Steps to build your own website in 2022

You can build your own website without having to know how to code

Basic steps to build a website

In 2022, although most of the domestic traffic has shifted to mobile, but for enterprise websites, industry websites, the PC website is indispensable. And if you are engaged in foreign trade industry, then foreign customers through the Internet to understand your company, certainly through the website, or foreign social platform to understand you, will not know your company from WeChat, microblogging.

So it is a very necessary thing to build a foreign trade enterprise website of your own.

Want to build a website by yourself, what are the steps? Milkman build notes here to share with youDetailed steps to build a website by yourselfIf, after reading this article, you are still unable to understand and practice, then you can choosePaid enterprise website building services.

Website build flow chart

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Step by step brain diagram of building a website

Steps to build your own website to the website online operation

Simply building your own website requires 4 simple steps.

1.Buy Domain;.

2.Buy Server;.

3.Installing the website environment(This step is not required for web hosting).

4.Install the website.

ButIn fact, to really do a good job on a website, much more than these 4 steps, the following is the real sense of the milk father shared from scratch to the website online operation need to go through some steps for your learning reference.

1.Pre-site planning

If you want to build your own website, you must first make a plan for the website, you must have a bottom in your heart, know what kind of website you intend to build, what are the user-oriented objects, how to layout the website, how to classify it, how to promote it, how to make profit, etc. The specific planning can be seen in the daddyPreviously written articles.

2. The capital investment to build the website

After planning what kind of website you want to make, let's find out how much it costs to build a website. What must be spent is the cost of the domain name and the server.Usually the hardware cost of a website is less than a thousand dollars a yearYou canClick here to learn more about the cost of building a website.

3. Register a domain name

Domain name, is the URL, in the website that provides domain name registration to buy a can, according to the annual payment, the average price of a few dozen dollars a year, domain name registration knowledge and shopping skillsClick here to view. If you are too lazy to look, then go directly toNamesilo(abroad), theTencent Cloud(domestic) andAli cloud(Just register (domestically).

(This step takes about 30 minutes)

4. Buy a stable server

Web servers, also known as web space, are more commonly divided into web hosts and VPS. daddy build notes are using VPS. if you are afraid of trouble, choose web hosting (foreign trade users can choose)SiteGroundWeb space can cost anywhere from 100 to $1000 a year.WordPress Hosting Recommendations / Recommended VPS for newbies.

5. Install the website environment to the server

This step is exclusive to VPS, web hosting users don't need to consider it. Install the website environment thatNewbies are advised to use the pagoda panel directlyIt is easy to install and easy to use, and you basically don't need to worry about the VPS after installing the Pagoda panel.

(This step takes about 1-2 hours, during which time you can do other things.)

6. Install the website program

For new users, whether you are ready to build your own blog, a business website, or an e-commerce website, WordPress is the first choice.Build with WordPresss, if you just want to have the look of a corporate website, then usePbootCMSAlso available.

(This step takes about 10 minutes.)

7. Modify website settings

After WordPress is built, the following settings are recommended: site title, subtitle; media - image size all to 0.Fixed Links, select article name or numeric type; set article category directory.

(This step takes about 10 minutes.)

8. Theme template modification

WordPress has a wealth of theme resources, you can choose free or paid, daddy build notes also shared some excellentWordPress ThemesFree themes can be searched directly in the background WordPress theme library, paid themes recommendedAstra.

(This step takes a variable amount of time.)

9. Install the necessary plug-ins

SEO plug-in is definitely a must, the daddy recommends the use ofRank Math; cache plug-in is also mandatory, free recommendationsWP Super Cache, paid recommendationsWP RocketIf you want to design a beautiful web page, it is recommended to buy aElementor Pro. The other plug-ins are chosen according to your needs.

10. Website content filling

If it is a corporate website, the most basic about us, contact me, product these content filling, and then update the website articles, so that search engines included, and strive to do keyword ranking (involvingSEO Knowledge).

11. Add website statistics code

Want to know how many people visit your website every day, how many IPs, then you need to install a website statistics code, foreign trade websites are recommended to useGoogle AnalyticsYou can also consider Baidu statistics for domestic websites.

12. submit the site to the search engine

New website, if you do not take the initiative to submit the address to the search engine, then it may take longer for the search engine to find your site, so we can take the initiative to tell the search engine that your site is built, come over to crawl it. We canCreate a sitemap.xml fileSubmit toSearch engine webmaster platformInside.

13. Keep the article updated

Insist on regular publicationRelated to the theme of your websiteMeaningful ArticlesThe original is best, the original is not out to rewrite other people's articles should also be sent, the most most most basic corporate website you should also have a week of article updates.

(This step should be done on a permanent basis.)

14. Website optimization

In addition to keeping the articles updated, after your own website is online and operating, you have to do occasional website optimization. Divided into website SEO optimization and website speed optimization, website SEO optimization is to get a better search engine ranking, you can readGoogle seo section under articlesFor learning, you can also directly refer toThe Ultimate WordPress SEO Optimization Tutorial for 2021; Website speed optimization can be referred toWordPress optimization topicThe main thing is to increase the cache, reduce unnecessary code and plug-in use, and optimize and backup the database from time to time.

(This step should be cycled from time to time.)

15. Website promotion

There are many ways to promote your website, Google SEO is to do search engine promotion, every search engine you can do SEO promotion; in addition to search engine promotion, you can also do off-site promotion, such as social media promotion, and other website resource swap, or advertising promotion, offline promotion, etc.There are many ways to promote your website, and you need to keep learning and practicing to find the most suitable way to promote your website.

16. Website profitability

There are also many ways to profit from the website, but most webmasters may not be very clear about the profit model of their website, you can refer to.How to make money on a website? 30 ways to make money on a personal website in 2020The content of the article, to find a most suitable for your website profit direction to operate. For foreign trade websites to receive money, we recommend usingPaypal.

17. Website check

Many new friends in their own website, like to enter a misunderstanding, is the pursuit of perfection, a website for several months are not online for people to visit and included. Milkman gives you a summary of "7 mistakes to avoid when building your own website", you can check against yourself to see if you made any mistakes.

Build your own website FAQ

The hardware cost of building a website is the domain name and server, domain name a few dozen dollars a year, the server ordinary users a year invested in a few hundred dollars. So the cost of building a website by yourself is within a thousand dollars a year. But if you also have to buy some paid theme plug-ins, or pay someone to develop features separately, then the cost will increase.
After the site is built, if you want the site has been operating, then you need to renew the domain name and server every year, any one of the two does not renew, the site will not be able to open.
Build your own website does not need to be able to write the program, but if you can a little basic html and css knowledge will be better. Now individuals and foreign trade enterprises to build websites many people choose open source free website builder, for example, the daddy builder notes is built with WordPress, the whole process is a visual operation, you do not need to manually write the code.

The website builder mentioned in this article is WordPress, in addition to WordPress there are many free website builder source codes available, if you have programmers in your own company, you can also write your own program in code. More free website builder can refer toThe best foreign trade website system and foreign trade website source code summary comparison (2020)An article.

If you want your website to be accessible to others online, then it must be purchased.
This question depends on where you are using the server. If it is a domestic server, then it needs to be filed. If you use a server outside of mainland China to build your website, you do not need to file.

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  1. Detailed tutorials have it, find a cheaper, domain name and services to build a website to try, previously bought a domain name, the domain name is permanent or a year, that is the peanut shell domain name

  2. Elder's tutorial is very clear, a novice like me can also follow the steps you said step by step to do; the wordpress link attached to the article can not be downloaded, another search in Baidu to download, but the installation of the "PHP version" option there does not show the option, and submit the time to report "I don't know how to solve it, can the seniors give a solution to the problem?

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          This kind of problem you directly reinstall the server system after reinstalling the Pagoda on the line. You study the problem is estimated to have problems in the future, reinstallation is more straightforward.

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  3. Seniors, I'm using the free version of ASTRA theme and I can't find how to set the same borderless post featured image as this site. Does it say PRO only?

  4. Hello blogger I want to do a foreign trade to sell shoes website, but the product categories are super, if uploading each time to pass one by one, and change the site with the blogger's Pagoda backup directly to a new site can continue to use it?

  5. Looked half a day Ali cloud activity server introduction ~ ~ has been the above server options around the dizzy ~
    Huawei Cloud is a little more expensive than them and does not support a one-time purchase of 3 years
    Tencent Cloud is simpler~
    I would like to ask the blogger: personal build website ~ in addition to pictures and text ~ if I add some original video ~
    How should I choose a server?
    For example: 2 core 4G 8M bandwidth 1200G monthly traffic of that clock ~ ~ can support video?

    1. Enough, anyway, you have little traffic, if the traffic is too much time, you can pass the video to the video site external link or use CDN.

  6. I built a Wordpress site through the small leather panel, and then did not buy space, how to do a good job in the space ah?

    1. Did you find out what the problem was when you didn't buy the space and then needed to put the finished one into the space?

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