Simply put, when you write an article, think of yourself as a user. For example, when I wrote this article, I was thinking of writing Google SEO tutorials, and there are also people searching for the words "how to do SEO for foreign trade websites" and "SEO for beginners", so the title of this page you see is called "Google SEO tutorials_How to do SEO for foreign trade websites - Dairy Daddy Website Notes"

And the content of the article is indeed written around Google SEO tutorials and methods, which satisfies the most basic SEO requirements: the

  1. Content to meet the needs of users.
  2. The content has value.

Of course, there are many details to do for content optimization, such as article keyword layout, keyword density, internal links, title optimization, descriptions, structured data and other actionable areas.

Google SEO Step 3: Internal Link Optimization


Internal Link Optimization

Internal links are also very important in SEO work, simply understand is as above, the website's article page page string together.

If you can't understand it, then you see those clickable links in this article, click over to the same article or page of the daddy builder's notes, which is an internal link.

Internal link construction to ensure that it is natural, do not deliberately add, should be writing articles to write that place, add a corresponding link to help users read, increase the viscosity of the content to add.

Google SEO Step 4: External Link Building


The SEO community has the slogan "content is king, external chain is king", meaning that you just have content is not enough, external chain also needs to be built.

However, this piece of external links daddy is more Buddhist, because lazy, almost did not go deliberately to do external links. But as a commercial website, you can not underestimate the role of external links.

For example, at the time of publication of this articleGoogle SEO TutorialThe term ranked on the first page of Google. But if a rival goes for more external links than I did, then it's likely to squeeze the ranking of daddy out.

Do external chain note a little: TheDon't spend money on low quality external links.

Google is very smart, don't try to cheat him.

For example, if you think this article is useful to you, and then insert the URL of the daddy's building notes when you write the article, then even if you help the daddy make a natural external link, the effect of this kind of link is very good. If an authoritative website also cites your article and leaves a link, then it can be considered a take-off effect.

Google SEO optimization tools


google seo tools

There are tools we can use to help us with our SEO efforts and improve efficiency and viability.

✅ Of whichGoogle Search Consoleis a must-use.

Google Search Console, also known as Google Search Console, Google Admin Tools, Google Webmaster Tools, is an official Google site management tool that will notify you if Google's search spiders find any problems with your site. You can also see the data of many websites on Google on it.

Google AnalyticsIt is also a tool that must be used to do Google SEO.

Google Analytics is an excellent website statistics tool that, when added to a website, can tell you information about the daily traffic to your website, including.

  • How many visits there are.
  • Where the traffic comes from.
  • Which pages are the most popular.
  • Which pages have higher bounce rates.
  • Website dwell time.

The data such as this can be used to analyze the user visits to the website. It is also important to analyze the website data and then make the corresponding SEO adjustments.

Google It is a tool to be used for sure.

Do Google optimization, they do not use Google, then there is a need to do?

Through Google search, we can then research many keywords, such as search for a word followed by related searches, and related searches will have new related searches.

And the results of Google search in different countries are different when you are logged in to Google account and not logged in to Google account.

PC and mobile Google search results are also different, both can dig out a lot of actionable content.

☑️ Some other free or paid SEO tools.

  1. Soovle Keyword analysis, free of charge, can give you automatic generation of search-related terms for multiple website users.
  2. KWFinder Keyword analysis, paid, free trial available.
  3. MOZ Multiple SEO tools, paid, 30-day free trial.
  4. ahrefs Multiple SEO tools with Chinese, support 7-day trial, many people use this.
  5. Semrush Multiple SEO tools, free accounts with restrictions, and Chinese language support.
  6. Answerthepublic Analysis of sentences frequently searched and asked by users by keywords with Pro version.
  7. Smart Keywords Tool Keyword mining plugin, installed directly to WordPress website for use, with Pro version.
  8. All-in-one search auto-push management pluginIt will automatically help you notify Baidu, Google, Bing to crawl your article to achieve rapid inclusion.

Remember, SEO tools are only auxiliary, the key is still website content and basic SEO optimization.

Google SEO Tutorial Guide for Beginners


If you still don't understand after reading these Google SEO steps above, then you can read the following articles next.

  1. Before doing Google SEO, first understand Google crawl page process and search algorithm
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  5. Take advantage of Google Search Console
  6. 210 SEO tips that affect Google rankings
  7. The Ultimate WordPress SEO Optimization Guide for 2021
  8. 6 reasons why foreign trade B2B and B2C websites need to set up blogs
  9. Case study, how to do SEO promotion for independent foreign trade sites?

For more optimization tips and tutorials check out the updated article below.

A final word of caution.Google SEO methods to follow Google's rules of continuous learning and adjustment, search engines are improving every day, and it is possible that some of the outdated tutorials are no longer practical. If you don't have the energy to research the latest Google SEO tips, thenJust remember that your content is meeting the needs of users and is valuable. Then no matter how the rules change, you won't be affected much.

Google SEO

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