Linode installation WordPress website tutorial (new version in September 2021)

Linode isVPS recommended by milkmanOne of them, so how does Linode work? Good or bad? Milk Dad this article to do a complete Linode installation WordPress website tutorial, if you do not understand the place, welcome to leave a message to discuss.

I. Register Linode

Linode Registration Address

1, open the above link, enter the Linode official website, the default registration account can use Google, GitHub and Email 3 kinds of ways, we choose Email here.

Sign up for a Linode account

2. Enter your email address, user name and password to register in the new interface, as follows.

Login to Linode account

Because the daddy has already registered his account, so here choose the log in at the bottom of the page to log in directly.

II. Recharge Linode

Linode's charging model is on-demand billing, so you need to top up first. Click Account to enter, and then Make a Payment in the upper right corner to top up, you can choose credit card or PayPal or Google pay.

Recharge Linode

Recharge Linode

III. Create a server

Create a Linode server

Method 1: Create a server by installing the pagoda panel yourself

This approach is the same as weInstalling Pagoda Panel TutorialThe same operation is suitable for those who are more capable of learning.

The advantage of this method is that all the configurations of the server are arranged by you, which is convenient for later management and maintenance, but if you are familiar enough with English, you can also directly consider method two of aaPanel

Select Linode server configuration

Create Linode Server 2

After the system is created, please refer to the previously writtenPagoda Panel Installation Tutorial.

If promptedAccount Limit reached. Please open a support ticket.

Please send a work order to ask customer service the reason. (Work order link)

Method 2: Create a server directly from Marketplace

This method is faster, because they directly system inside to you installed the required programs, eliminating the need for you to manually install the process once, the aaPanel in the picture below is the English version of the Pagoda panel, so it is recommended to give preference to this.

Another CyberPanel is a similar panel developed by foreigners and Pagoda, the use of habits are a little different, you can also use.

Create Linode Server 3

Create Linode Server 4

The server version here is recommended to choose CentOS 7, which has the best compatibility with Pagoda Panel and more complete information on the Internet.

Region just choose the right region according to your own business needs.

Plan newbies can start with the Shared CPU package, which is cheaper, and newbies can start with a $5 or $10 configuration.

Creating a Linode server5

Finally, enter the complex server administration password, select whether you want the backup service, and create it.

Creation of Linode server completed

After installation, you can see the server IP, we resolve the domain name when the resolution to this IP on the line.

IV. Management server

To manage the server, we need to use the appropriate SSH software, Daddy still recommends Xshell, click the link below to download and install.

# Build # Free VPS Management Software Xshell7/Xftp7 Chinese Version Download

After installation, open Xshell, type the following command, and enter.

ssh root@ip address

ip address for your own server ip, do not copy oh.

xshell Management VPS

Then enter the server root password that you filled in when creating the server, and you will see the following screen after successful login.

Connecting to 170.187.*. *:22...
Connection established.
To escape to local shell, press Ctrl+Alt+].

WARNING! The remote SSH server rejected X11 forwarding request.
[root@li2338-25 ~]#

Then entercat /root/.aapanel_infoView the default aaPanel panel information, as follows.

aapanel information

Open the URL behind aaPanel Internet Address with your browser and the aaPaenle login screen will appear. (Xshell can then be closed, and it will not be used for now.)

Log in using the username and password information in the above figure, and after success, the following figure.

Install wordpress website environment

In the picture above, if you are planning to install WordPress, then php version is recommended above 7.4, MySQL above 5.6, FTP that can not be installed, rarely used on (seeWordPress configuration requirements).

The installation process can take anywhere from a few minutes depending on server performance, and now you can go ahead and resolve the domain name.

V. Resolving domain names

Different websites purchase domain names, the interface is different, the general method is to add A records to the server IP, you can refer toDomain Name GuideAn article.

Domain name solution simply means filling in the IP of your server in the domain name management background, and after purchasing the domain name, you need to resolve the domain name for others to access your website through the domain name.

Domain name resolution is much the same, please refer to these tutorials below.

  1. NameSilo domain name resolution and DNS server modification tutorial
  2. Namecheap domain name resolution tutorial
  3. Godaddy registered domain name modification DNS resolution record tutorial
  4. How to view SiteGround server IP and DNS and resolve domain names
  5. Shopify domain name setup tutorial Resolve your own domain name to Shopify
  6. dynadot tutorial for buying and resolving domain names
  7. Buy Eagle host build a website and domain name resolution binding tutorial
  8. Ali cloud domain name resolution tutorial, Ali cloud registered domain name how to modify the IP record
  9. Tencent cloud domain name registration and domain name resolution tutorial

The final interface will look almost like the picture below.

Domain name resolution records

Six, add website

After waiting for aaPanel to finish installing, go back to the backend and enter the website.Chinese Pagoda Installation Tutorial(The steps inside, pretty much the same.)

aapanel add website

Website > Add site > enter the domain name, create the database, and submit.

aapanel website setup

Then go inside the website settings, there are two places that need to be operated.

  1. For SSL, select the first Let's Encrypt, check your domain name and click the button to generate it automatically, then open the Force HTTPS button in the upper right corner after success. (Why don't you check SSL when you create your website, because your domain name may not be resolved at that time, and the SSL application will fail)
  2. Inside URL rewrite, select WordPress and save.

Seven, install the WordPress website

Then you start to install the WordPress website on top of Linode server, first click the website directory to enter.

Go to the web directory

Next, download the WordPress installation package remotely at

Remote download wordpress installation package

Unzip it after downloading.

Unzip the installation package

Go to the extracted WordPress folder, select all the files and choose Cut to cut.

Select all documents

After selecting and cutting all, click on the domain folder inside the address to return. Then click the Paste button in the upper right corner to paste the file into the domain folder.

Back to the root of the site

Open your URL with your browser and the WordPress installation screen will appear.

The installation process will not be repeated here, seeWordPress tutorial inside the WP installation steps section.

Here, the WordPress website is installed on the Linode server.

Appreciate the support

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