How to do SEO for foreign trade independent website

Case study, how to do SEO promotion for independent foreign trade sites?

How to do SEO optimization and promotion of foreign trade independent sites? In many people seem to feel that it is a very difficult thing, today the milk father in the group saw an independent webmaster share their own website, after consent, especiallyTake this as an example to share with you the way to do SEO for foreign trade websites.

Foreign trade website owner's own account

Is it effective to do SEO for foreign trade websites?

According to the words of this foreign trade webmaster is that has been out of ads bidding advertising, began to turn a loss into a profit. That is to say, SEO is effective.

We can start by looking at the chat log shared by the webmaster himself.

Foreign trade independent site SEO optimization group chat Foreign trade independent site SEO optimization group chat Foreign trade independent site SEO optimization group chat Foreign trade independent site SEO optimization group chat


Actual website analysis

From the chat logs, we can see that the webmaster spent 2 months on his own to get the website done.

The website is.

Stopped promoting Google ads in November 2019 and relied directly on SEO traffic.

6 blog posts a week for 4 months. Now it's basically no longer losing money.

semrush SEO statistics

We can find the traffic trend of the site for the last year using the semrush tool, and indeed in November 2019, the paid traffic went to zero and what was left was natural traffic.

As you can see from the graph of paid traffic and natural traffic, the free natural traffic from his site's SEO is now almost on par with the previous paid traffic.

Keyword search volume

Search term this piece, we can see that there are 3 keywords are ranked first (free version of semrush account to see all the information), the search volume of these 3 words is not high, only a few hundred, but you are ranked first position, then the possibility of clicking is very high.

Flow Data

The webmaster himself said that the daily traffic is almost 500 IP or so, which can bring 8 single conversion.

Wormhole Tattoo 丨 Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies

When you open their website, you can see from the quality of the pictures that they have put their heart and soul into it.

Next, the milkman shares my own views onThe newbie to do foreign trade independent site SEO optimization promotion methods.

How should foreign trade websites do SEO promotion?

Foreign trade websites, almost always do Google SEO.

And to doGoogle SEO OptimizationThe most effective website building system is WordPress, and the case site in this article is also built with WordPress.

It's easy to build WordPress by yourself. If you think it's too time consuming to figure it out by yourself, then you can also pay to have your daddy help you build it.

  1. WordPress foreign trade website installation tutorial
  2. Milkman paid web hosting services

The basic hardware information for the website of this Wormhole Tatoo website presented in this article is

  • Servers SiteGround
  • Website builder WordPress
  • Mall plugin WooCommerce

If you want to do a foreign trade website, you can also operate in this way, others can do, you must also be able to.

Website positioning

Website positioning is the most crucial step.

Website positioning is the same as your selection, the selection is complete, and the website positioning is basically fixed to that selection.

From the website presented in this article, we can see that itThe site title is: The

Wormhole Tattoo 丨 Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies
Wormhole tattoo丨Tattoo kits, tattoo machines, tattoo supplies
The site description is.

Wormhole Tattoo is a professional tattoo supplies retailer. We are providing all kinds of tattoo supplies and tattoo accessories, such as starter and We are providing all kinds of tattoo supplies and tattoo accessories, such as starter and professional tattoo kits, tattoo pens, tattoo machines, and tattoo needles, etc.

Wormhole Tattoo is a professional tattoo supply retailer. We offer a wide range of tattoo supplies and tattoo accessories such as starter and professional tattoo kits, tattoo pens, tattoo machines and tattoo needles.
If you pay attention to the keyword information analyzed by semrush above, you will see that Wormhole Tattoo is the title of their website.
Milkman also does not know whether Wormhole Tattoo is a niche within the tattoo industry or is the title of their website.
If it is just the title of the website, then it means that their website already has some fame, and there are users searching directly for the title of the website to enter, then there is no doubt that this website is already on its way to success.

Keyword Selection

Keyword keywords

After determining what products to sell on your website, the next step is to select the words you want to do for your SEO for the keywords related to this product.

The demo site is analyzed from the title, they do Tattoo Kits, Tattoo machines, Tattoo supplies

And our other foreign trade sites, follow their own products and industries to choose words.

And there is a difference in word choice between 2b and 2c.

2b business we usually work with wholesale, supplier, manufacturer use, so that access to customers more accurate, and the degree of competition will generally be lower than the simple product words.

When choosing words also do not have to spend money to buy those paid SEO tools, if you really know your products and industry, then directly through Google more search, look at the drop-down words, related words.

Analyze which words are searched by the user will have the intention to deal, and which words are less difficult to optimize.

Then just make sure it's OK and start the follow-up.

Regardless of which SEO gods, are not afraid to pack a 100% selection of words accurate, we as long as the general direction is correct, in the future site operation process or can be modified, although there will be an impact, but the impact will disappear with care.

Related page fill

Page content

After determining the keywords, we have to think about how to arrange these keywords on the website pages.

What words to do on the home page, what words to do on the inner pages, what words to do on the category pages, and what words to write articles around on a daily basis.

So again, this involvesWebsite StructureThe problem.

Luckily, the structure of WordPress is very well handled and you don't have to worry about these technical aspects.

Once you have determined the structure of your website, you can upload products or edit the product introduction page.

After filling the site with all the basic content, submit it to Google and start the daily blog post updates.

Blog posts don't know what to write about, so think, what will users search on Google that is relevant to my product.

Then you create articles with this type of content.

Writing articles is a technical work, even if you go to listen to SEO training courses, the last will not feel clear, you need to spend time to practice, when there is traffic through Google into your site, you analyze the summary, naturally understand.

For more content you can refer to what Milkman shared earlierWordPress SEO optimization tutorial.

Link Building

Link building is divided into internal link building and external link building.

The vast majority of foreign trade sites have gone to the construction of external links, daddy's view is that the content itself and the construction of internal links is more important than the construction of external links.

It's just that when you do content and internal links and rankings don't go up, you'll get a better chance of referral rankings with the help of external links.

Internal link building is well understood, that is, when writing articles, the other content on your website and this article can be linked in series, for example, the above WordPress SEO optimization tutorial, is an internal link.

External links, that is, links to other places outside your website, do not go to spend money to buy junk external links, junk external links will be counterproductive, the best external links are natural external links, for example, you have a blog to write an article, and then mentioned the daddy this foreign trade website SEO tutorial, and connected to the original article, then it is to help the daddy do an external link.

Outbound links you can analyze your opponent's website and where they leave outbound links, and you can try to do the same.


In general, the foreign trade website SEO optimization method is also the content of these major pieces, find keywords → produce articles → find ways to get ranked → bring traffic → continue to dig keywords → produce articles → get ranked → bring traffic.

It feels easy to talk about, but in fact, you will find the difficulty only when you do it yourself.

But SEO you do not have the means to completely spend money to find someone to help you complete, for example, this article in the example of this tattoo equipment website, you hire someone to do SEO, the other side can be more than you understand your product and user needs?

Especially some special industries, knowledge of professional requirements are relatively high, if you write a mess, people who know how to look at it will not trust your website, you dare to find someone to do?

Do foreign trade website SEO optimizationFirst you have to take the first step and go for it. Many people only hold the desire to do SEO, think they will not, today consider whether to hire someone to do, tomorrow consider whether to enroll in an SEO training course.

When you think it through, your opponent may already have two or three months more hands-on experience than you.

SEO is a bit of a who-does-it-first-have-an-advantage feeling, seize the opportunity and get started now.

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