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How to be included in Baidu's website _ about the website included in the ranking of those things

FollowSimple and brutal website building tutorialHaving built your own website, there must be a doubt thatWebsite how to let Baidu includedOthers canSearch your website in BaiduWhat about?

In this article the milkman will come to talk to you about the two centsAbout the website included those things.

Nurse's Tip.

These contents presented in this article are onlySpeed up the website to be included in search engines, you do not do, sooner or later will also be included.

Will your website be included?

websites on the Internet.As long as the following requirements are met, the site will be included(Can give ranking is not certain)

  1. The ability of the site to be accessed by search engines.
  2. The site is not blocking search engine crawling.
  3. Not a spam site.

Here's exactly what these 3 points mean.

A, the site can be accessed by search engines

Website can be accessed by search engines, meaning that your website should be able to open normally, not three days of inaccessibility, or search engines can not open your website.

Second, the site does not prevent the search engine crawl

Blocking search engine crawling and search engine inaccessible is not the same thing, inaccessible is directly unable to open your website, blocking crawling is through robots.txt

There is a foreign trade customer is this, in robots.txt inside all the search engines are blocked, his friends said his server problems, let him change the server, the results of the milk father to help take a look, robots.txt directly Disallow all search engines.

User-Agent: *


For a description of robots.txt, you can refer toBaidu.

We useWordPress InstallationThe website that wrote the robots file needs to beBe aware of the search results to block.

Third, not a spam site

What do you mean by a spam site? It is a website that uses some software that automatically generates semantically incomprehensible and completely meaningless articles for users.

How to get your website included by Baidu?

Since you said the site will be included in Baidu, then why my site Baidu still can not search it?

New Website Observation Period

Baidu and Google and other search engines, for new sites have a period of observation, Google's observation period is relatively short, Baidu's observation period is relatively long, usually 1 to 3 months long.

BaiduAfter discovering your website, it will first put your website intoSandboxIf you want to see how your site performs, watch it for a while and then decide whether to release it for others to search.

If your site can adhere to the daily update of original and meaningful articles, then the observation period will be greatly shortened, if only some life records or reprinted articles, then the observation period will be relatively long.

Accelerate the method of Baidu included

If you want your website to be included by Baidu quickly, there are several ways to try.

1、Submit the website to Baidu

To submit your URL to Baidu, search for your URL directly in Baidu and submit it to Baidu.360, Sogou can be submitted in this way.

Submit URL to Baidu

2、Apply for new site protection after website filing

If your website is filed, you can find it inBaidu resource search platformInside the application for new site protection, will speed up the inclusion, this method is the most effective.

Baidu new site protection

3、Use Baidu's services

This is not necessarily accurate, but it is generally believed that the use of Baidu statistics is conducive to website inclusion. (There are also Bajia, Baidu CDN acceleration, and Baidu's cloud server).

4、Find a large station to make a friend chain

Find a higher weight than your site to do a friend chain, in favor of search engines to include your site. The search engine does not know you, but know and you do the friendly chain of the site, since he recommended you, then you should be credible, so there will be a certain tilt.

5、Use Baidu push code

RegistrationBaidu resource search platformAfter that, you can use the push code, which is divided into active push (real-time), automatic push and sitemap submission.

Baidu link submission

Here are some recommendationsBaidu Search Push Management Plugin for Lightning BoltIt works very well.

6、Keep the article updated

Adhere to the original article updates, write valuable articles, search engines will naturally include your site.

Website not recorded Baidu will be included?

Q : The website is not recorded, Baidu will include my website?

A: It will be includedThe Internet is not a local area network, if Baidu only included in the record website, then it is estimated that the market will soon be eaten up by other search engines. Only after the record can have a new station protection function.

Q: The website record is not sent through the article will be included?

A: During the record, you can access your website through the website IP, so you can publish articles, this period you publish articles BaiduNot necessarily included.

1 is that you are using the IP address to access, unless you go to submit to Baidu, he does not know that there are you this site.

2 is the record time is generally only 1 month or less, Baidu's new station observation period are 1 month, so not out of the observation period you use the domain name to visit, included or not included in your IP access to the site articles do not matter.


Baidu does not include your website how to do?

If you website for several months, from Baidu still can not search your website, then what should be done?

I. Check the content of the website

Is the content on your website valuable to users? For example, what does the user get out of your article? Does it solve his problem, or make him laugh, or just waste the web user's time.

Second, check the structure of the website

The structure of the site is reasonable, the site level is too deep to cause the search engine crawl or site code is not standardized and so on. (Usually use WordPress, choose a good theme will not appear these problems) there is no prevent Baidu crawl.

You can use the crawl diagnostic function of the Baidu resource search platform to see if you can crawl successfully.

Baidu crawl diagnosis

Third, whether the site is pseudo-static

All search engines have indicated that they will include dynamic URLs, but it is recommended that static URLs, because dynamic URLs are mixed with too many parameters, not user-friendly and easy to cause repeated inclusion.

Related Knowledge:WordPress best fixed link settings _ choose which pseudo-static rules good

Fourth, whether the server is stable

Server stability is not only that the site can be 365 days at any time to open access, if you are using a shared IP host, but also may be because your server's IP was previously abused or other servers with the same IP was penalized by search engines, these reasons may spill over to your site.

So it is more important to use a server with a separate IP to seeStable and newbie-friendly VPS bar.

Five, website cheating or have a black history

Website cheating, that is, you use some methods that violate the rules of search engines, was found, then will be penalized for your site.

Black history, that is, it is possible that before you use this domain name for your website, someone used your domain name to do something that the search engines do not like, and you now take over the domain name that has been penalized.

These problems do not exist above, Baidu still does not include how to do?

Baidu search resource feedback center

InBaidu resource search platformYou can give feedback in the interactive communication at the top and ask the Baidu engineer why your website is not included.

Does acceptance mean ranking?

Well, Baidu finally included your site, but why no traffic?

Being accepted is not the same as having a ranking.

As a simple example.

How Baidu includes websites

In this paper, for exampleHow to be included in Baidu's website _ about the website included in the ranking of those thingsby searching forHow to be included in Baidu's websiteBaidu found about 29,600,000 related results for you

Is there any reason why Baidu should put this article in the front from the 2.9 million or so pages?

So what does this example mean?

  1. duplicate content already available online, which usually does not rank well.
  2. worthless content that no one is searching for, with or without ranking, no traffic.
  3. do not necessarily feel that there will be no ranking and do not write, because your site visitors can still see the article.
  4. Admitted to get ranked will be based on a series of algorithms derived from the new site's low weight, the need to take your time.
  5. Writing new content that is not available online will have a better chance of getting ranked.

No website rankingRecommended Reading.The website has been included why there is no ranking _ others can not search?

Baidu search content quality white paper

Here is Baidu's "Baidu Search Content Quality White Paper", you can see what Baidu's search rules are, and write articles to circumvent the operations that are not allowed inside.

Link.Baidu search content quality white paper serialized a page title cheating detailed explanation

It is said that doing website SEO should be done for user experience, who the hell tells me where the user experience of Baidu resource center is? A white paper serial, 2017 to now, on a serial one, the latter search can not be searched.

It can actually still be found below.

Major search engine submission portal

Before submitting your site, make sure that the site can be accessed properly, that the site has some content (or can guarantee continuous updates), and that robots.txt is not blocking them.

Baidu submits the entrance.

360 search submission portal.

Sogou search submission portal.

Sleipnir search submission portal.

Google search submission portal. Search Console Tool)

Bing search submission portal.

Headline search submission portal.

Finally, you can alsoInstall an SEO pluginto help you do some SEO work. To include more websites, included fast, you need to accumulate the output of valuable and meaningful articles to do, and quality, and quantity, so, everything as it happens, do not make yourself so tired, Buddhist SEO.

Baidu SEO words can also be installed a.Baidu search push management plug-in

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