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More simple than web hosting foreign trade VPS Scala Hosting build website tutorial

2021 to build their own website, the preferred server is definitely the choice of VPS, but many people will feel that VPS operation is too complex, white will not use. Today daddy recommend a foreign trade VPS than the use of web hosting is also simple: Scala Hosting, but also will introduce how to install a website on Scala Hosting's VPS.

Introduction to Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting is a VPS provider established in 2007, the domestic introduction of the article is almost zero, mainly becauseTheir home network is not domestic friendly(Foreign trade website users are foreign, so it does not matter), but it does not affect the reputation of Scala Hosting in foreign countries.

scalahosting reviewsScala Hosting hosts have high ratings on a number of dedicated server review sites abroad (similar to VW reviews), and you can click through the ratings images on their website to see the details.

Scala Hosting home services are domain name registration, e-mail, web hosting and VPS, but their own recommendation is to use the VPS service, the milk father's point of view is also recommended to choose VPS to build a website, the price will indeed be a little higher, but the performance, security and customizability are web hosting can not be compared.


Benefits of Scala Hosting.

  1. 7 × 24 hours customer service online timely communication (pre-sales will be off duty, technology online 24 hours, daddy contacted).
  2. Providing fully managed VPS services, which are simpler to use than web hosting.
  3. Reasonable prices, support for monthly payments, officials even suggest you pay monthly and they are confident that you will keep renewing.
  4. Provision of domain emails, optimized for WordPress performance.
  5. Provide free moving, free SSL, daily automatic backup and other functions (that is to say, you do not care about the security of the site data, install the site just use it).


Disadvantages of Scala Hosting.

  1. The network is not domestic friendly and domestic access is slow, so it is best to bring your own ladder to use.
  2. A relatively small number of network data centers, with only two data centers in Dallas, USA and Bulgaria, Europe.

In brief.Scala Hosting is suitable for people who do not use VPS, but know the benefits of VPS to build a website; can accept slow domestic access, their own ladder management website, the main customer base is the United States or European foreign trade use. It's really easy to use VPS, much easier to use than web hosting or VPS with pagoda panel installed.


Scala Hosting Purchase


1、Click the button below to enter the official website of Scala Hosting.

Scala Hosting official website

Small ad: If the tutorials look dizzy to you, you can also consider the milkman himself to provideWP Hosting Services.

On their official website you can see the differences between shared hosting and VPS. These differences introduced on their official website are realistic and not exaggerated. Milkman inThe difference between web hosting and VPSThese are also described in the article.

2. Select MANAGED CLOUD VPS from the top menu

Buy scalahosting server

Scala Hosting has two types of VPS: Managed VPS and Self-managed VPS.

The difference between them is that the environment installation, system security, data backup, one-click software installation, and SSL certificate configuration of the hosted VPS are all handled by Scala Hosting for you, and you only need to install the website and then handle the website aspect yourself.

A self-managed VPS is our regular VPS that gives you a root account and password, and you need to install the environment yourself (e.g.Pagoda Panel), then you have to take your time to deal with data backup ah, add SSL certificates and other operations.

SoRecommend to buy MANAGED CLOUD VPS

3. Choose a suitable MANAGED CLOUD VPS package GET STARTED for you.

scalahosting Basic Package

Scala Hosting's base package is a 1-core 2G configuration that meetsInstalling a WordPress websiteThe basic hardware requirements, so you can just select the Start package to start.

When you buy your own choice of service time, support 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months and 36 months payment cycle, a one-time buy 3 years price is the cheapest, this according to their own actual situation to consider the purchase of the length of time on the line, a month difference in cost is not much.

scalahosting add-on options

Managed and SPanel are the recommended choices, otherwise you'll be buying your own managed VPS.

4、Select the data center at the time of purchase

Selecting a VPS Data Center

Scala Hosting's data center is only available in the United States and Europe, according to your own customer distribution choice, of course, if the customer access to your site is very slow, the later can play a certain improvement by using CDN acceleration services.

The rest of the configuration is fine by default, if you feel that the hardware configuration is not enough, you can add extra money.

5、Domain name selection

If you already have a domain name yourself, for example, follow the tutorial of the milkman inNamesiloThese places purchased, then just choose the third one directly.

6、Register account and payment

After selecting the configuration information of your VPS, the registration and payment interface appears, above is the registration account information, below is the payment information.

Payment Information

The payment supports Paypal, so there is still no problem.

If you don't want to use Scala Hosting's service anymore, remember to 1) click Cancel on the products you don't want to use in Scala Hosting's User Center; 2) go to PayPal settings and cancel Scala Hosting's automatic payment setting.


Manage purchased VPS


7、Enter the user center after successful payment

scalahosting use and installation website tutorial

8. Inside My Services are the services you have purchased and activated

scalahosting use and installation website tutorial

9、Create SPanel panel management account

Manage Server Details

The following figure will appear after clicking [Manage Server] under the Manage button in the above figure.

Create admin account

Click the Manage Admin Account button to create an administrator account.

What is SPanel?

Scala Hosting's managed VPS does not provide root access, instead, it gives you a Spanel panel by default, which is similar to those web hosting panels if you have used other web hosts before. You install the website and set up FTP, SSL, etc. are all operated inside the Spanel panel.

It means that you are using the hardware configuration of a VPS and enjoying a fast operating experience like a web host.


10、Login to Spanel panel to create website account

After modifying the admin account password, go back to the product details page and click [Login to SPanel], as follows.

Login to SPanel

Enter your account and password (Webmail Login is for logging into your domain email)

Click the [Create an Account] button after successful login.

Fill in the domain name and user information you want to add, as follows.

This account is used to install the site alone, the admin account in front is used to manage the SPanel panel with, can not directly install the site.

If your vps is used with more than one person, then the other person can log in through the account you created for him. After we create it directly for one person by ourselves, click [List Accounts] to list the users.

Find the user you just created, click the Actions button on the back, and then select Login to log into his panel backend.

The screen after login is as follows.

The Shared IP address in the upper right corner of the above figure is your server IP, add two A records of your website domain name to the server IP, one www, one without www. (No domain name, do not know how to resolve the domain name, please seeDomain Topics(The article inside.)

Installing a WordPress website

Next we start to install WordPress to build a foreign trade website.

scalahosting use and installation website tutorialThen click the WordPress manager at the bottom of the page for a quick WordPress installation.


scalahosting use and installation website tutorial

Fill in the username, password and email and start the installation.

The website will be installed for you soon and an email will be sent to your email address.

When your domain name resolution takes effect, you will be able to access your website through the URL and have automatically configured the ssl certificate.

Next you just need to log into your WordPress backend and install the theme you need for your website (for example, install one used by a daddy)Astra Theme), plug-ins, and then you can start filling the content, updating the site, and other operations.

It's easy, isn't it?

Installed WordPress and don't know how to use it? Please seeInstallation of WordPress page usage section.

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