Dropshipping shipping site build tutorial

AliDropship tutorial, how to use WordPress to do Dropshipping on behalf of the shipping site

Contact with foreign trade friends must have heard of Dropshipping (on behalf of shipping) this mode, today the milk father to introduce youHow to build a reseller website by yourself using WordPress and AliDropship. Low-cost operation, follow the lessons now.

Explanation of terms

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping for shipping

FromBaiduExplanation: Drop shipping, a foreign trade term, is a method in supply chain management. Instead of stocking goods, the retailer gives the customer order and shipping details to the supplier, who sends the goods directly to the end customer. And the retailer earns the difference between the wholesale and retail price.

If you are doing Ali, then you inquiry inside the consultation a piece of shipping should be a lot, and there is a trend of increasing, because a piece of shipping start difficulty is really quite low, many people use Shopify to do, in fact, WordPress can also do, and the cost is lower, more flexible.

What is WordPress?

wordpress backend

WordPress is a set of open source content management system, you see the daddy build notes this site, he used the program is WordPress, many foreign corporate websites and e-commerce sites, there are also using WordPress to do.

WordPress is the best forForeign trade website buildingUse the program, the world has more than 39% website driven by WordPress, through WordPress you can make almost all types of websites, foreign trade sites, the use of WordPress to do 2B website effect, than Shopify, WIX these platform effect is much better; with WordPress to do 2C online sales e-commerce Website can also be, but the difficulty of getting started than Shopify is a little more complicated, but the rules are set by themselves, do not have to worry about closed store.

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What is AliDropship?


AliDropship is the most famous one above WordPress Drop Shipping plugin, a group of daddy saw some foreign trade people in April to discuss this plugin, and some people also use the pirated version of AliDropship to carry out business, so that this plugin is a peer-verified project, high degree of viability.

AliDropship can help you automatically handle all the sales-related content when you ship your products, such as automatically crawling products into your website database, automatically modifying prices, automatically going to Selling, automatically getting logistics information, basically you just need to build a website and then promote it.

The key is that AliDropship is cheap, a one-time fee, and the normal price is only $89.

AliDropship versions and prices

AliDropship is divided into Plugin, Custom Store and Premium Dropshipping Store.

AliDropship Plugin

AliDropship plug-in is divided into simply AliDropship and WooCommerce plug-in two, two plug-ins are packaged sales, $89 lifetime.

  1. AliDropship plugin for WordPress (only WP and Alidropship plugins need to be installed)
  2. AliDropship plugin for WooCommerce (requires WP+WooCommerce+Alidropship plugin to be installed)

Click to buy AliDropship plugin (promo code GETPLUGIN25)

Can be usedGETPLUGIN25Get the 25% discount.

WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugin

How to choose between AliDropship plugin and AliDropship WooCommerce plugin?

First of all, both plugins are based on WordPress websites, if you don't have a WordPress website yet, then please refer toWordPress TutorialThe article, go to build a WordPress website.

AliDropship plugin for WordPress is simply a WordPress plugin that does not require you to install WooCommerce separately to enable online Dropshipping of goods.

AliDropship plugin for WooCommerce is designed to help you implement Dropshipping for WooCommerce if you are familiar with WooCommerce yourself or if you already have WooCommerce installed as an e-commerce plugin.

Another difference is that if you install AliDropship plugin for WordPress, your website theme can only choose a specific theme that supports AliDropship, while if you install AliDropship plugin for WooCommerce, then your theme can choose any theme that supports WooCommerce theme.

Easy for everyone to understand, not so complicated.In this article, Milkman will take AliDropship plugin for WordPress as an example to introduce you how to build Dropshipping website.

AliDropship Custom Store (recommended)

The Easiest Way To Start A Dropshipping Business

AliDropship Custom Store is a package option more recommended for newbie friends by daddy. Simply put, it's a spend-and-save package, with a minimum package of $299, or if you don't have a server, you can choose their server for $48/year.

That is, you can just spend 299 (Custom Store) + 48 (server) = $347 for a built AliDropship site.

The official AliDropship staff will contact you to learn about the products you operate, help you select 50 high-quality items to upload to the site, and then tell you the password for your website account. Similar to the feeling of receiving a package to move in and opening the door for business.

AliDropship Custom Store cost only about $1000 more expensive than installing your own website with the plugin version, which is really a good choice for newbies or friends whose time is worth more.

Click to buy AliDropship Custom Store (promo code GETSTORE15)

Can be usedGETSTORE15Get the 15% discount.

Premium Dropshipping Store

Premium Dropshipping Store

This Premium Dropshipping Store package is more suitable for the wealthy boss.

AliDropship officially offers 9 websites that are already operating officially and have a regular monthly income. You can pay to buy a website exactly like them directly, except for the website logo, name, contact information, and payment method, everything else is exactly the same as the website you choose.

But this kind of website looks good, but it also means that the users who buy this package and your selections are the same, which increases the difficulty of competition. Milkman recommends choosing a custom store, and then choose your own selections and let them pass you parts, and continue to update yourself later, more cost-effective.

Buy Premium Dropshipping Store now

AliDropship Tutorial

AliDropship Custom Store Tutorial

AliDropship Custom Store is a package that daddy suggests for friends who won't build their own website to save time, the price is less than 2,500 RMB, the price is really high, you follow the tutorial to build yourself to feel familiar, the vast majority of people should spend more than 1 week, not necessarily the official website to do well.

First, click the button below to go to the purchase link.

Click to buy AliDropship Custom Store (promo code GETSTORE15)

Can be usedGETSTORE15Get the 15% discount.

The Easiest Way To Start A Dropshipping Business

Click the View Package button.

Pick a package

As you can see, the default supports 3 levels of packages, namely $299, $499 and $899.

If you have not purchased a server, you can also just add a $48 server (Add hosting - $48/year), or if you have already bought a server, then just tell their customer service the server management website, account number and password when the time comes.

The biggest difference between these 3 service packages is that the default number of products imported to your store is different, the BASIC package only has 50 models, but you can import them yourself later, it's not a big problem.

Then there is SEO and social platforms for these contents, although the daddy did not buy them this package, but considering that the underlying code is still WordPress, so these contents can be done completely by themselves later, without spending extra money.

So.Buy the BASIC package directly for $299That's all it takes.

Enter your email address, fill in your credit card, and then choose whether to purchase hosting by enteringGETSTORE15Then pay.


After the payment is successful, an email will be sent to your email address and you will be instructed how to contact the customer, providing you with the domain name, server, selection and other content.

It takes 12-15 working days to place an order and finally hand over the website to you, during which you can think about how to promote the website after it is built and do some pre-preparation.

AliDropship plugin tutorial

Purchase Plugin

AliDropship plugin is cheaper and is suitable for those who have already purchased hosting and domain name, have some knowledge of WordPress themselves, or are not so weak in self-learning ability to buy.

Click to buy AliDropship plugin (promo code GETPLUGIN25)

Can be usedGETPLUGIN25Get the 25% discount.

Get The Most Powerful Plugin For Dropshipping Businesses!

Click the BUY NOW FOR ONLY $89 button to go to the purchase page.

Enter email address, credit card, fill in promo codeGETPLUGIN25Then checkout.

About the server, here you can consider according to your own situation, if you have already purchased a server you do not need to buy one, if you did not buy a server, then you can buy one by the way, $48 a year price is reasonable.

It's perfectly fine to buy your own servers from other companies, for exampleSiteGrond, ,GreenGeeks, ,Hostinger, orVPS.

In addition to the server, you also need to have a domain name, if you do not have a domain name, you can gonamesiloBuy one.


Download plugins and themes

After the payment is made, you will receive the plugin information from AliDropship inside your email.

alidropship plugin information

AliDropship WOO Plugin is for websites with WooCommerce installed, given that we are starting from scratch, it is recommended to install the version without WooCommerce for simplicity and higher performance. (If you want more customization, please install the WooCommerce version)

Then go toAliDropship and WOO ThemesDownload a free theme template. (You can also purchase the paid one)

alidropship theme

Because we are going to use AliDropship Plugin, so the theme should be chosen under AliDropship Original Plugin, otherwise there is no way to use it.

Install themes and plugins

Go to our WordPress website backend, if you don't have a WordPress website yet, refer toWordPress TutorialGo install one.

WordPress installation theme

Select Appearance - Themes - Add New from the backend menu

Then upload the theme file we downloaded earlier to install it.

Activate the theme

Activate the theme after installation.

Install the Adropshipping plugin

Next, go ahead and click Plugins - Add New inside the menu to upload the AliDropship Plugin file we downloaded.

Activate Plugin

Activate the plugin after installation.

If after activating the plugin it says AliDropship plugin alert: Error! ionCube Loader Loader not found. Alidropship plugin can't be activated. instructions .

Then it is because your server does not have the ionCube component installed. If you are a web host, please contact your service provider to handle this, or if you have your own VPS, you can install it yourself.

If your VPS is using thePagoda Panelinstalled environment, then you can go to the app store, find the settings after the version of php you installed, and then choose to install the extension.

Just install ionCube.

Refresh the WordPress plugin page again after installation, there will be no error reported.

AliDropship plugin settings

Before we can proceed with the AliDropship plugin setup, we need to activate the plugin's license.

wordpress AliDropship plugin

In the upper left corner you can see the plugin settings menu for AliDropship.

Activate AliDropship plugin

Go to the License menu and enter your activation code to activate.

After activation, go to the Settings menu and open each of the settings screens to take a look at them and modify them if you need to.

AliDropship Settings

The main areas that need to be set up here are.

  1. Pricing, which sets the price of store items and allows you to set a formula that automatically sets the price by 2x, 3x or a custom multiple based on the price of the Sizzler product.
  2. Payments, payment methods, if you do not know how to set up payment methods, there is a How it works help link in the upper right corner of the settings, check it out.
  3. Shipping, country and mode of transport.

Finally, don't forget to set up product categories for your products as well.

Product Category Settings

Importing Sizzler products

Once the plugin is set up, you can start importing products. To import products we need to use the AliDropship Chrome plugin.

Open Chrome, then clickhttps://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/alidropship/jlnhdnbbikjkdejminhdpmejldiapdgnInstall the plug-in.

alidropship plugin

After installation, click on the plugin icon in the upper right corner and add your website URL into it.

AliDropship adds authorization

After the URL is added, click Log in at the back to authorize, and the following image appears.

AliDropship Licensing

Click Authorize to authorize.

Then enterSpeedy websiteSearch for the item you want to sell, pick the right supplier, and click on the AliDropship icon above the item image, as follows.

AliDropship plugin import

When the plus sign above the icon becomes a check mark, it means the import is finished and we enter the WordPress website backend.

WordPress Product List

Go to Products, All Items, you can see the products you just imported, click Edit to edit them.

Select product category

Select the product category on the right.

The following Featured image can be replaced with another one if you are not satisfied.

Product Details Editor

Product title, URL, details you can edit these twice.

The Product Options at the bottom is already set up for you, but you can also set it up yourself if you are not satisfied.

Product Options

Once everything is modified, click the Publish button.

Post a product

By clicking on the product URL, we can see the product front page, as follows.

Product Detail Page

Click the buy button and walk through the whole process yourself to see if there are any mistakes.

PayPal payment information

After payment, AliDropship will automatically place an order for you at your website, and the order address will be automatically left at the address filled by your website customer.

That's it, the whole process of Dropshipping is run through.

Importing products method 2

If you think it's too much trouble to import manually with the plugin, you can also import in bulk directly in the AliDropship backend as follows.

AliDropship Bulk Import Products

In the Import Products screen, you can search for products in the official AliDropship product library and select Bulk Import.

Bulk import of products

After importing, you can also go to the product list to edit and publish.

Importing product reviews

The bare product introduction page is a bit monotonous, add some Reviews to look good and help conversion, enter the AliDropship menu, find Import, select Import Reviews and import.

Import Product Reviews

Once the import is complete, the results can be seen in the front of the website.

Foreground comment effect

If some of these comments you feel are not suitable for that display, you can also go to the product editing screen to make changes to the comments yourself.

After the previous installation of the theme we have not customized the theme, so the default site LOGO or the theme comes with, we modify it by the following method.

Modify theme LOGO

WordPress background, under the Customization menu, find Header, you can see the location of the modified lOGO.

Some of the other setting options can be adjusted as needed, so I won't go into them here.

Modify the navigation menu

Select Appearance in the WordPress backend menu, then select Menus to create a new menu.

WordPress navigation menu.

Then add the menu content according to your website needs, and then check the location of Display location for Main Menu, save the menu.

Add pages such as About Us

E-commerce websites usually contain about us, Refunds & Returns Policy, Payment Methods, Shipping & Delivery, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and other pages, which we need to create ourselves. The method is as follows.

Website New Page

WordPress backend menu, select Pages, then Add New to add.

These pages usually do not need any special design, directly in accordance with Word as the layout will be OK.

After the page is created, remember to add it to the site navigation menu or footer menu.

Add a blog post

If you want to make your ownSEOThen blog posts are an essential part of the process.

WordPress add blog posts

WP backend select Posts and then Add New to do so.

Categories are article categories and can be planned by yourself.

AliDropship FAQ

Q: Do I choose the WordPress or WooCommerce version of AliDropship?

A: AliDropship plugin for WordPress is the version installed directly on top of WordPress, AliDropship plugin for WooCommerce is the version that needs to be installed after installing WordPress while installing WooCommerce.

The standalone WordPress version is simpler and more straightforward, but you can only use AliDropship specific themes; the WooCommerce version is a bit more customizable and the themes can be used casually, but the system resources and complexity are a bit higher. Newbies are recommended to install the WordPress version directly.

Q: How many products can be imported to the site using AliDropship?

A: If you are using the original AliDropship plugin without WooCommerce, you can add up to 10,000 products to your site. If you are using the WooCommerce version of AliDropship, it is recommended that you do not exceed 500 or you may cause your site to slow down.

Q: Can I add my own products?

A: You can add your own products, you do not have to grab the products of the speed sellers to sell.

Q: How many sites can one serial number be used for?

A: After purchasing the AliDropship plugin, you will receive your own personal license key, which is valid for one website/domain. Sub-domains are considered as separate domains. If you decide to create another web store in the future and use the plugin on another domain, we can deactivate the license on the current store and activate the license on another store for free.

Article Summary

Through thisAliDropship TutorialYou can see that using WordPress with AliDropship to do Dropshipping business is very simple, you only need to be responsible for good selection and promotion, the back of the sales and shipping and a series of processes AliDropship will help you do a good job.

AliDropship plugin is $89, server counts as $60 a year, domain name is $8, total $89+60+8=$157, x 7=1099 RMB.

Only need more than 1000 yuan of start-up capital, you can start your own foreign trade on behalf of the shipping business, dare to ask what other projects have lower start-up capital and investment risk than this?

It's better to take advantage of Black Friday and buy a plug-in for backup (one-time payment for life).

Click to buy AliDropship plugin (promo code GETPLUGIN25)

Can be usedGETPLUGIN25Get the 25% discount.

Click to buy AliDropship Custom Store (promo code GETSTORE15)

Can be usedGETSTORE15Get the 15% discount.

Any other questions, feel free to leave a comment (yes, this article is open for comments, right below the article).

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    1. This time is too long to remember, you can go to the official website to see help or ask their customer service, should be able to choose to manually go to determine the order or automatically place an order.

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