SiteGround tutorial for adding a new domain name to install a second website

SiteGroun is one of the official recommended hosting providers for WordPress. This article describes how to create multiple websites by binding new domains on top of SiteGround.

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The number of websites that can be created by SiteGround varies depending on the package you purchase, and the following will teach youHow to create another website by binding a new domain or subdomain in SiteGround.

SiteGround new interface to add subdomains tutorial

①、After logging into the SiteGround backend, click SITE TOOLS to enter the website tools inside.

siteground adds subdomains

②. Click Subdomains under the DOMAIN menu to add a subdomain, or click Parked Domains to add a different domain.

Here is a demonstration of adding a subdomain to buildMultilingual website.

siteground adds subdomains

Correction: The Parked Domains mentioned in the above diagram is to achieve multiple domains pointing to the same website, not to add a new website using a new domain name.

③After adding, click the Install & Manage button inside the WORDPRESS menu on the left to install, select the domain name you just added, then set up the user account, and you can install it.

siteground adds subdomainsOnce installed, you can access your newly added WordPress site.

Tip: If the website is still not open, then it is usually because the domain name resolution has not yet taken effect.

SiteGround old interface to add subdomains tutorial

I. Switch to the cPanel panel after logging into the backend

SiteGround old interface to add subdomains tutorial

Second, click the Subdomains button

SiteGround old interface to add subdomains tutorial

Third, add your subdomain and submit it.

SiteGround old interface to add subdomains tutorial

Fourth, if your domain name DNS server resolves to siteground, then wait for it to take effect.

If it doesn't resolve over, then you need to manually add the subdomain to resolve to your siteground IP address.

Installing a brand new website with a new domain name

If you want to install a brand new website on top of SiteGround using a brand new domain name, then please refer to the public article published by Milkman for the method.

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