Cloudways Website Building Tutorial

Cloudways tutorial, what about Cloudways? Is it worth buying?

How about Cloudways?Is it suitable for building a website? Today, one of my clients bought a Cloudways server, so I took the opportunity toMilkman here shares with you Cloudways tutorials, as well as talks about his own buying advice for this Cloudways server.

What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is a cloud server hosting platform, to put it bluntly, they rent cloud servers from other cloud server merchants, and then configure them for you to use, a bit of a middleman to earn the difference in price. Of course, this middleman still provides a service, you do not have to manage the server system installation, security, upgrades, configuration and so on, directly buy the use of the line.

Is Cloudways worth buying?

Do you need to buy Cloudways for self-learning website builders? Let's look at the comparison.

cloudways Quote

As we can see from the image above, Cloudways is hosted on servers from DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Then we look at Vultr's configuration.

Vultr configuration

As you can see, simply look at the CPU and memory, traffic and storage size do not look at the words, in Vultr's official website, the purchase of 1H1G configuration for $6 a month, 1H2G configuration for $12 a month.

And the starting price at CloudWays is $13. That's twice as expensive.

What services are available for this extra double fee?

  • Cloudflare Add-on NEW built-in CDN acceleration of Cloudflare
  • 24/7/365 Support Year-round after-sales support
  • Free SSL Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Migration Free Migration
  • Unlimited Application Installation Unlimited number of applications
  • Team Management Team Management
  • Dedicated Firewalls Professional Firewalls
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring 7*24 hours real time monitoring
  • Automated Backups
  • Staging Environment (used to build a temporary website for testing)
  • Optimized With Advanced Caches Advanced cache optimization
  • Auto Healing Auto Restore Backup (translation inaccurate)
  • Regular Security Patching Regular Security Patching
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers http/2 support
  • SSH and SFTP Access ssh and sftp access

These features above, automatic backup if purchased in Vultr, an extra $2 a month, other than after-sales support, other originally you buy VPS can basically get the corresponding features, so you can not count the money.

To summarize, for twice the price of Cloudways, you get a full year of after-sales support and automatic backups, as well as a relatively easy-to-use VPS management system.

Is it worth buying?

First of all, $13 a month for a server is not expensive, even if you buy it yourself from Vultr, daddy also recommends that you start with at least $10/month configuration, except that the configuration will be one level higher than Cloudways'.

However, Cloudways makes it easier to use the VPS because it does some configuration and management of the server itself.Server optimization than the VPS newbie will certainly also be optimized more in placeSo maybe the $13 one on Cloudways runs faster than the $12 server you bought yourself.

Then it is because the VPS is configured by Cloudways, then any problems about this part of the VPS, after-sales service will be handled by Cloudways and you can use the after-sales service.

Cloudways purchase recommendation.

The budget is sufficient, they do not know the technology, and want to use VPS to do the site, buy.

The budget is not enough, their own self-learning ability is okay, you can buy firstVirtual HostingorVultrTheseVPSFirst do the website, when the website traffic up their own upgrade VPS are feeling the slow site, and then switch to Cloudways these hosting providers to go.

Because a normal VPS can be installed by installingPagoda PanelThe use of the website is also very simple, daddy share build website tutorials for so many years, only met a do 2c boss website traffic needs to upgrade the server, the other sites basically will not exist the server can not run this situation.

And using a VPS, including a managed VPS like Cloudways, is still too complicated for a true novice, and web hosting might be better for a novice to get started.

Website traffic does not come up, and then the good server can not play its role. Website traffic to do up, it is not too late to replace a better server.

Cloudways Tutorials

After analyzing how Cloudways is and whether it's worth buying, we'll start with the official Cloudways tutorial.

The first step is to register.

1、Open website, click on that GET STARTED FREE button to register.

Click to register (free 3-day trial available)

cloudways registration button

Then fill out the registration information and submit.

cloudways registration box

A verification prompt may appear after registration, such as the following.

Welcome To Cloudways
To activate your account, please contact our verification team at Once your account is activated, you'll be able to Once your account is activated, you'll be able to login and start your free trial.

这个时候我们就需要手动发送邮件给av@cloudways.com来进行账号验证 (will also automatically send you a reminder verification email to your registered email address, a direct reply will also work).

The title of the email can read

Account verification

The email reads.

Hello, I am going to buy Cloudways services to build my own website, please help me to verify my account, my email is your email address.

my facebook: your facebook address

my twitter: your twitter address

my linkedin: your linkedin address

Then wait for the other party to reply, follow them to reply to the email reminder operation can be. Generally is to ask you to provide proof of identity, including ID, Facebook address, Twitter address, your own website, LinkedIn address, telephoneJust select 2 profiles and send them.

Then comes the creation of the server

Once it passes their audit, you will receive an account activation email. After activation, log in to Cloudways and the interface to create the service will appear, as follows.

Select the right server provider and configuration according to your needs, then next step.

Cloudways Creation Services

Wait a few minutes and the site will be created.


Then comes the server administration

After waiting for the server to be created, we click on the server tab to enter the server details page, you can see the interface like the following figure.

InMaster Credentialsinterface, you can see your server ip (Public IP), SSH/SFTP account (Username) and password (Password)

This account is the one you can access throughXSHELL and XSFTPThis software connects to the server for server management or file upload and download, although it is not generally required for novice users on Cloudways.

MonitoringThe interface is Server Monitor, which allows you to see your server usage.

Manage ServicesThe interface is the server process manager, similar to the task manager on a computer.

Settings & PackagesThe interface is for software configuration and optimization, such as setting php timeout time, upload size, memory limit, modifying PHP version and other operations.

SecurityThe interface is mainly about setting up black and white list IPs for SSH and the database.

Vertical ScalingThe interface is to lift and match the server.

BackupsThe interface is to back up your website, you can set it to back up automatically or immediately.

SMTPThe interface is to configure the server to send email functions, but this requires additional payment (and is not expensive) and can be achieved by installing the plugin on WordPress itself.

Manage WordPress

After introducing the server, let's talk about WordPress. After installing the server, Cloudways has already installed WordPress for you by default.

cloudways Application

Click on the menu bar or Applications in the image above to switch to the Applications tab.

As we can see from the image above, a WordPress website has been installed for us by default.

If you want to create multiple sites, just click the Add Application button in the upper right corner to create them.

Click on the application title to enter the detail page, you can see the interface as below.

Access DetailsThe interface is your basic information of this application, including the URL, account password, etc.

Staging ManagementThe interface is to give you a copy of the site exactly the same test environment for you to test or debug new features, generally small sites do not have a high chance of using.

MonitoringThe interface is also monitored and allows you to monitor the status of the website's traffic, php, database and other information separately.

Bot ProtectionThe interface is a security plugin statistic that needs to be paired with the default WP plugin installed by Cloudways to work.

Cloudways Domain Binding

Domain ManagementThe interface is to bind your own domain name to WordPress so that you don't have to access it through a temporary domain.

Milk Dad suggested is to first bind your domain name here, and then enter the WordPress background to build the site and other work, to avoid using the temporary domain name to build a good site after switching to the official domain name there are some link errors (does not exclude Cloudways automatically replace the domain name is not clean)

After adding the domain name, you need to go to the domain name registration site to do domain name resolution, simply add two A records, the record value to fill in your server IP. reference tutorial.

Cron Job ManagementThe interface is generally not used, it is a timed task management.

cloudways Application for SSL Certificate

SSL CertificateThe interface is the interface to apply for SSL security certificate, when your domain name resolves successfully, then go to this interface to apply for SSL security certificate so that the website can be accessed through https.

Backup And RestoreThe interface is all about backup and restore.

Deployment Via GitThe interface is generally not used and is deployed via git.

Application SettingsThe interface allows you to set up the WordPress installation folder, etc. (it is not recommended to move), and you can also configure the php parameters of this WordPress separately.

Migration ToolsThe interface is to move the site, not used without evaluation.

CloudflareThe interface is a free CDN service, just fill out the email to open.

How to delete and add new WordPress sites?

If you need to delete a WordPress website, just click the delete button behind the application, and then enter "DELETE" in the pop-up screen.

It should be reminded that you must ensure that there is at least one Application running on the server. If you want to delete the old one, you can create a new one first and then delete it.

If you need to add a new website, just click the Add Application button in the upper right corner, then choose which server you want to create it on, then choose the WordPress version and add the name to create it.

WordPress create a second website

How do I remove Cloudways servers?

If you want to delete the Cloudways server (Server), directly click the 3 dots behind the server, then select Delete, a confirmation screen pops up and you can continue to enter DELETE.

Here, the basic tutorial of Cloudways has been introduced, if you still have any questions, welcome to leave a comment to discuss.

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