Ali cloud domain name resolution tutorial

Ali cloud domain name resolution tutorial, Ali cloud registered domain name how to modify the IP record

After registering a domain name, only if you add the resolution rules correctly, the domain name can work properly and open the corresponding website. This article introduces how to add resolution rules to the domain name registered by AliCloud.

Ali cloud domain name registration tutorial

1、Click the following link to enter the AliCloud domain name registration interface.

Buy Domain

2. Enter the domain name you want to register in the search box.

3, select the domain name registration that can be registered, and then checkout can be done.

Ali cloud domain name registration interface

Domain Name Resolution Tutorial

I. Login to AliCloud backend, find the domain name, and then enter the domain name list.

Click the Resolve button after your domain name.

Ali cloud domain name resolution tutorial

Second, click the Add Record button.

Ali cloud domain name resolution tutorial

Third, in the pop-up interface to fill in the corresponding information, OK to add.

Record type is usually filled in A record, some special circumstances will use CNAME or other types, you can choose the type according to your needs.

The host record is what URL you want to resolve your domain name, for example.

  • If you want to use www.naibabiji.com这个网址打开网站, then add www to the record.
  • just don't fill in the blank or fill in @
  • Just fill in the blog

The record value is the IP address of your server or web host.

Just leave the TTL as default.

Ali cloud domain name resolution tutorial

Modify AliCloud DNS Server

For domain names registered with AliCloud, the DNS is generally defaulted to AliCloud's DNS server address. If you have your own DNS server and need to change the DNS of your domain name to your own DNS, or change the DNS of your domain name to another service provider's DNS, you can refer to this article to do so.


The domain name is registered in Aliyun or has been transferred to Aliyun. If the domain name has been transferred out of AliCloud, you need to modify the DNS at the service provider where the domain name is located.

Already have your own DNS server or another service provider's DNS.

Operation steps

  1. Login to AliCloud domain console.
  2. Locate the target domain name in the domain name list and click Manage under the action column to enter the basic information page.
  3. In the left navigation bar, click DNS Modify.
  4. On the DNS modification page, click Modify DNS Server in the upper right corner.
  5. Follow the page prompts to change the DNS server address and click Confirm when you are done.

Domain name resolution related issues

1、After adding a good resolution, according to the speed of DNS server updates around the world, the resolution takes effect in different times, fast minutes, slow hours or even a day or two.

2, the resolution has not been effective, you can try to clear the DNS cache, the method is "start-run-cmd", and then enter "ipconfig /flushdns"

3, the same record can only resolve a, for example, you can not add two www records pointing to different IP addresses.

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