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WordPress website setup optimization tutorial

After you have built a website of your own using the open source program WordPressWordPress website buildingWhat settings and optimizations should be made to make the website more suitable for your use? Let's see the daddy explain to you the settings and optimization that need to be done after the website is built.

If you haven't built it yet, please refer to the previous article atThe basic steps to build a website in 2021

Basic website settings

After you have built a WordPress website, log in to the WordPress website backend, you can see the settings button on the left, click in for some basic settings.

WordPress Settings

For detailed WordPress settings, please see the previous article atWordPress tutorial for beginners 1: background settings

Milkman recommends that you set the following.

  • General Site Title and Subtitle
  • Discussion Comments must be approved by hand
  • Media All set to 0
  • Fixed connection Select custom structure, fill in /%postname%.html or %post_id%.html (In-depth understanding of fixed links)

Website theme setting

On the left side of the backend, click Appearance, then select Theme, then select Add.

WordPress ThemesHere you can see a lot of free WordPress themes, you can just click the install button.

For more articles on WordPress themes, please refer to.2019 WordPress theme installation tutorial and WordPress theme download address recommended

In addition the daddy also shared some good-lookingWordPress ThemesYou can see if you like it.

Note that usually need to have a certain amount of article content to support some complex themes, the site at the very beginning you can just pick a simple theme to update the articles, and then replace the theme with a better-looking function after a certain number of articles.

Website Plugin Recommendations

One important reason why we recommend using WordPress to build websites is that WordPress is rich in plugin extensions, even if you are completely ignorant of the program and code, you can still build your website withWordPress PluginImplement many functions.

WordPress Plugin

For a more detailed tutorial on the plugin, please refer toWordPress plugin installation tutorial

Must-install plug-ins recommended by the milkman

  1. All in One SEO Pack   SEO optimization plugin that has been replaced with Yoast SEO.
  2. SMTP Mail Plugin  Usually your server does not allow direct emailing and needs to be implemented with the help of external plugins.
  3. WP Database Backup Automatic database backup plug-in
  4. WP Super Cache The cache plugin, which has been replaced withWP-Rocket.

For more fun, interesting and useful WordPress plugins, please refer to some articles posted by Milkman atWordPress Plugin

Website Performance Optimization

The amount of users on the website is relatively small in the early stage, you only need to install a caching plugin, when the amount of users is large, you can consider adding CDN services, install database caching services and other methods to optimize the opening speed of the WordPress website.

For performance optimization you can see.WordPrss optimization The following article, of course, the most direct is to upgrade the server, the effect is immediate.

Website Content Optimization

Website content is the soul of a website. When you set up the title and description of your website, try not to modify it and publish articles around the positioning of your website.

Remember to write articles that are useful to users, do not copy articles, there is no point.

WordPress basic use tutorial

  1. WordPress backend settings
  2. How to install WordPress theme
  3. How to install plugins for WordPress
  4. How to post a WordPress article
  5. Automated backups for WordPress sites using plugins
  6. Do a good job of security to avoid the hacking of WordPress websites

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